The 15 Most Powerful & Strongest Anime Characters Of All Time

Who are the strongest and most powerful anime characters of all time? We take a look at all the classic and new anime characters.

The earliest anime can be traced back over a century ago, with the first known film dating back to 1917. While animations from Europe and USA were shown in theatres for a while prior to this, the introduction of Japanese anime quickly grew into a phenomenon with the public already bored of the previously popular stop-animation films of the time. Throughout World War II, anime played host to Japanese propaganda for roughly a decade. Thankfully, the ’50s introduced a slew of classic anime films and later the creation of a few notable anime film studios, including the likes of Toei Animation and Mushi Production, paving way decades later for the likes of Studio Ghibli.

Having cemented its popularity across the globe covering a wide range of topics and genres, and based on fictional and non-fictional material, a range of powerful fantasy characters have been created over the many decades. Just as there are endless debates regarding the most powerful comic book characters across the DC and Marvel universes, the same argument has spilt over into the anime universe, especially of late.

We’ve spent some time researching the which anime characters are considered the most powerful and strongest.

It’s worth noting that the following list is compiled from popular opinions across the internet, with a fair amount of personal opinion thrown into the mix. You’re more than welcome to comment below with your favourite anime characters who may not have made the list, although it may not change the overall list below.

Special Mentions

Although they didn’t quite make the Top 15 list, there are a few noteworthy mentions before we get started.

Baki Hanma – Baki The Grappler

Baki Hanma - Baki The Grappler

Still only a teenager, Baki Hanma is one of the strongest characters in recent anime history. With the sole mission of defeating his father, who at the time of the show’s airing, was the strongest living creature in the series Yujiro Hanma. Having trained for hours on end, every day for many years, he defeats numerous masters along his journey. Season 2 of the show highlights Baki’s prominence in the anime universe after recently falling in love and finding a new source of motivation to increase his stature.

Alucard – Hellsing

The 15 Most Powerful & Strongest Anime Characters Of All Time Alucard – Hellsing

Alucard, which is Dracula spelt backwards, is the main protagonist from the Hellsing series. He is the most powerful weapon within the Hellsing Organisation, whose mandate it is to seek out and destroy vampires as well as other supernatural forces that threaten the planet. Although a vampire himself, he is the most powerful among all other vampires, while fighting for good.

All-Might – My Hero Academia

All-Might - My Hero Academia

Also known as Toshinori Yagi, All-Might is the main protagonist in the My Hero Academia series, while also being regarded as the strongest hero in the world. What’s interesting about All-Might is that he is currently getting weaker over time, but still in possession of the superpower, One For All. All-Might also suffers from only being able to maintain his superhero form for a limited time, but which still is almost unlimited in strength, agility and speed during this time. At full tilt, a single punch from All-Might is able to produce enough power to flatten a large chunk of a city, while at the same time also able to withstand point-blank explosions, which was showcased in one episode.

Top 15 Most Powerful Anime Characters

15. Vash the Stampede – Trigun

Vash the Stampede – Trigun

Vash the Stampede, who also goes by The Humanoid Typhoon, is the main protagonist from the Trigun series. Vash wields a powerful nickel revolver and travels from town to town to learn new things, while also fighting to maintain “love and peace.” He is often surrounded by destruction and chaos. Two Bernardelli Insurance Society representatives, Meryl Stryfe and Milly Thompson, discover Vash while investigating claims due to the damage he often causes. While Vash is powerful in his own right, he also finds himself lucky on numerous occasions. Although, luck may not be the correct word used to describe the destruction he indirectly causes.

14. Light Yagami – Death Note

The 15 Most Powerful & Strongest Anime Characters Of All Time Light Yagami - Death Note

Interestingly, Light Yagami doesn’t technically have any powers of his own. The power he wields is derived from a Death Note, a supernatural notebook of shinigamis used to take human life. The Death Note itself was dropped in the human world by Shinigami Ryuk, after which Light takes possession of it. Any name that appears in the note will die. However, with only humans being affected by this, Light doesn’t appear higher on this list, as it doesn’t affect any demons, vampires and the likes.

13. Ichigo – Bleach

Ichigo – Bleach

Ichigo Kurosaki receives the Soul Reaper powers after having befriended Rukia Kuchiki, the Soul Reaper who was assigned to patrol the city of Karakura Town. Having received the powers, at a cost to Rukia, Ichigo accepts the responsibilities as his stand-in, fighting to protect people from the evil spirits called Hollows.

12. Akira Fudo – Devilman

Akira Fudo – Devilman

Akira Fudo is the protagonist from the anime series Devilman, the oldest anime from the list, having first aired in 1972. Starting off as a weak teenager, Akira has powers and memories granted to him by the demo, Amon, who possesses him. Due to being a pure-hearted individual, Akira retains most of his human characteristics while having the benefit of a host of demonic powers. Interestingly, instead of joining the demonic forces aiming to bring about the destruction of the human race, Akira uses his new-found powers to protect humanity. Such is his power, Akira can easily tear apart demons in half with his bare hands, while also being able to fly, teleport and breathe flames. In addition to these powers, Akira is also able to increase his size on a whim.

11. Meliodas – The Seven Deadly Sins

Meliodas - The Seven Deadly Sins

Son of a Demon King and the Dragon’s Sin of Wrath, Meliodas possesses great strength with a command over the flames of hell, as well as being the leader of the Ten Commandments. He also has the power to withstand and deflect magic, while also being cursed with immortality, making him practically impervious to the evil forces that be. Meliodas has the appearance of a young boy, although his dark sense of humour easily gives his adult nature away. That said, he is getting on in age, having lived more than three thousand years old already.

10. Naturo Uzamaki – Naruto

Naturo Uzamaki – Naruto

One of the more popular characters in the anime universe, Naruto Uzamaki is a loud-mouthed ninja, who appeared in the self-titled show over a period of 10 years over 500 episodes, with numerous other spin-offs to boot. Naruto’s ability, Sage Mode, along with his control over the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox gives him extreme strength with the ability to form insane monsters from his chakra. In addition to this, Naruto also has strong relationships with the other Tailed Beasts, which allows him to wield each element of chakra to combine into an even greater power overall. At the same time, he’s able to spawn an army of clones to do battle alongside him.

9. Isaac Netero – Hunter X Hunter

Isaac Netero - Hunter X Hunter

As the former chairman of the Hunter Association, an organisation responsible for testing elite members of humanity, Isaac Netero is one of the strongest martial artists across the anime universe. Having put himself through the paces of a training regime that was said to have killed him, Netero gained incomprehensible power and speed as a result of surviving this ultimate of tests. In addition to this, he is also able to summon a massive karate god capable of destroying almost anything in its path. Having implanted a bomb in his chest, Netero holds all the cards, with the bomb set to go off if he’s ever defeated in combat, dealing a lethal blow to any opponent. The bomb also has an added bonus of poisoning anyone strong enough to survive the initial blast.

8. Eren Yeager – Attack on Titan

Eren Yeager - Attack on Titan

Eren is the main protagonist of Attack on Titan and a former member of the Survey Corps. His abilities include being able to transform into a 15m-tall Titan, who in addition to having extreme powers, possesses great regenerative powers. Over and above this is Eren’s ability to command hordes of Titans to follow his instruction with the power of the Founding Titan living inside him. This can easily enable him to bring about the destruction of entire cities while being able to summon 50m-tall Titans to do his bidding if he so chooses. This ability alone is what allows him to appear on the list of the most powerful anime characters to date.

7. Mob – Mob Psycho 100

Mob - Mob Psycho 100

Mob, whose real name is Kageyama Shigeo, is the lead protagonist from the Mob Psycho 100 series, and also the assistant and disciple of Arataka Reigen, as well as the VP of the Body Improvement Club. Mob is an esper, a human being that possesses psychic abilities. He possesses great powers, such as spiritual awareness, telekinesis, psychic energy absorption, astral projection (enters the mind and bodies of others), chlorokineses (able to infuse his power into plants, enabling them to grow and control them to his will), as well as psychic energy transference (transfers power to another, making them stronger based on how much energy was transferred). His powers have the equivalency of large-scale natural disasters, with the addition of his opponent falling to his powerful psychic abilities.

6. Tetsuo Shima – Akira

The 15 Most Powerful & Strongest Anime Characters Of All Time Tetsuo Shima – Akira

The antagonist from the series Akira, Tetsuo Shima has immeasurable psychic powers at his disposal. Having been awakened after a collision with another psychic, Shima’s power grows quickly. His powers grow so powerful and intense that it threatens the entire universe. As a result, Shima transports himself into a place outside of reality to release the psychic explosion. This explosion is so immense that it births an entirely new universe. The event showcases the capability he possesses to both create and destroy universes.

5. Beerus – Dragon Ball Super

Beerus - Dragon Ball Super

He may appear to us a humanoid cat, but Beerus is anything but. Being the God of Destruction of Universe 7, he is originally the main antagonist of the show, but later becomes a supporting member of the cast. Beerus is considered one of the strongest among the 12 Gods of Destruction, with a simple mission to maintain balance in the universe. Beerus, however, is known for his laziness, sleeping for up to decades at a time, but once awakened sets out to destroy a few planets at a time to allow room for new ones to grow, maintaining balance in the universe.

4. Ultra Instinct Goku – Dragon Ball Super

Ultra Instinct Goku - Dragon Ball Super

One of the most popular characters in the history of anime, Son Goku is the strongest martial artist across any show. He is widely considered the strongest fighter across multiple universes in Dragon Ball. Already possessing sufficient power to rival almost anyone, Goku’s recent acquisition of the Ultra Instinct form only increases his powers and moves him up the list somewhat. Prolonged fights with his enemies risk destroying an entire universe as collateral damage. Long gone are the early days of the show with Goku still a young boy.

3. Whis – Dragon Ball Super

The 15 Most Powerful & Strongest Anime Characters Of All Time Whis - Dragon Ball Super

Although he may look quite the oddball, let it not fool you into thinking Whis isn’t an incredibly powerful angel. Whis is the martial arts teacher to Beerus, as well as the strongest being in Universe 7. Beerus himself has claimed that Whis is far superior to him, highlighting just how powerful he is. Another showcase of his power is indicated by means of Whis having knocked out Beerus with a single hit to the neck. In earlier fights with Goku and Vegeta, he easily fends off their dual attacks with his hands behind his back. Over and above his power, Whis also has lightning speed, stating that each of his arms act as its own organism. This means that the movements of his arms aren’t dependent on thoughts from his brain to travel to his muscles, granting him super-fast reactions. He also carries around a powerful staff, allowing him to make objects vanish and reappear, as well as to materialise new objects from nothing.

2. Saitama – One Punch Man

Saitama - One Punch Man The 15 Most Powerful & Strongest Anime Characters Of All Time

Saitama rose from humble beginnings. Having trained rigorously for three years, he gained the power to withstand any blow and defeat any enemy with a single punch. Hence the title of the series. Saitama, unlike many other characters in anime, isn’t interested in being the most powerful in the universe, with his powers actually bringing with it depression for the protagonist. Already the most powerful being in his universe, Saitama believes that the pursuit and journey to reaching one’s goal are more fulfilling than holding the position, which leaves him feeling a sense of emptiness having achieved this.

1. Zeno – Dragon Ball Super – The most powerful and strongest anime character of all time

Zeno - Dragon Ball Super The 15 Most Powerful & Strongest Anime Characters Of All Time

Zeno is the ruler of each of the realities in Dragon Ball Super. He has the ability to create and destroy all existence across multiple universes in a single instance. He may look unassuming, but he has absolute power and can bring about the destruction of all life as we know it on a whim. Unlike many of the other characters on the list, Zeno doesn’t possess any fighting skills or techniques, he is simply powerful. He commands space and time with youthful abandon, which makes him extremely dangerous as well, having already destroyed numerous universes for the sake of some fun.

It has been a subject of debate recently whether Saitama could pose any threat to the likes of Zeno, having only previously thrown a single punch in anger (before the 2nd season arrived). Either way, it’s hard to deny that he is definitely one of the strongest anime characters.

So that’s the list of the most powerful & strongest anime characters of all time.

If you feel passionate about any anime character that may not have made the list, feel free to voice your concerns in the comments section below.

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Who do you think are the strongest and most powerful anime characters of all time?

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  1. Tanyaradzwa Chinyai says:

    This list is soo freaking accurate

    • Alexander says:


    • Prism says:

      not even close whis naruto beerus goku stomp saitama

      • Keith Williams Jr. says:

        Not naruto.

        • marwan says:

          naruto is universal ap and like moon dc saitama is not even a star ap or ss ap and he s only surface dc

          • The GUyYY says:

            Saitama has never shown his true power since he has never had to and also saitama was put in a universe were he has to fight little ants.The strongest character Saitama has ever fought was lord Boros which was a planet buster and yet saitama didn’t try.My point is that saitama was put in an universe were everyone is so weak he kills them all with one punch.If you were to put goku or someone like that in saitamas universe he would also one punch them all.Saitama has never shown his true potential and has never been been injured after he broke his limter.

            • 6itner says:

              stop the cap he did when he was serious

              • him says:

                by the creation of saitamas character he wins. His power doesn’t come from working hard or training, his power comes from directly from the creator of the series. no one can beat saitama, only equal him. its not realy worth talking bout this matchup tho because both stories handle power completely differently.

            • Idiots. says:

              You are a moron. Goku was a “Planet Buster” In the frieza saga.. He his billions of times more powerful in the BEGINNING of super.. Not even the end. Ultra Instinct Goku could dodge any moves from Saitama and flick him and his head would fly off his body and he’d be dead. Goku would be able to beat him without even using SSJ2 without even trying. PICCOLO.. F****ing Piccolo is stronger than Saitama by a mile.

              • max says:

                hey! Dont talk about picollo like that! he has his fair share of power to you know.

                jk, no disrespect to you dude. I love Dragonball too.

              • zenking says:

                u only say that because i think u r a one punch man hater, and speaking of which ultra instinct goku is a actual worthy oponent against saitama but saitama has never shown his full power and we can’t even know whether he shows his dfull he will win against ultra instinct goku but we aready know that saitama being normal he is s powerful that he is too powerful and has no limit to his strenght and goku does and goku can use his ultra instinct at a amount of time so i think saitama would sin at his full power power

                • zack says:


                • Dan says:

                  bruh saitama can comprehend the power of gods goku in his base is stronger then saitama, Saitama just looks strong cause he is in a universe where the strongest being would compare to golden frieza zeno snap of his fingers saitama dead and plus we have not mentioned the angels their base form in UI 100% bruh saitama is like an ant whis dodged brolys attacks without even trying in dbs broly fact saitama cannot compare to the powers of the god

              • JASON says:

                he can only beat Saitama once he reached ui but Saitama would end it before goku stops screaming

              • Selote says:

                Saitama versed gods that goku can’t beat and it was only the first level god theres more of them and the last one is the creater of the universe so if saitama beats the crap out of that god then he is stronger than goku

            • GokuSolosBOZO says:

              Even if he did show his true power and fight serious he’s not all that. Saitama’s training isn’t that much and Goku has the time chamber and could do his training routine easily. Saitama isn’t stronger than Goku. You’re just biased. Goku solos bozo.

          • Bruce says:

            Stop the cap naruto is not universal naruto is planetary at most Im done with u naruto fans sayin he that strong. Saitama destroyed a star buster with a less casual serious punch. He could have done that

            • Bruce you suck says:

              Bro im done with you he defeated kagyu with sasuke but that isnt even when he is adult so he would be above planerty

              • Amane Yugi says:

                Lol Naruto is Moon lvl

              • Chungy says:

                Bruh naruto can’t even destroy planets. Naruto is only barely planetary level. But they did him dirty by ranking eren yeager so high, author is forgetting that naruto got shadow clones and would solo entire attack on titan verse.

          • Brunner says:

            Also mall ganz ährlich an alle deutschen die dragonball geschaut haben der deishinkann ist stärker als wish und saitama ist be weitem nicht so stark wie wish wish ist der schnelste charakter wish würde saitama (one punch mann ) weg one punchen also es ist jedem seine meinung überlassen ich finde diese liste müll

          • RimuruTheGioat says:

            im sorry but where did you get this information? lmao

          • Abiel Lamara says:

            I love naruto… but i agree that naruto isn’t in universal level, he is planetary


          trash list whoever made this does not watch anime lool
          saitama doesnt even make top 15 let alone anyone else apart from zeno
          heres the strongest characters
          1. Anos Voldigard
          2. Rimuru
          3. Zeno
          and the list goes on

      • Serrated says:

        Saitama is stronger then all of those you just mentioned.

        • Saitama boiiii says:


          • gokuisstrongerthansaitama says:

            your retarted if you think that saitama is strong. hes not a gag character. he cant beat everyone with one punch. all he did was jump to the moon ans back

            • bill says:

              nope how are you even gonna say that we have no idea what his true power is and were barley getting a taste of his true iceberg and we have seen gokus and vegetas max so until proven other wise saitama stomps other wise its literally schrodingers cat theory where the cat is both dead and alive until the box is opened the same thing here saitama could be weaker but i doubt by much

              • ShiningGesus says:


                • Fish says:

                  Saitama punched so hard that he pushed clouds across the planet with no effort. That Zeno guy could destroy Saitama since he does control the universe, but Saitama is def stronger than goku.

                  • Anonymous says:

                    bro its clouds so what if you talking all this non canon saitama shit then we can do goku in comp which is multi-complex

            • Son Goku says:

              lol “all he did was jump to the moon and back” he used 4.5 seconds to jump from moon to earth almost the speed of light.

              • Max says:


                • Bruce says:

                  if thats what he really is, Arale could one shot him. Arale was beating the heck out of Vegeta, and she was about to go head on with super saiyan blue kaioken goku. She was still laughing too. But when beerus came, beerus was about to beat her. Gags dont work on people who have hakai, and goku has once demonstrated hakai, but of course with much difficulty. Still though, Jiren was said to be stronger than Belmod, and belmod stronger than beerus. Goku is stronger than jiren, so he could easily beat the crap out of saitama. Until we see saitamas true power, We can only say that at a high ball hes a galaxy level character but thats as far as it goes, whereas goku is lowballed universal level, high balled hes Multiversal.

                  • zack says:


              • someguy says:

                1.255 seconds is the speed of light to the moon…. 1/4 of the 4 seconds. that is like saying you almost won the mile race while finishing only one lap.

            • Anon says:

              he’s a joke character, if any other character were transferred to his universe, the rules of that universe would make him stronger than anyone. It’s a joke anime on when heroes are too powerful.

            • Random Dude says:

              Can’t beat someone you can’t kill

          • weeb boy says:


        • dbz.carnage says:

          how can saitama one punch ui goku if he cant punch ui goku im saying that ui goku will dodge all his attacks and then wait for the chance when Saitama Is Open And Counterattack and then Saitama will be defeated by the force Of Gokus Fist

          • Robo says:

            Jiren did punch MUI Goku and Saitama is faster than that, although it hasn’t and most likely won’t be shown Saitama has never once used his full power, simply because he is to strong to need to.

          • zack says:

            ok ok ok if goku in ui could dodge ALL the time what would mui be for???? m in mui means mastered that includes mastering dodging

        • simon says:

          i think naruto is stronger

          • someone says:


            • NAE NAE KILLUA says:

              did you know bungee gum possesses the properties of rubber and gum ?

              • UrMom says:

                did you know that bungee gum possesses the properties of BOTH rubber and gum ? (you spelt it wrong)

        • ? says:

          No, yes he can destroy a few solar systems if he really goes all out, but he cant destroy a single galaxy, and theres about 100 billions galaxies in 1 universe and zeno destroyed 6 universes without even sweating lol

        • brunner says:

          no thats not true because wish is so fast than saitama cant see him

        • Serrated is gay says:

          sa mi bag toata pula in familia ma ti de saittard

        • StopSayingStupidstuff says:

          Saitama is a mortal zeno created the universe and has unlimited power angels got ui 100% at all times even in their sleep goku’s ssj2 can merk saitama anyday anytime for a fact

      • thatGuy47000 says:

        facts agree

      • Jason Peters says:

        no saitama would beat goku and i can explain how if you would like me to go into detail but i cant say anything for whiz and beerus they would most likely win

        • Lololol says:

          you dummy get ur facts straight

        • Ron says:

          Lets see… Roshi could blow up the moon at a powerlevel of 139. Gokus power level is like 1000000000000000. Maby saitama hasent used his full power, but is he really hiding 99.9999999999999% of his power?

        • cj says:

          ultra instinct goku can avoid blows with out even thinking saitama can’t beat someone he can’t hit

          • Naruto Weak says:

            Goku cant beat someone who doesnt get hurt tho .

          • AA says:

            The creator of one punch said that with anime they always have a specific power level, Saitama broke his limit and now has literal infinite power. And Goku can only maintain ultra instinct for a limited amount of time.

          • Anon says:

            light yagumi or anyother shinigami from that universe could just write Son Goku or Kakarotto, and goku would just die.

          • Brunner says:

            so true

      • Jonathan says:

        well, actually Saitama is stronger because he doesn’t use his full power in fights because he does not need to were as Goku is constantly reaching his limit.

      • Yo mom says:

        You are stupid

      • bi says:

        you are an idiot dude somethings wrong with you

      • bill says:

        nope how are you even gonna say that we have no idea what his true power is and were barley getting a taste of his true iceberg and we have seen gokus and vegetas max so until proven other wise saitama stomps other wise its literally schrodingers cat theory where the cat is both dead and alive until the box is opened the same thing here saitama could be weaker but i doubt by much

      • dbz.carnage says:

        so true

      • mela834 says:

        boi u cappin

      • dyl4n010 says:

        hahahahaahahahha sure they stomp him but he just gets up and gets grocery’s none of em can stand saitama

      • Kuwumi says:

        Lmfao this is way too inaccurate apperantly zeno is the strongest when you have poeple like, Najimi Ajimu, Webnovel Rimuru Tempest, Kumagawa misogi, TRUTH,ANTI SPIRAL| Literally each and everyone of them can solo this list.

    • Yourmom says:

      Hell no

    • BRUUH MAN says:

      saitama on top cz we know Zenos true capabilities but we dunno saitamas

      • me says:

        stupid no one really no’s zenos true potential he is a god flicking a universe or blinking will destroy the universe so think about it

        • The GUYY says:

          The reason Saitama could beat Zeno is because Zeno isn’t omnipotent meaning he can be physically harmed. Zeno can destroy universes by just thinking about it but he has no physical skill.So if someone strong enough like saitama landed a hit on zeno he would be done for.Also remember zeno has those 2 gurds that protect him because zeno himself has no physical defenses which means if saitama gets trough the 2 gurds and hits zeno before zeno thinks of deleting saitama,saitama would be able to kill zeno.

      • e says:


      • pog says:

        we dont know zenos true capabilites. in fact, im pretty sure they are infinite. Since he created everything he most likely has infinite power. And saitama isint a god, hes just extremely strong. saitama does have a limit, zeno dosent

    • ree says:

      he forgot the Pokémon Arceus. Arceus is n Zeno’s level. he created the entire Pokémon universe just by being born .he has physic, fire, water, earth, and lightning abilities. he can clap the entire verse except for Zeno.

      • chazz says:

        i completaly forgot about him yes he could probobaly clap all exept lord zenos

      • dan says:

        How did you manage to think this low arceus is represented as a god but everyone knows you cannot get the strength of Pokémon from the anime

    • MSMMS says:

      you know Saitama is stronger than all high deities combat wise, Right?

    • Chase says:

      shut the f**k up

    • Xyro says:

      This is the most inaccurate list I’ve ever seen

    • You miss says:

      Bruh no lmao

    • weeb boy says:

      it is not

    • war arc says:

      no what about lemillion(togata)his power is permeation and he can pass through anything so wrong bro

    • digrtiz says:

      Bellcross: Hold my beer.

    • pauly says:

      saitama in wrong place saitama should change place with UI goku and behind beerus

    • yo mama says:


    • wtf says:

      what? no

    • Joemama says:

      bruv it isnt. they literally put eren above naruto. and super tengen toppa gurren lagann should be number 1 here

      • Msmsmsm says:

        True naruto is strong wayyyy stronger than even Yeager tbh eren shouldn’t be on the list but I know naruto is planetary level but that’s not the reason y I like naruto

    • Sydney says:


    • winnie says:

      saiki can literally alter reality-

    • the Smart Guy says:

      What about Girono Giovanna from JoJo

    • Charles says:

      No it’s not because luffy isn’t on and he is a part of the big three

    • Aj says:

      It is not Bro naruto Six Paths like no o

    • E R says:

      rimuru toys with every verse on this list

  2. Adam Yousef says:

    yall need to fire whoever made this

    • Cheese2625 says:


    • Anonymous says:

      No It’s Kinda Acuret

    • thatguy47000 says:


    • Samir Awan says:

      fr this mf put eren and mob over ichigo and naruto, plus there’s a lot of typos. You can tell whoever made this doesnt reallywatch anime

      • animeboy69 says:

        stfu i whatch more anime than u do and thats true dumbass

        • animeboy69 is a dumb ass says:

          Cap asf Eren shouldn’t even be on this list i’m 27 and i’ve been watching anime my whole life and I can tell you this is by far the worse anime lst I have ever seen in my life

      • DoD says:

        Bruh you spittin this is probably top 10 worst list to ever exist

  3. Timmy Boy says:

    Giorno Giovanna is the strongest fictional character to exist. Golden experience requiem , his stand has the ability to set anyones actions to zero. e.g if any enemy tries to do something, time will reset without them realising, they will think they did the action but in reality they just stand there ready to be anihilated. by the time they realise they did nothing they are already dead. it also has the ability to send anyone it punches into an infinite death loop with endless possibilities. that person will be reset to zero, hit by requiem, then die infinitely in every possible way. Also, EREN!, ARE YOU SERIOUS.

    • Chip says:

      Don’t even know zenos abilities. What if that doesn’t work on him? That’s y characters we have little knowledge of shouldn’t be in the list. Yes this list is horrible as well

      • Survik says:

        It works on time not on any character, so it will work on him, and also GER said that it works on ALL abilities so it counters anything

    • Person says:

      Actually bio can’t beat goku so how Zeno I know what he does and how he interferes with time but goku knows hakai which kills gags and immoral beings truly bio is very strong but not that strong

    • Keith Williams Jr. says:

      Are u HIGH.

    • gokuforsmash says:

      berus will erase him before he can do anything.

    • Mal says:

      so he can beat someone not affected by time

    • I_am_the_mysteries_of_the_universe says:


    • jjbb says:

      my guy giorno literally got beat by dio over heaven, also if your above 5d giornos abilities wont affect you so cheers.

    • your mom says:

      your an idiot even if he stops said person if he’s not strong enough to kill them (saitama) its pointless

      • Frickspit says:

        Giorno ability stops an action from happening meaning if saitama were to hit him he was surely die but it would be stopped reverted and saitama would be stuck in and endless loop of death

    • CrunchyLegoFeet says:

      Zeno can erase the cosmos hes wayyyy more powerful but girorno is probably the #2

      • ThisIsTheTasteOfALiar says:

        True, I wonder why he isn’t in here, he could probably beat some of the people in the lower ranks, he isn’t even in honorable mentions

    • BRUUH MAN says:

      saitama on top cz we know Zenos true capabilities but we dunno saitamas

      • FuckDumbassesThatSayZenoIsWeakZenoIsLiterallyTheStrongestAnimeChar says:

        why the fuck you lyin, why you always lying. oooooh my god. stop fuckin’ lyin’

    • JO says:

      I know you love jojos, I love it to but . .. . . . . . . . chill and think

    • Anime dude says:

      Yeah but Zeno will blink before he does it so speaking RIGHT what is stronger blinking to erase all trases of the object or alive thing oh and a dude made a comment that saitama is stronger than zeno but Zeno can blink before he gets punched plus even if have not seen saitamas true capabliaties we have not seen zenos either so I’d say Juninho by what we have seen so far Zeno is stronger

      • zack says:


    • The responder says:

      The strongest fictional character ever is The One Above All from the marvel universe he is the god of the MCU, he is omnipotent and presents himself as all-powerful, omnipresent, and omniscient, and is above all cosmic powers and abstract entities, even the Living Tribunal.

    • TheGuy says:

      The strongest fictional character ever is The One Above All from the marvel universe he is the god of the MCU, he is omnipotent and presents himself as all-powerful, omnipresent, and omniscient, and is above all cosmic powers and abstract entities, even the Living Tribunal.

    • giorno giovanna says:

      kono giorno giovanna yume ga aru

    • Frickspit says:

      GER wasnt able to stop made in heaven as it wasnt a direct attack on him so the same would go for zeno, GER makes giorno unstoppable just not to time and space itself

  4. Kamiwa says:

    This rating is just so whack
    Saitama above Whis
    Eren above Meliodas and Naruto
    Tf?! Were you sleep writing

  5. Taha says:

    Zeref Dragneel is more powerful than Naruto

    • JAYYY says:

      shut yo dumb ass up for knock tf out u

      • Luis says:

        you have bad fucking grammar, if ur gonna talk shit atleast know how to talk.

    • Egal says:

      Bru stfu fairy tail for kids who just started anime “mY fRiEnDs important”

      • Only Intellegent Person In This Comment Section says:

        Your opinion is not welcome here you racist asshole. Get out of this comment section and get a brain before typing you fucking racist piece of shit. And Fairy Tail is not for kids, no anime is “For Kids”. It’s all direction towards 18+ you absolute moron.

  6. typeOU et co says:

    let alone the rest, even the top 3 shouldn’t be there
    there’s gods, virtually invincible men, absolute beings, omnipotent powers…

  7. Matteo says:

    bro we have medeka box and people like the creator who literally would destroy everyone here. most of medeka box’s characters could solo every universe here. Please search up theyre outversal or higher and the creator is confirmed boundless

  8. Spinxo says:

    This list might just be the worst anime character power trier list i have ever seen most characters in this list should no be there in the first place and don’t get me started whit eren being stronger than Naruto eren will be one shoted by naruto no Mather what and if you really want to know who is the strongest character in all of anime its kami tenchi from tenchi muyo no other character stand a chance he’s omnipotent.

  9. Hi says:

    You spelled Naruto wrong… That’s all that bothers me except the fact that you think Eren is stronger than Naruto.

  10. Coco says:

    I’m sorry but saiki kusuo from the Disatrous life of saiki k can beat all these characters any day he even has to wear limiters to limit his power and he can re write the whole universe so……

    • Cheese2625 says:

      it depends, he probably couldnt beat omnipotent people like zeno but he should be up there

      • anime lover says:

        gaiamon and zidmilleineomon should be the ones in number 2 and 3 because zidmilleineomon can carry and move the dimension of all the opponents until it dies and no one can get out of it but only gaiamon and he can stop time and brain wash all the opponents and besides that they are both hard to beat because of their strong technique zi sasuke pangslang not able to leave the village dimension as well as naruto and there they mamamafsy stop the time is really dead all the opponents are big zidmilleineomon everyone at the top 10 villages are dead or there is one that can shake so don’t forget the digimon because those two are stronger than 9 nine villages so the digimon should not be forgotten.

      • The Guy says:

        Zeno can do whatever he likes by just thinking about it but he isn’t omnipotent which means he can be harmed if someone manages to hit him.

    • Jmac says:

      anyone faster than light beats Saiki bc they can kill him before he cant think faster than light. He’s only the most advanced human so no he may be stronger but in a fight he loses

    • stupid ass says:

      stfu sakitard

    • Prism says:

      u are quite the idiot

    • Musti says:

      The guy could barely stop a volcano. Where the hell u getting re-writing universe from?

    • StopSayingStupidstuff says:

      saiki is not stronger than goku

  11. ShinigamiSenpai says:

    Where is Rimuru tempest from “That time when i was reincarnated as a slime ” he sure has the power to defeat every one of this character by the end of the LN but in the anime not so much but can be included in this lost with many more characters.

    Note:By the end of the LN he is Multiversal being

    • Dan says:

      rimuru can indeed swallow every character here steal their abilities and not die because he has instant regeneration and so many more abilities

  12. Oroku Saki says:

    who ever made this list doesn’t actually watch anime. all these list are white washed by western crap.

    Goku would get his ass whopped out of the top 100 in an anime battle.

    Guyver would chest cannon half this list off the face of the earth

  13. Kikki says:

    Strongest character is giorno Giovanna and his stand golden experience. He has the power to make any action 0. So even if zeno tries to kill giorno or destroy him, the action will be converted to 0 . And also if zeno tries to touch giorno he will experience an infinite death loop. So even zeno or saitama can’t defeat him (you can’t kill a person without an action)

  14. 7DS_FairyTail_Lover says:

    You Forgot Natsu. He deserves a place somewhere around Meliodas.

    • FuckYourself says:

      FairyTail is literally “power of friendship”. There’s barely any real strenght in it.

  15. Skadi says:

    Kami tenchi
    Rimuru Tempest(At the end of the novel)
    Eldergod Demonbane
    Lord of nightnamres
    Suzumiya haruhi

    Most powerful characters? funny
    Even Zeno gets smoked by the ones mentioned above.

  16. OkaRin says:

    Who made this list, Zeref Dragneel, Natsu should be there and Naruto #10? seriously

  17. Maya Mendez-Freer says:

    I Have a question why isn’t Kusuo Saiki on this list? He could easily travel back in time and kill any of these characters at their weakest point. Or Use his other powers. I mean he should be here. Right?

    • Samir Awan says:

      yeah sure saiki could beat some characters on this list except for the omnipotent ones i guess

  18. SzionX says:

    Kojou Akatsuki from Strike the Blood should be in here

  19. REEEEEEE says:

    saiki k could do all of these charactrs strongest moves with a single thougt and he is a high schooler so yeah also WHERE IS IZUKU MIDORIYA?!?!?!?!?!

    • Cheese2625 says:

      izuku midoriya…. BRUH he;s not even close to any of the other characters strength that are on the list (maybe except eren, erens pretty weak ngl)

      • Playertoo says:

        cap eren is stronger than goku whitch is why he isnt on the list

        • zenking says:

          are u fucking stupid goku can kill eren in one flick and eren is on the list dumbass goku is a super saiyan and eren can just turn into a titan thats it

    • Keith Williams Jr. says:

      First, off Saiki, it doesn’t matter if he’s a psychic these people are GODS and Midorya really?

    • Samir Awan says:

      saiki could beat a few characters on this list except for the gods and izuku isn’t even the strongest in his universe he’s no where near this list

  20. REEEEEEE says:

    naturo uzamaki-naruto


  21. OC says:

    Shouldn’t Saiki be here? He could destroy anyone with a Fucking thought -_-

  22. Marco says:

    Clearly u are a frickin dumbhead and dont even watch anime.Anti spiral destroys zeno.Featherine augusta aurora destroys zeno.WTF is this list.The top 15 are actually filled with characters from verses as umineko verse or gurren lagann verse

    • jodie says:

      thankyou at least somebody knows what they are talking about

  23. says:

    How the hell is one punch stronger than goku and whis. My boy whis can travel and through time and all one punch does is literly punch hard. Even goku would slap his cheeks into another dimesion.

    • MUI GOKU says:


    • Anon says:

      One punch man is a joke anime, and the creator makes Saitama more powerful than anything in the world. So he just is stronger.

  24. hanadi says:

    Zeref and Natzu and erza scarlet are the strongest

  25. hanadi says:

    Zeref and Natzu and erza scarlet are the strongest not to mention Gildharts

  26. Albedo says:

    Fake list, i can’t see the supreme one, strongest magic caster, our sorcerer king and king of darkness, Ainz Ooal Gown sama.

  27. Iwiak says:

    This is dumb. Giorno kills pretty much all of them. Even diavolo will kill most of them. Same with the jojo characters

    • Cheese2625 says:

      pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff, he should be high up there but he wouldnt be able to beat all of them

      • king ani says:

        what about goku ultra insting al these peoples power work only on humans

    • stupid ass says:

      all right bucko i like licking faces moms and and playing with cherries with my tongue as much as the next man but dont get too ahead of yourself

      • KakyoinTheCherryLicker says:


  28. NOT a dumb cunt says:

    The fucK?
    Are you high? You honestly think eren yearger is stronger than naruto?

  29. Khedr Hijazi says:

    SO INCORECT. How tf did yall make this list without knowing anything. First of all Meliodas is not even in top 20 second of all How tf is Eren top 9 HOW. He is not even in top 1000. Now tell me can you rank netero above Naruto. Netero is litterly mointain level but Naruto is above planetery level. This list made me so mad i still have a lot to say about it.

    • Cheese2625 says:


    • derrick says:

      meliodas is freaking goated although some anime characters are better meliodas still should be top 20

  30. James says:

    You could have at least included someone from jojos bizarre adventure

    • MUI GOKU says:


      • PP poo poo says:

        If you arent a jojo fan: perish by the hands of the gods you rat
        If you are a jojo fan: HELL YEAH!

  31. Tatsuya says:

    Why the heck is Shiba Tatsuya not on the list? He can make you disappear into a tiny blue flame in an instant. He can destroy entire cities in an instant too. He can also heal from any injuries or death in .2 seconds.

  32. Tatsuya says:

    Zeref Dragneel should be there too. He can kill you without knowing you’re even there. He is also immortal and can’t die.

    • Samir Awan says:

      just because you can’t die doesn’t make you more powerful. It simply means that you can’t die, like if you had immortality, someone like goku could just kill you over and over again.

  33. Tatsuya says:

    Shiba Tatsuya should be #1. He can eliminate every single anime character in existence in an instant. He can heal/revive from any injury or death in .2 seconds. He can also destroy your entire country and everyone and thing in it in an instant. Zeref Dragneel should also be there. He can kill everyone in a 20 meter radius even if he doesn’t know they are there. He is also immortal.

    • ShizueRimuru says:

      shiba tatsuya is no where near #1 people like Rimuru tempest(end of LN) or tenchi muyo would easily clap him.
      1. they can move faster then the speed of light and can destroy his entire body without leaving a trace which means he can regenerate
      2.tatsuya can destroy cities but they can create or erase multiverses you couldnt even compare tatsuya to the top 10 anime characters of all time

  34. kenneth says:

    yeah this is so awesome all the powerful anime characters

  35. Angelo J says:

    strongest characters, who decided that? you forgot the lion sin of pride ,Escanor . And eren jeager !! strong basically anyone can kill me if his hands are tied up.

  36. Angelo J says:

    strongest characters, who decided that? you forgot the lion sin of pride ,Escanor . And eren jeager strong ?
    basically anyone can kill him if his hands are tied up.

  37. hayase says:

    this list is really horrible
    it is right zeno is powerful but some characters are most powerful than him
    anti spiral and tnchi kami. madoka kaname.and….
    why you do not put them in the list
    besides why all of your list filled with characters like ichigo and saitama when many characters are most powerful than them
    eren is not powerful netero is not and all of your list are not that powerful to be in this list
    they are very puwerful but you should put characters in this list who are most powerful than anyone not someone like netero or eren or ichigo or anyone like them
    you should put characters like mosogi kumagawa . haruhi suzumiya anti spiral . truth haruka kaminogi. the counter-actor.lord of nightmares and the crator from umineko
    these are most powerful characters in anime not fighters like ichigo or naruto
    the most powerful characters can Destroy universe

  38. unknown says:

    what about giorno with gold experience requiem? it can return any moves or attacks to zero.
    or maybe heaven ascended DIO with the world over heaven, he can bends reality whatever he wants

    • goya says:

      yes or made in heaven too can accelerate the galaxy’s rotation and create a new universe, it’s so op

  39. OS7 says:

    The fact that the entire list is dedicated to Dragon Ball

  40. Joshua says:

    Goku’s stronger then Saitama.
    Considering Goku’s master Ultra Instinct form he can dodge just about anyone besides angels and the omni king. So sure Saitama could beat him with one punch, but the question we haven’t asked is how is he even gonna hit him, if Goku is 100x faster then him.

    • Pizushi says:

      Wtf do you mean? Saitama is just as fast as goku, also even Saitama can just one punch Goku even before he can use his Ultra Instinct

      • Tssas says:

        hes solar system level max

      • StopSayingStupidstuff says:

        saitama is no where near the speed of goku saitama literally saitama is just strong in his universe idc about what you guys think if saitama was in the top he would be merked

    • Facts says:

      Dude….. Saitama is stronger than Goku, Goku has a limit while Saitama is using at least a low percent of power also Saitama is a parody character that makes him stronger than Goku..

    • Five Piece says:

      You do know that Goku wouldn’t go UI off the bat right?

    • Tssas says:


  41. Christian says:


  42. Mob says:

    This list is the worst I’ve ever seen. have u even watched any anime? You literally just put mainstream anime MCs.
    This list is heaven for saitamatards but he isn’t even stronger then naruto, great work for satisfying all the dbtards and saitamatards.

    • goya says:

      yes you are right

    • Anon says:

      Saitama is a joke character. It’s satire. Saitama is supposed to be the strongest person there is. That’s kinda the point of the anime.

  43. chicken nugget says:

    am I blind or is there actually no luffy here i think the person who made this has no brain

    • veggie master says:

      maybe your blind cause im not sure you actually watched these anime’s before yo comented cause if you did youll know that “luffy” isnt the only strong anime charcter there is

    • Five Piece says:


  44. goya says:

    sorry but this list is not very good at the top.
    Saitama<Goku because opm is NOT a gag manga and if you read the original webcomic, you will see that saitama have already use a great part of his max strenght against boros and monster Garou, but it only make all clouds around the world separate, but goku can travel faster than the light and even the time, destroy a galaxy in 5 second and his punch makes vibrate the whole multiverse.
    And at the top of this list should be a lot of others characters like Giorno with GER (he can nullify everything and send you to an infinite death loop in other reality, no matters your powers) etc

    • Bababooey says:

      Bro he didn’t even try, he barely used his full strength and Saitama left without a scratch.
      You haven’t even seen saitama use his full strength(Also saitama isn’t a killing machine he is a man that has power that nobody could even match, He is stronger then goku it’s pretty obvious).

    • COKOMECHEW says:

      Saitama can move faster than light, destroy galaxies, and vibrate the multiverse to . . .. besides, the webcomic Saitama is not trying as well (Smiles)

  45. veggie master says:

    i see were your coming from this really makes sense but the only thing i oppose is than since zeno is in the ranking the grand priest should be the one before him in the ranking

  46. Johny Sins says:


  47. Nico says:

    yo zeno actually is really powerful

  48. Jakrestafir says:

    Kusuo Saiki

  49. Alhussen says:

    your list is so true man

  50. Tre-Way says:

    Dude One punch man is stronger then Zeno even though he can destory universes he can’t fight this list is not accureate. One punch man can hit u in one punch bruh I dont see anybody beating him.

    • tai boi says:

      zeno never fought so we dont know what he can do. plus hes a gag character and the saitamatards always say HES A GAG CHARACTER SO HE WINS

  51. lankyburrito says:

    saitama is not more powerful then ultra instinct goku or whis

  52. i like anime says:

    are you kidding eren he can’t even go light speed also where is luffy!!! Naruto would whoop eren’s but

  53. Frank prince obinna says:

    I suggest that goku should be the strongest of them all

    • Aidan Parker Shields says:

      Reared narrows is the strongest of them all
      He will do sage jusu on you an kill you
      With 1 Rasengan.

    • you says:

      no saitama stupid ass

  54. Samael says:

    accelerator from a certain magical index is powerful enough to fight everyone on the list.
    he has the power to control all vectors. and the list you have is almost fighter with brute strength… think about it.

  55. Sergio mendoza says:

    how the fuck is ramen guy not in first, HOW IS HE NOT EVEN ON THIS LIST, WTF!

    • Elias Xiong says:

      Idk U A True Naruto Fan U Must Love Noodles too???

  56. matthew barnett says:

    this is cap exspect for eren yager and gon What about killua he’s strang as gon so he should be up there too

    • Anon says:

      Eren is like a fly compared to naruto. Naruto has fucking nukes. So do like all the other characters on the list.

  57. nobody says:


  58. Clare says:

    Someone from one piece is SO up there.

  59. Elias Xiong says:

    SAITAMA IS MY FAV ANIME CHARACTER EVER SINCE THE ANIME CAME OUT I WATCHED ONE PUNCHED MAN 12 TIMES ITS SOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD ??Saitama?? Is The Best At Punching If This Was “The Most Best Puncher’s List” I Respect The Zeno Lovers and Ever Other Anime Character Lovers in this list hopefully they Make A The Most Best Puncher’s List.

  60. stupid ass says:

    giorno giovanna like maybe not the strongest but defienetly infront of light yagami AND FUCKING EREN YAEGER

    • MR_BLOXXY says:


      • Orion Burford says:

        Ik, Why dont people understand that giorno is undefeatable heck he has no stand stats because is stand is so powerful, his power is incomprehendable, everyone should just admit giorno is and will always be the most powerfull anime character in existance.

  61. derick says:

    this is wrong noooooooooooooo saitiama is not stronger then whis

  62. aws barakat says:

    and what about anos the king of demons

  63. van says:

    not accurate at all my guy melodis can kill all them with one move full counter and he cant die.

  64. Keith Williams Jr. says:

    Finally, someone who understands that Zeno is stronger than Saitama.

    • Monkey D. Luffy Pirate King says:

      where am i

      • monkey d luffy says:

        you are not the king of the pirats i am going to be you are gold d rogers

  65. Monkey D. Luffy Pirate King says:

    goku is stronger then saitima

  66. Tarun says:

    They’ll fall into itachi’s Genjutsu..

  67. From Jersey says:

    4- Saitama
    3- UI Goku
    2- Grand Priest (father of all angels)
    1- Zeno Sama

  68. IM_A_GOD_OR_DEMON_ says:

    i thought Meliodas from Seven Deadly Sins was stronger than naruto from naruto and beerus is in the right place

  69. seven deadly sins is the best says:

    it all right but meliodes from seven deadly sin is stronger than naruto

  70. najaf says:

    naruto will fucking stomp saitama narutos feats r wayyyyy higher

    and base fucking goku will kill saitama with a blow

    • Carter says:

      You are so wrong stupid goku could not beat saitama and naruto is weaker then both of them

      • gokuforsmash says:

        carter,goku made a multiverse shake in his base form with a single punch,while saitama divided some clouds.

        • MR_BLOXXY says:

          amatuers,the strongest of them all is giorno,his stand golden experience requim can:Gold Experience Requiem is a close-range Requiem Stand that boasts an incredible increase in both speed and power compared to its previous form (possibly stronger than Star Platinum or The World). Created by the Arrow and born from Giorno’s strong desire to defeat King Crimson and exact revenge on Diavolo, it wields the arcane power of reverting anything to “zero”, effectively undoing their actions; a power that trumps even the time erasure/nullification of King Crimson.

          Gold Experience Requiem is powerful enough as a Stand that it permits Giorno to levitate with it.[4]Gold Experience Requiem’s ultimate ability is to revert actions and willpower back to the state of “zero”, completely nullifying them and preventing them from becoming “real”.

          If the opponent is hit by Gold Experience Requiem, then they will continuously experience death, as they will die but repeatedly return to point “zero”: the point immediately before the process of death (i.e Diavolo’s endless death loops). Through this ability, GER creates a new “reality”, as it calls it, for Diavolo as a form of poetic justice for the many times the mob boss has manipulated reality to his advantage with King Crimson.[5]

          This ability makes GER one of the most powerful Stands in the franchise, if not the second strongest, next to The World Over Heaven(star platinum over heaven is a joke).Despite its transformation, Gold Experience Requiem appears to have not only retained its life-giving abilities after evolving, but said abilities are noted to be vastly more potent compared to the original Gold Experience. This is demonstrated briefly when Requiem fires a small high-speed fragment of Gold Experience with enough power to pierce Diavolo’s hand, before it transforms into a scorpion and attacks him.and it puts diavolo into an infinite death loop.try countering this saitama and other fans ゴゴゴゴ

          • Dark Elixer says:

            No offense but, those guys won’t make it even in the top 300 trust me, there are way more reality warpers than you think.

  71. Shadow says:

    Hey Saitama should be the strongest anime character because he ahs not gone full serious mod in the manga series

  72. deez nut says:

    fuck all of this shit dumb as hell I dount care what all of u care it goku naruto saitama luffy and there side character that all dumb asss

  73. marwan says:

    Bruh i have at least 100 charachter stronger than zeno and goku naruto whis and beerus are stronger than saitama yall stop surestimating saitama his weak and zeno is weak as hell at$nd stop underestimatin naruto naruto is universal ap and zeno should be top 150 by ap EE and dc

    • King_V019 says:

      And the number one who can beat him is either Giovani because he can revert ANYTHING to 0 and just punch him 1 time. 1 fucking time. To banish EVERY CHARACTER into a INFINITE DEATH LOOP with INFINITE WAYS. Just a thought, just a thought will do. And Dio because well he can erase and bend reality to his pleasing. So just erase when every character was created theeennn. Yeet Skeet see you out of reality. Sooo yeah those 2 are number one and if you fight me then I would win.

      • Aawdiawydhawuidgawdyu]aD says:

        he can only put people in a infinite death loop if the person dies

        • MR)BLOXXY says:

          but he can change that(*kills person and puts them in death loop*)

    • Shazzy Wazzy DE Lazzy says:

      so zeno who can destroy reality itself is weak af??
      narito could destroy a planets right???
      goku could alter time it self in ultra instinct form
      whis who is stroner than goku
      beerus can erase people
      and please , give me your list of over 100 people who can defeat an omni king that has alrdy destroyed 6 universe for fun

  74. gokuforsmash says:

    this list so inaccurate. mob over naruto? mob destroyed a city while naruto destroyed half the
    moon come on. eren is cool but he is nowhere near the top 10 or 20 in terms of strength. You’re telling me Saitama is stronger than weiz and Goku? throw the whole list in the trash!

  75. King_V019 says:

    If you think about it, I believe that Saitama is that same as Goku. With both defeating characters that destroy worlds restrained. Goku was able to defeat Beerus and even risk the fact that prolonged fights risk destroying entire universes. Saitama however also destroyed and killed Lord Boros who was able to destroy his armor with the first punch and destroy his entire body completely with him barley trying. Imagine just imagine. If he snapped so hard and powered up like Goku. More then planets or even solar systems would be affected. He could punch so hard he could break reality and space and even open portals to different universes( if he snapped really really really hard like Goku did). However, the most powerful one is Dio( World Over Heaven form) and Giovani. Dio is able to erase a part of time from history with no limit on the duration or even the place. He could go kamikaze and destroy the time all of the universes where created. He can stop time with no limit and that my friends can allow him to have godlike power. Even though he is not canon he is still more powerful then Zeno himself by just erasing the time he was created. Giovani because he can make anything go back to 0. Meaning one touch even if it does not affect him can cause Zeno to revert any action to 0. Meaning he can even make him trapped in a INFINITE DEATH LOOP. Sooo…. although not physicaly these 2 have life hacks and ohhh boi. They got the ultimate life hacks.

  76. cheeseboi says:

    naruto with six paths would clap eren eren is no match for naruto thi list is trash at this piont but if naruto is stronger than netero idk i havent watched hxh. an naruto can use the hiraishin no jutsu i just wanted to mention that

  77. Kalendari says:

    The fact that it has the dragon ball series makes me feel good

  78. Truth says:

    the fact that Kami Tenchi is not on the list as #1 means they didnt check anything and just pullled random names out of the hat none of these should be here

  79. Aawdiawydhawuidgawdyu]aD says:

    saitama should be in the middle of the list while eren should be near the beginning of it

  80. Raffy Al-fath says:

    Ok first of all naruto is stronger then mob second of all goku is WAAAAAY STRONGER then saitama so this list is rigged

  81. snowsnow says:

    naruto would take out eren easily with a giant rasengan barrage

  82. Mickell says:

    All i have to say is where are the one piece characters

  83. Egal says:

    How about Kaguya Ōtsutsuki

    • naruto says:

      SHE claps and she’s multiversial ap adn she can destroy plants

  84. AJ says:

    zeno is the strongest character because he destroyed zamasu’s universe just by lifting both of is arms and destroyed that universe so zeno is the strongest

  85. Kars says:

    K A R S


    TBH I think kilua from hunter x hunter or hisoka should be on here.

  87. yeet says:

    naruto could fucking use his full power and destroy everyone

  88. professor samurai Sakura says:

    what abt sailor moon TwT in her Cosmo form

  89. haikyuuOP says:

    whys nishinoya not on here??!

  90. Shazzy azzy DE Lazzy says:

    so a guy who is a god of destruction and can erase anyy1 except the angels and omni kings
    is weaker than a guy who trained for 3 years???

  91. Shazzy Wazzy DE Lazzy says:

    every one on this list should be universal scale or omnipotent
    not some measly kid who trained for 3 yrs

  92. CJ says:

    Saitama should be number 1 cuz he can kill any opponent with almost one punch. And if he went against goku he would be able to destroy goku easily it would just take more time.

  93. Ah says:

    Why isn’t Sasuke baruto and why not Kakashi
    It not rite

  94. Crepervcon34 says:

    I think Luffy is definitely up there, HE CUT A HUGE BOAT I HALF WITH NO FLINCH!!!

  95. Soggy says:

    How tf is mob stronger then Ichigo

  96. a says:

    This is the dumbest shit ever bro this fucking list is broken as hell

  97. Alex says:

    Where is luffy, he is immune to bullets, has the 4 gears, and has all haki, of course he. isn’t invincible but deserves to be on the list.

  98. Alex says:

    Where is luffy, he is immune to bullets, has the 4 gears, and has all haki, and with haki can dodge any physical attack. of course he isn’t invincible but he deserves to be on the list.

  99. dallas says:

    i know eren is strong and what not but naruto,allmight, and meliodas could easily kick his ass

  100. Noble says:

    first of all Saitama is not stronger than Goku or whis and Naruto is stronger than eren and mob so this list is rubbish

  101. Sneha7 says:

    Ever heard of accelerator? Watch to aru majutsu no index and you’ll see who’s strongest…that character can beat saitama (don’t say anything if u haven’t watch the anime)

  102. isaiah says:

    i think one piece monkey d luffy nightmare haki

  103. monkey d luffy says:

    i am luffy i beaten naruto and goku but goku with a litte bit of naruto’s help i am the strongest i even besten freeza he is weak and i am not going to die hear i’m going to be the king of the pirats and wears my meat

  104. monkey d luffy says:

    one punch man dont even live up to his name

  105. monkey d luffy says:

    when i become the king of the pirats then you will see i will be at the very top i will be the strongest

  106. Nova says:

    this list is shit Sinbad can literally one-shot anyone on here and he does not even make the list?

    • some_weeb says:

      nah he cant lol….. sindbad can probs be low on this list coz i doubt he destroys universes but yea they only took super popular animes and stuffed them in here smh

  107. Cooper says:

    How is eren stronger than naruto and chairman?

    • ZZ says:

      I KNOW RIGHT Naruto haves the six paths and sage art and kurma

  108. Kookiiach says:

    It shouldn’t be all might XD
    it should be either Eri or Deku
    because Deku is proven to be stronger than all might
    and Eri has a REWIND quirk
    likeee she can kill All for One O.O

  109. i hate this list says:

    this thing is ass

  110. ric flair says:

    this list is bullshit

    • MR_ says:

      yes we have ultra powerfull stands that can put you out of existence,rewind and even stop time,and the strongest guy here is a dragon ball character,no offense mob should be on bottom list

  111. some_weeb says:

    this is sooooo bad wth… they only added mainstream anime smh… like half of all isekai protags r way too broken lmao… someone like rimiru could probably break the entire universe 12 times and he isnt on the list smh…

    • Idiot_Nugget says:

      Thank you LIKE LIGHT KARS Light kars will shit on everyone on this list Not to mention Over Heaven

  112. AJASJSAJ says:


    • MMR_BLOXXY says:

      dont forget golden experience REQUIEM,saitama is fucked

  113. I_am_the_mysteries_of_the_universe says:

    What about The “Turtle Guy” from Dragon Ball?

  114. nick lasiter says:

    is everyone in the world stupid the number 1 strongest anime character is saiki k he can kill anyone in half a mila second and then the second strongest character is the ant king from hunterxhunter

  115. ZZiden says:

    where is Luffy he is strong lol

  116. ZZ says:

    why is eren stronger then naruto naruto haves kurma and the six paths also sage art their is no way that eren is stronger then naruto right guys

  117. the guy says:

    naruto should be number8 . eren didnt fight a god but naruto did not 1 even 4. what can eren do?

  118. joshua says:

    goku all day daddy

  119. Idiot_Nugget says:

    Goku isn’t even top 15 there’s omnipotent characters that aren’t on this list .why is all might here WHY

  120. MR_BLOXXY says:

    uhh we need giorno and jotaro on the list,and i can name a few stand users that can kill saitama and dragon ball characters,why is mob on 7th,we have gods but a middle school kid?i mean,ultimate kars can kill everyone,if the scp foundation is an anime we have to add scp 682 or was it 628?

  121. dude says:

    where is jojo? they have limited attacks and they use “stands”. i really thought jotaro or dio or jojo was gonna be on here.

  122. Rufai says:

    Vegita should be in this list cos he ls obiously stronger than naruto

  123. Rufai says:

    Vegita should be in this list cos he ls obviously stronger than naruto

  124. yai says:

    how could they forget the grand minister from dbs

  125. Loswer says:


  126. LOSWERRR says:

    bro what about one piece

  127. Hxh lang malakas says:

    Why is the comment section is long? lets just say gon and killua including netero are the powerfullest HAHAHAHA char lang

  128. unknown says:

    naruto is really stronger then saitama and he was strronger then eren even when he was in academy and even sakura can beat eren

  129. Dalija Zderic Gustin says:

    this so so accurate(thats what saitamaards would say) THIS IS NOT EVEN close to accurate

  130. Mememaster09 says:

    yo why no hav gold experience requiem

  131. ShizueRimuru says:

    this list is terrible zeno would look like eren compared to the top 10 anime characters of all time and the people who say giorno is the strongest is also wrong Gold Experience Requiem’s ultimate ability is to revert actions and willpower back to the state of “zero”, completely nullifying them and preventing them from becoming “real” these anime characters have the ability to change reality itself which is similar to giorno’s stand but on a astronomically different scale.

  132. Samara says:

    Who created this list?
    Saitama stronger than beeru whis MUI Goku and Naruto are u kidding me and where is jiren and also zeno is not the strongest anime character there a lot of characters stronger than him.

  133. Ruben says:

    What about Sailor Cosmos (Sailor Moon’s ultimate form)? She is literally the embodiment of the cosmos.

  134. legoshi says:

    this isnt right meliodas could beat naruto i can explain

  135. Andrea says:

    hell no sung jin woo is stronger than every body there
    you agrees with me

  136. Charlie says:

    I think Ichigo should be more powerful than Akira Fudo, and that Akira Fudo should be more powerful than Meliodas. Other than than, I agree.

  137. Big nerd says:

    theres a bunch i really don’t agree on this list but I’ll only go into stuff i think are blantly wrong. First off can we get meliodas out of the way since it’s stated to be weaker than escanor and im not seeing him on the list. Now I’m mainly putting effort in this cause there’s two charatcers from shows I like and also i’m a big nerd, I know my facts. Idk why netero would be on this list since he got washed by Meruem who holding back for the most part and Meruem also not on the list. I like mob Story, characters, art is my all time favorite anime… but I know my facts. The author ONE who created the story also claimed that Tatsumaki(a character in another one of his works) surpasses 100 percent mob, well there is the fact of that he didn’t answer what if mob were in ??? percentage or if he was intending to kill but it’s not confirmed or anything but yet again having mob on this list with tatsukmaki not appear infront or behind him. To be fair my points are based of character stronger than other rather than match ups themselves but if you think Eren just absolutely Bodies Tastumaki then whatever I gotta get back to my studies than typing this.

  138. Giornio says:

    zeno is both at the top and the bottom cause he doesn’t know how to fight but he has an extraordinary amount of power

  139. An1mek1d says:

    how eren is stronger than naruto

    • Icynu says:


    • Cha Cha Ticcy Ticcy says:

      because they’re dumb? Naruto is Multi-planetary – near Sun level while Eren is around big-city level.

  140. Icynu says:

    goku is stronger then saitama ichigo is stronger then naruto btw i am counting naruto news form and eren is way weaker he is about a little weaker from deku

  141. Yeeeeeboi says:

    i think a battle between saitama and zeno would last for a while with zeno coming out victorious. But what about the Great Priest? Wouldnt he be stronger than whis???

  142. Yuki says:


  143. Yuki says:

    Shaggy looks down on you mere mortals!! BOW BEFORE OUR LORD!!!

  144. bigo chigo says:

    no one on this list can scratch Saitama except Zeno but Saitama never uses his full power if u read the manga then u would know wut he means by a serious punch is only 0.0001 percent of his strength so ze
    no has his spot well earned the only one who stands a chance with him is Zeno but i don’t think Zeno could kill him they would probably be on par with each other

  145. shikkio says:

    laughs in demon lord rimuru

  146. Yawa ka says:

    Eren is stronger than Naruto? wut the hell….
    Oh btw i just want to correct your spelling….
    That should be Naruto Uzumaki not Naturo Uzumaki… :)

  147. Cha Cha Ticcy Ticcy says:

    This is so innacurate it’s funny

    Naruto, Ichigo and Meliodas is stronger than Eren
    Saitama shouldn’t be on here cause no one knows his true potential yet.

    Luffy is at Naruto’s level
    Sasuke and Naruto are equals

    All might shouldn’t be in honourable mentions since he isn’t anywhere close Eren level.

    There are many other characters that were not listed

    Stop putting just the famous characters, since there are many underrated characters out there, Rin Okumura and Issei Hyoudou are OP, too, there are many actual good characters that are right under Naruto level and some that are Goku level already.

  148. Pheonix says:

    why isn’t sasuke here and even killua. they are both fast

  149. ImComingInPushesYouAllAway says:

    Sorry saitama but Ainz sama and Anos Voldigoad is coming thru..

  150. brandon says:

    saiki k could beat all of them

  151. ree says:

    he forgot the Pokémon Arceus. Arceus is n Zeno’s level. he created the entire Pokémon universe just by being born .he has physic, fire, water, earth, and lightning abilities. he can clap the entire verse except for Zeno.

    • Okita San says:

      And yet the lama god is affected by pikachu’s lightning, honestly a god level defence stat. For real though, not very strong, the only feat it has is universal maybe universal+, but Zeno stomps (even though Zeno isn’t even that strong) by threatening the whole Dragon Ball multiverse. And the fact that you said, when Arceus was born, it created the universe, no, no, Palkia, Dialga and Giratina did and it took a while for the universe to appear. There are much stornger candidates other than the ones on the list, for example, The World in the Fate series which is also the counter force, making it OP.

  152. Goku says:


  153. haki says:

    where is luffy at he solos sds and aot

    • signal_plane says:

      what are you talking about, your saying stuff because you like the show, not the power levels

  154. Dookle says:

    there are so many other op characters from anime like Ainz Ooal Gown (Momonga) from overlord or Puck From Re: Zero judt to name a few popular anime

  155. Hosh says:


  156. bi says:

    what do you mean eren is weak af

  157. Korega... Requiem... Da. says:

    This is… Not the truth…

  158. Saitama's Bae says:

    3:Goku at Full Power
    There is no question.

  159. LastJoy says:

    Why isn’t GER from Jojo here

  160. sayaadakonek says:

    how about zalama

  161. Sitama says:

    Originally Answered: Who are the strongest comic/manga/anime characters ever ? I’m sorry, but Giorno Giovanna(JJBA) is probably the most unbeatable. Others on this list might have those godly universe controlling and infinite strength. They still don’t stand a chance against Giorno(More specifically GER).

  162. Skittles says:

    What about Saiki k

  163. Cody says:

    How is Eren Yeager stronger then Naruto he is almost the strongest anime character, specially with his new god mod looking mod

  164. cancer says:

    eren weak af tf can he do ?

  165. kuronja says:

    bro kami tenchi will destroy them all with his finger no cap

    • Max says:

      yes LMAO bruh he just put zeno a omnipotent character when there so many more omnipotent chracters that destroy them all

  166. urmom69 says:

    Accurate my ass

  167. Kameron Taylor says:

    Why is Natsu Dragneal not on here he is hella strong.

  168. kira says:

    it would take light from death note 30 seconds to wright there name and kill them all

    • anime master says:

      nah sorry idiot that only works on humans meaning naruto goku beerus and zeno would survive since none of are human and narutos one with kurama btw

    • kaiden100011 says:

      u do realize he needs time to write their names and zeno could destroy the universe before lights pen could touch the page

  169. Keiko says:

    you forgot ainz ooal gown

  170. Tristan says:

    Sinbad should be at the top because Sinbad is everything and nothing at the same time so I’m other words Sinbad is destiny itself and also if Zeno erased him he would come back unharmed because the man got erased by god himself and came back then killed him easily

  171. top5opss says:

    shut yo fucking dumb ass u ignorant irrelevant ass up kid

  172. anime master says:


  173. anime master says:

    as part of te anime commuinity just wanna say we DONT ACCEPT YOU

  174. Eillen Carlos says:

    whre is sailormoon

  175. naurto is stronger then boruto says:

    Saitama solos the list

    • signal_plane says:

      no, no, he can’t beat Goku because Goku has infinite power

  176. Flare Kahanay says:

    Where is Giorno Giovanna at he’s literally the strongest character you can revert Zeno’s attack Then he can spam and keep reverting zenos every attack .

  177. Anime dude says:

    Bruh Meliodas is way stronger than naruto because he is stronger than gods but naruto fights FAKE gods

  178. SHHHHHHH says:

    Everyone saying zen,saitama,goku,naruto,ichigo or others are stronger but the actually strongest character is Mumen Rider.He was slappin the deep sea king easily but he let saitama get the final blow.He was moving at about Mach 20 speed.(Oh yeah,if you don’t know the word sarcastic,please search it up.This comment is just all lies.)

  179. signal_plane says:

    No one in attack on titan should be on this list all they use are weapons

  180. Ace Wildheart says:

    goku is stronger then them all at full power. Some dbs fan mite be thinking but zeno is Supreme but in reality goku is way stronger then zeno

  181. ew dragon ball z is trashhh says:

    Saitama is way stronger than these gay dragon ball z characters

  182. Saitama thestrongest says: