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Self-described as a creativist, Sergio Pereira works as an editor by day and writes fiction and other nonsense at night. He’s the author of ‘Hush’, ‘The Interview’, ‘Vices’ and other stories that you (should) love. He also enjoys writing about himself in third-person narrative and reading it back to others in Christopher Lee's imposing tone.

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Will the Joker Be Recast?

Regardless of what you think of Suicide Squad, one thing’s apparent: Jared Leto isn’t happy about his scenes being cut. After reports of his over-the-top antics on set, Leto’s become
By Sergio Pereira on 22 Aug 2016

Batman #5 – Comic Book Review

After an initial slow start, Batman #4 set-up what promised to be an exciting conclusion to Tom King’s ‘I Am Gotham’ story arc – and boy, did this finale deliver.
By Sergio Pereira on 17 Aug 2016

Batman #4 – Comic Book Review

An issue ago, I was ready to throw in the towel on Tom King’s Batman run, saying it was “another splutter on the path to God knows where”. In true
By Sergio Pereira on 03 Aug 2016

Batman #1 – Comic Book Review

Since DC’s grown a second bellybutton and been reborn, the future of Batman has become a hot topic. While the New 52 had many criticisms, Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s
By Sergio Pereira on 16 Jun 2016

Dream Gang – Comic Book Review

“To stop a psychic bomb that threatens to render all of humanity catatonic, the last Dream Voyager awakens! When the evil Zeirio goes on a rampage throughout the Dreamworlds, it’s
By Sergio Pereira on 02 May 2016