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The behind-the-scenes drama of Matt Reeves’ The Batman reads like something from Love Island. It’s pretty much common knowledge now that Ben Affleck will not star in the film (his future in the Worlds of DC, though, remains unknown at present), but the details of who’ll replace him as the Dark Knight have been rather sketchy.

Well, my friend Mario-Francisco Robles at Revenge of the Fans might have some answers. He’s written a detailed report of what’s been happening behind the scenes. I’m not going to regurgitate everything he said (because I’m sure he wants the hits, too), so I recommend you read the comprehensive report here.

The most interesting titbit from Mario’s piece is that Reeves’ Batman will be young. Just how young? Well, like 15-20 years younger than Affleck. Apparently, the Caped Crusader in the script is meant to be 25-30 years old in Reeves’ The Batman, which sounds like it’ll take inspiration from Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One.

There have been no casting announcements, nor even dates about when production will start. Even so, it’s always fun to fan cast these roles, so let’s look at a handful of actors under 30 who could become the next Dark Knight.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson (28)

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Batman

Aaron Taylor-Johnson is no stranger to superhero roles, having portrayed Quicksilver in Avengers: Age of Ultron. With his character six feet under in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), he’s free to take on other roles. Additionally, he has the chops for the part of Batman.

Liam Hemsworth (28)

Liam Hemsworth Batman

Having been in the shadow of his more famous brother for nearly a decade now, Liam Hemsworth is looking for the role that’ll take him to the next level. He did audition for the part of Thor, but lost out on it to his big bro, so we’d imagine he’d love to secure something massive like Batman.

Nicholas Hoult (28)

Nicholas Hoult Batman

Let’s be honest: Nicholas Hoult is being wasted in the X-Men franchise. He’s an exceptional actor who shouldn’t be playing second fiddle to the Mystique show on that series. At 1.9m he’s also the perfect height to portray a taller Caped Crusader. He’ll only need to bulk up for the part.

Dylan O’Brien (26)

Dylan O'Brien Batman

If you’ve watched American Assassin, you’ll understand why Dylan O’Brien might be a terrific pick to play the Caped Crusader. He has the boyish looks and charm, which might be exactly what Reeves is looking for in his movie.

Dev Patel (28)

Dev Patel Batman

Undoubtedly, Dev Patel is one of the best actors of his generation. He’s done so much and he’s not even 30 yet. Securing the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman, though, could be the big one that makes him a household name.

Who do you think should be cast as Bruce Wayne/Batman in The Batman? Let us know in the comments section!

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  1. Magered

    Aaron Taylor Johnson and Nicholas Hoult are solid choices. They would look great as Batmen as they bulk up for the part.
    @Anonymous, As much as I love Batfleck, one must understand that no star is bigger than the character. Batman existed before Batfleck and will continue to exist without his involvement. Making Ben look younger for an entire movie is a hectic process that also could lead to poor results.

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