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To say the DCEU’s Joker has been met with unanimous approval would be blatant lying. Out of all the characters introduced in the new cinematic universe, he’s undoubtedly received the most flak. Considering he’s supposed to be one of the major villains in the Batman mythology, something needs to be done to fix this—and fast. We look at five ways the DCEU can fix the Joker.

Burn his face

I defended the Joker’s controversial tattooed look for Suicide Squad, thinking the aesthetic choices would be explained in the film. But we got nada. David Ayer has said it’s because each tattoo tells a story, so where’s the story? How about actually including it in the film and not telling us about it afterwards?! When you mess with a classic character’s look, you better have a good reason. And Ayer and his team had none, apart from “it’ll look cool, bro”.

So how do we get rid of the stupid ‘damaged’ and ‘J’ tattoos on his face? Well, initially, the peeling off the face angle from “Death of the Family” crossed my mind, but that’ll be too dark for the universe’s new direction. So maybe the film-makers could use one of those deleted scenes from Suicide Squad where the character gets his face burnt. Since the character’s a nutjob, he could jump into another tub of acid or even undergo plastic surgery to fix his mug. At least this way we won’t have to stare at Juggalo Joker again.

DCEU's Joker

Change his attire

Tying in with the above, what the hell was up with the Joker’s MC Hammer outfit in Suicide Squad? Put some clothes on him, and try keep with the same motif as the character’s traditional look. The tux in the helicopter scene was a step in the right direction, but the purple suit needs to make a comeback. Also, the steel teeth are fine for now, but I wouldn’t be adverse to him getting some dental work done.

While they’re at it, please get rid of that awful purple car. That was cringeworthy and about as on the nose as the ‘damaged’ tattoo.

Sever his ties with Harley Quinn

Yes, all the teenage girls on Twitter will be devastated, but who cares. The Joker is a psychopath—and his relationship with Harley is abusive and toxic. This shouldn’t be glamorised as a relationship goal or whatever. End of story. Considering the DCEU’s desire to be more fun and light-hearted, this relationship cannot exist in this universe unless the Joker’s made to be more empathic and lovey-dovey (which goes against the very grain of the character).

Separating the two could allow each character to flourish individually as well. Obviously references can be made to their past relationship, but there’s really no need to keep them together for any reason. With Harley appearing in the Gotham City Sirens film, this could be a terrific opportunity to split them up for good.


Out of all the options, this one might be the hardest to pull off. While a lot of fans have called for the angle to be implemented in the DCEU, can you imagine how confused the general audience will be? The Flash TV series had several episodes to do its own version of it, but it was still watered down from the source material. How exactly do you do this in a film without it becoming a convoluted mess?

DCEU's Joker Jared Leto


Jared Leto has made it very clear he’s upset about all his scenes being cut in the Suicide Squad film. Truth be told, I don’t think any additional screen time could’ve saved the character in the film. It’s not that Leto is a horrible actor—quite the contrary—but does he want to be a part of the DCEU? If not, it’s time to cut the losses.

For the direction of the DCEU, the actor portraying the Joker needs to look more at Jack Nicholson’s version for inspiration, rather than Heath Ledger’s. Ledger’s portrayal worked for the tone of the trilogy; however, Nicholson’s is closer to where the DCEU wants to go. Let’s hope the boardroom meetings at Warner Bros. are spent discussing more about the character’s story than his edgy look.

Do you think the DCEU’s Joker can be saved?

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  1. Before I saw the ending of the film I actually had hoped that it was going to play out as follows:

    Harley still thinks the Joker is dead and she actually moves moves on and kinda starts see how her life is better without him (this will play a lot on the “do not take this oath in vein” or what ever line he gives her before she dives into the tub of white paint)

    But of course he isn’t actually dead. He’s lying in some underground hospital where he’s face actually got messed up pretty bad and now he has this long cut scar running from the corner of his mout, over his cheek all the way into his hairline. The scar into the hairline actually has staples in and the hair around it is kinda shaved away so because he cant really comb his hair back and slick like it was his hair is actually more raggy and loose and is actually hanging over the ‘damaged; scar for the most part and he also now has this slight permanent grin to one side. Also the one half of his gold grill setup in his mouth has been replaced with normal teeth (to the side of the scar) toning that down a bit as well

    Joker now actually really starts losing his shit, kills all the doctors and what not that tried ti fix him (with his bear hands) and starts getting paranoid with the fact that Harley wont love him anymore becuase he looks like a monster and when he actually finally goes to break out Harley and eventually takes off the helmet, his fears are realised when Harley turns against him and tells him to go away. No he’s physically damaged and broken but also has a broken heart. Makes for a dangerous thing with someone who’s already as unstable as the Joker is/was

  2. Nah must of been a allergy,besides I’ve been a joker fan for over 30 years way back to the 60’s joker I even passed a art degree on the subject leto’s joker is a small fish in a big pond

  3. Paola

    I’m ok with Joker in SS. Jared did an good job, he just need more screen time. Idk if he will come back because is piss off and is right but i hope he will because i really need and would like to see more about The Joker. About Joker and Harley, i disagree. Personally i wish to see their whole back story and see more their relationship because is not only about abuse who comes from both, but their dynamic is something unique and special who deserve to be explored. Joker feelings are not simplex but really complex, anyway he loves Harley in his own way. That is told many times from the creators, Mark Hamill ecc. He does but he doesn’t get that feeling, he’s scared and push her away. Ya he’s crazy but anyway human. About Harley disagree also about the fact she’s better, absolutely NOT. I prefer Forever the version who created Paul Dini. A Villain next to the Joker. Fuck Palmiotti OOC trash. Is not even herself but only another character. Paul Dini is back in DC comics and i hope he could fax that mess. About movies coming i don’t give a fuck about the Squad, Deadshot and GCS! To me are all bad ideas and another reason why DC is going down. I only hope to get news about The Joker because this silence is weird and i need to know what’s going on!

  4. Leon Liebenberg

    Lee, are you a girl? I hope so as that would explain the grapefruits comment, if not, I would suggest seeing a doctor. Soon.
    I disagree with Joker and Harley not being able to work. It encapsulates the level of their dysfunction. I think it would be fantastic to see that relationship play out. Sure you’re going to get some feminists upset, but really if it’s not this it’ll just be something else.

  5. As to your point about them not being together: it’s fiction, you realize that right? Realistically it’s a bad relationship and shouldn’t happen. But this isn’t real life and many people grew up on Joker x Harley thanks to the comics and cartoons.

  6. I still think they should have gone with the Jason Todd joker, leaving some wiggle room to play it out a little and recast and introduce the Joker that killed Todd… Solves the Suicide Squad disaster and opens way for a different Joker…

  7. Probably my favorite joker. Don’t see where he needs fixed. They havnt shown enough of him for there to really be anything broken. People just need something to complain about..

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