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Haroon Shareef of Superherotalksite claims to have inside information about Zack Snyder’s original version of Justice League. Not only is it vastly different, but it seems to have better conclusions for the franchise so far. Batman has more purpose. His nightmares from Batman v Superman are better explained. Steppenwolf’s backstory and relationship with Darkseid is better explained. We get more Aquaman, more Flash and more Cyborg. Basically, it seems like a more rounded film.

Batman Aquaman Justice League

Below are snippets from Shareef’s breakdown of missing and deleted scenes from Justice League:

LONGER: Began with Bruce recruiting Aquaman. It was basically the same scene as I saw in the theatrical version this weekend. However, some lines were added by Whedon and some Zack bits were cut. Aquaman was originally more resilient and shut-off to Bruce here.

LONGER: History Lesson. But just by some bits. What I was most surprised by was that WB cut out dialogue by the Green Lantern, Zeus and even Ares (Yes, he was there too). They had a couple of lines each. As did Robin Wright and Hippolyta. They just kept the action in and clicked out all dialogue, I guess.

After taking the Mother Box from Themiscyra, Steppenwolf actually “talks” to the Box. His mother, Heggra’s essence is alive in the Mother Boxes and bringing them all together would unleash her powers – finally giving Steppenwolf an edge over his uncle – Darkseid. That is what his plan was originally. I thought for sure that they would keep this scene in because they used a dialogue from this scene in the trailers – “No protectors here. No Lanterns. This world will fall. You will be free, mother.”

Victor Stone Justice League

Cyborg’s previous life. He plays a great football match that his MOTHER (Yes, she was cast as well) attends. Afterwards, they drive home. Victor is angry that his Dad never made it while his mother tries to console him. Victor just keeps getting angry and lashing out, loses control of the car – causing a fiery crash.

DELETED: After the attack on Atlantis, Aquaman consults with Mera and Vulko over what he should do next. Mera wants him to stay as King because she “doesn’t trust Orm”. Vulko wants him to do what his heart says. Aquaman confesses that he feels a responsinility to help the people on Earth.

DELETED: The League visits the Batcave. Alfred has humorous reactions to the League. Bruce Wayne talks about a “nightmare” he had. He believes that Steppenwolf will try and resurrect the power of Superman and “that they must do it first unless they want to fight an Evil Kryptonian too.”

CHANGED: Superman’s resurrection was ONLY possible because Cyborg detects foreign genetic material in his DNA a.k.a the Codex. This is the final confirmation needed that Superman can be brought back to life after all. Then, the revival happens pretty much the same.

DELETED: Kent Farm. Superman brings Lois here. however, he is still very confused and not knowing what’s happening. Bystanders are looking at him and clicking his photos. This confuses him further and he actually tries to attack the civilians with his laser-eyes before Lois manages to calm him down. Superman tells her that “the voices won’t shut up”. Later, Martha shows up here and Clark and Lois are already inside the house. Clark is calmer now but still very confused – his powers are going haywire and his senses are heightened. Martha gives the “Picture the world as an Island. Follow my voice and come back to me” speech from MoS. It seems to calm him down. Later, Clark is wearing his shirt when he sees Pa Kent (Yes, Costner was here too) out in the fields. He goes out to see him. Pa Kent talks about “embracing who you really are”. He tells Clark that “you have to make peace with who you are. You have the power to change the world and you can do that as anyone, good character or bad.” Clark finally embraces Superman as a part of him when Lois walks out. Clark confirms their engagement, Lois breaks down because she wasn’t strong enough. Then, Martha comes out too as Clark decides to help the League and flies off. That’s how it happened in my version. I may have paraphrased some dialogue but that was basically it.

Who is Alfred Talking To

DELETED: Clark heads up to meet Alfred and get his suit.

CHANGED: Bruce’s conversation with Diana after Superman returns. Diana comes in to pop Bruce’s shoulder and tend to his injuries. Bruce reveals that he is willing to die to save the world. In fact, he says “he deserves to die because of what he’s done. He’s killed people and nothing, not even his hate for Superman can justify killing like that”. Diana tells him that “he’s changed now” but Bruce remains adamant that he can only atone himself by sacrificing his life.

CHANGED: Bruce’s Batmobile is headed to certain death during the finale when Wonder Woman and Aquaman interfere and save his life. They tell him that dying in battle won’t do anything and he must live to keep the fight going.

Knightmare Superman

CHANGED: Superman joins the fight and teams up with the League to defeat Steppenwolf. However, at one point, Steppy tries to tempt Superman into joining his army and we see Darksied (for the first time) in Superman’s vision and we see flashes of the Knightmare footage. However, Superman SNAPS back from it and delivers the final blow to Steppy, defeating him.

DELETED: Steppenwolf is killed by Darkseid on Apokolips. Darkseid intends to come to Earth to “meet the Kryptonian”.

The original after credit scene that was shot in principal photography was Bruce being woken in the night in his lake house by a green light and being visited by Tomar Re and Kilowog. It was cut fairly early on during post.

Whether or not all this is true, or simply a fabrication of an eager fan, remains to be seen. However, it does make for a very interesting and different take on Justice League. Personally, I would love to see this version of the film released. It’s far more epic and on par with the other films in the franchise.

You can read all this and more at https://superherotalksite.wordpress.com.

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  1. Sounds a bit mash up as it says wolf wants to get an advantage over his uncle? But wolf is darkseids uncle and it says his mother’s essence is in the mother box? But that would make them brothers? Needs a bit of work there

  2. Andre

    Sounds pretty much the tone and thread of a Zack Snyder triology MOS, BvS & JL
    If this is true I can only believe WB went for the Marvel formula to make the big $$$, instead of trusting their directors to create something different to what Marvel has created and reap the benefits later. Marvel set a winning style for a comic book movie universe but Snyder found a more grounded alternative with his tone in MOS & BvS. Those who loved the MCU leading up to MOS just couldn’t see his formula work and trashed Snyder’s approach as boring and dreary. So now the course-correct has come to emulate the Marvel formula and we now have a JL movie that does not feel like the movies before it. We now have a poorly edited, thin layered story yet entertaining, comedic and action packed JL movie. How’s that bad? Well, the DCEU had it’s own formula but now we won’t know how Snyder’s final presentation would have setup the rest of the DCEU will we? Unless we see his version in it is fulness we will never know and all comic book movies will be similar to Marvel’s.

    For those who don’t know, there is a petition for Snyder’s version to be made available for home release. To read more follow the link below:

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