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Fans Start Petition For Zack Snyder Director’s Cut Of Justice League

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Justice League is finally here. However, a few fans are very upset about the version of the film they got. There have been many comments regarding Whedon’s involvement in the film, with a few disappointed with his work on Justice League. Now, fans have called for a petition for Warner to release a director’s cut of Snyder’s original film and for the footage that was cut (which seems like a lot) to be added back.

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For those who haven’t heard, a Vero social media user recently chatted with Snyder and revealed that the director hasn’t seen Justice League since he left the project. This means that Warner and Whedon didn’t consult with him regarding the finished product. This is very surprising when you consider that his name is plastered all over the film’s marketing. Either way, it seems there has been a lot of interference and redirection from his original vision.

As you can imagine, fans are very upset and have called for a petition to convince Warner Bros. and DC to release the original film. Over on Change.com, a fan named Roberto Mata has managed to gain many signatures for the petition, titled “Zack Snyder’s Director’s Cut and Tom Holkenborg’s (Junkie XL) Score for Home Release”, he started. 16,592 have already signed.

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    • Sam Cheung

      I think it was clear that even Whedon couldn’t save this mess. The timing was off for all the jokes and the CGI for Steppenwolf was dreadful. No cut is going to save that.

    • Mike Huffin

      what was shown is the Whedon cut LOL. the scenes that were cut was some of Snyder’s scenes he filmed before Whedon was brought on.

  1. Dave Hallmon

    One of the areas I felt like the reshoots struggled was showing the “extras” in the background. MoS and BvS did this and it brought Superman and Batman to life. With the exclusion of the best scene in the movie, the Wonderwoman/Bank Robbery scene, the extras were minimal if not non existent. For example, where was everyone in Metropolis when the JLA fight resurrected Supes?

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