Jarrod Saunders

Jarrod Saunders

Living in Cape Town, South Africa, Jarrod Saunders (the founder of Fortress of Solitude) is a multi-talented professional with a wealth of experience in various creative fields, including filmmaking, graphic design, web design, sound engineering and copywriting. As an award-winning creative director, Jarrod Saunders has established himself as a respected voice in the world of pop culture, with expertise in film, television, video games, and comics.

Beginning his writing career as a film and gaming critic for Vision Magazine in 2007, Jarrod has gone on to write for and establish multiple entertainment sites, including Sneaker Fortress and Lifestyle Fortress. Along the way he has secured interviews with famous actors, game developers and industry professionals from around the globe. He also regularly contributes to MyFaith Magazine writing articles for the kid's section.

As someone who watches over 500 movies a year and over 20 years of experience in media, Jarrod understands trends and has worked alongside industry professionals to create award winning content – including directing, writing and editing a feature film on Showmax (The Lifesaver) and South Africa’s first deaf film (Home).

Outside of work, Jarrod enjoys time with his family, shopping for the latest sneakers, and serving in his local church (where is ordained as a deacon).

Expertise: Filmmaking, Entertainment Journalism, SEO, Web Development

Past Titles: Senior Content Creator @ CV Africa

Current Title: Editor in Chief @ Fortress of Solitude

Connect: jarrodsaunders@fortressza.com

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