About Us

Founded in 2012, Fortress of Solitude has become one of the most popular geek entertainment interest websites in South Africa and covers news and reviews on movies, games, comic books, gadgets, TV series, toys, sneakers and more.

We are NOT a blog. We are NOT an eCommerce site. We ARE journalists. We ARE influencers. We ARE global. Fortress of Solitude IS one of the top entertainment news sites in South Africa and the world. We have writers across South Africa (Cape Town, Johannesburg, East London, Pretoria, Durban) and abroad (USA and the UK).

Fortress of Solitude had 6.9 million views in 2021

Our readers like superheroes. Watching horror movies. Reading comic books. Showing off the latest tech. Wearing the coolest sneakers. Owning the best toys. Playing the best video games.

Fortress of Solitude attracts visitors from around the world – the most popular being South Africa, the United States and the United Kingdom.

With a fanbase of 54 000 active Facebook fans and 9000 Youtube subscribers, Fortress continues to engage with the growing geek community.

The writing team comes from diverse backgrounds in filmmaking, creating writing, copyrighting, technical studies and business management. Brought together by a passion for entertainment, the writers strive to create the most engaging content for superhero and geek fans across the world.