Tafadzwa Njovana

Tafadzwa Njovana

As a seasoned video writer, director, and editor, Tafadzwa Njovana brings a unique blend of tech enthusiasm and storytelling finesse to Fortress of Solitude and Sneaker Fortress.

Beyond the cinematic realm, Tafadzwa is the force behind The Reel Sauce, a YouTube channel dedicated to spotlighting the best of African screen entertainment in the ever-evolving streaming landscape. Armed with a BA Honours in Motion Picture Medium (Film Directing) from AFDA, South African School Of Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance, and another in French and Portuguese from the University of Zimbabwe, he's a creative powerhouse.

Tafadzwa is not just a visual maestro; he's also a seasoned voice artist with roots tracing back to 2001. Starting with short radio spots in Harare, Zimbabwe, he later expanded his voice portfolio with Bluestar Artist Management in Cape Town, lending his warm African voice to campaigns for clients like Old Mutual, Anglo Coal, the South African Broadcasting Corporation, and Engen.

Tafadzwa's talents extend beyond the screen and microphone. As a finalist in South Africa’s prestigious WGSA Muse Awards 2016, his scriptwriting prowess was recognized for the radio drama "Kundai – The Boy Who Knew It All."

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