Fans Are Pissed Off About Spider-Man's Iron Man-Inspired Tech Suit

The latest trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming has many dedicated Spidey fans in a tailspin. It seems there is a modern twist on the popular Marvel character. Thanks to Tony Stark, it seems the iconic superhero has a brand new hi-tech suit. And the fans won’t have it.

20-year-old Tom Holland returns as the WebCrawler in Spider-Man: Homecoming this July, the character’s first solo Marvel-made film. While many fans are excited to see the character become part of the Marvel Universe, a few issues have been raised about his new suit.

The new trailers reveal that Iron Man has modified Peter Parker’s iconic red and blue suit with a lot of new tech. This includes a web shooter with built-in GPS and a spider emblem that lights up.

Of course, with all new things, there will be some resistance and some fans are genuinely pissed off about the changes, while others welcome it:

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  1. MatC

    I guess no one read the civil war comics because this is exactly what happened, Tony Stark made spider man a suite… i mean seriously is that what the world has become today u bunch of complainers that want everything for nothing and nothing for everything… the world has a lot more issues that some slight differences to the iron spider suite…. wow the geek world has become a sad place, just enjoy it for what it is.

  2. At this point I don’t really care. I just want it to be a decent Spider-Man film. I am pissed they spoiled a bunch of Iron man stuff in the trailer though. I haven’t and won’t be watching the new trailers.

  3. I think people need to chill when it comes to fiction. Like seriously. It’s fiction. Your only say in it is an R80 ticket at nu metro. Besides Marvel movie universe ≠ Marvel Comic Universes.

  4. Seriously? So everyone would still like Batman also to still run around in spandex and answer phone and Superman in wearing his red underwear on the outside? Come on guys get over yourself. Not all superheroes movies has to be like the comic books. If you want a movie to be like the comic books then make your own damn movie. Damn geeks trying to show he knows more than the other geeks, to be the ultimate geek.

  5. Amarnath

    MCU has to made several Spiderman films. Later they can upgrade with Ironman suit. It is new reboot so Spiderman solo movies are good.

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