The Worse Mistake In Suicide Squad That Everyone Missed

It’s been nearly a year since David Ayer’s Suicide Squad divided fans (yet made a ton of money at the box office and inspired 2016’s Halloween costumes). While the movie had several moments of WTF, there’s one glaring mistake that nearly everyone missed involving Jared Leto’s Joker.

The Worse Mistake In Suicide Squad That Everyone Missed

You see, the Joker’s gangster look drew the ire of fans. However, his metal grill was something that we could all get behind, particularly after Ayer described the reasoning for it. In an interview promoting the film, Ayer said the following of his creative decision:

“This is sort of my personal thing and maybe less about a larger connection. But Joker killed Robin and Batman basically smashes his teeth out and locks him up in Arkham Asylum.”

Sounds cool and a nice tribute to A Death in the Family, right? At the same time, keep in mind that when we’re introduced to Harley Quinn in the film, her bio says she was an accomplice in Robin’s murder.

Harley Quinn Accomplice to murder of Robin

So, here’s the weird part, when Harley, as Dr Harleen Quinzel, meets the Joker for the first time, he already has the metal grill and is in Arkham Asylum. So, then what? How can she be an accomplice to the murder if the Joker’s teeth have already been knocked out, or is the grill merely an afterthought?

We think that Ayer owes us an explanation about this, because this is one gargantuan plot hole.

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  1. She helped him in her role as Doctor at Arkham, before becoming Harley. That still makes her an accomplice. No one said the shots we saw of them together was the first time they met or the first time he was locked up.

  2. But what confuses me about this is if the grill was a nod to A death in the family Harley Quinn wouldn’t have been involved as she technically was not created until the early to mid 90,s and a death in the family was 88-89

  3. Im just glad dc did something different then Marvel. Too often marvel seems to innovate more then dc does.

    Ive always wondered if dc should emphasise the villans over the heros in their films. Its absolutely something that marvel isnt doing and might be worth a shot

    • Strangling Jack

      Only now is Marvel beating DC. Think of the past:
      Richard Donner Superman VS Afro Spiderman
      Tim Burton Batman VS David Hasselhoff Nick Cage
      Dark Night Series VS Jessica Alba Fantastic Four
      The difference is the birth of Marvel Studios which came about because Marvel had to save their bankruptcy. But now Marvel Comics is in control of their own franchise, whereas DC still has to deal with outside studios and too much gets lost in translation.

      On a side note, Raimi’s Spiderman series was awesome. …except for 3. 3 was a bag of poop.

  4. The joker wasn’t Jason. It was tim. Harley fried his brain with electroshock, killing off certain memories (jokers own words) and maybe implanted other memories in there. Don’t forget harley has a history of manipulating the men in her life. Maybe that’s who this joker is. Tim drake. (just a theory. No need for negativity)

  5. Hardly a plot hole if you have to dig just to find out about the teeth in first place. The scene should have at least been in the movie or even the scene they are using the picture for (joker post helicopter crash)

  6. There’s a lot of things missing from suicide squad that I really wish they put in the movie my problem most of all with Suicide Squad as much as I enjoy the movie there’s one flaw that this movie has and that’s Harley’s origin story wasn’t told right I feel like they should have told it the way it was told in the Animated Series because we all know that Harley and Jokers relationship was never perfect at all her relationship with the Joker was very abusive I hate how they made their relationship look all lovey dovey when it was never like that at all

  7. It might not have been for the murder of Robin, but it’s more than likely that it was Batman who knocked Joker’s teeth out- just for some other reason. Maybe for the crippling of Barbara Gordon

  8. I have a feeling the jokers scenes were cut Bc of his poor performance
    Whats left in the film is cringe worthy
    I like the idea of Jared Leto joker there is still hope for a great performance but he needs to tweak the character a bit

  9. Leto was the worst casting they could come up with. Might as well have been Jim Carrey, with Leto’s crappy attempt at sounding like him along with the cringey purrs, i thought i was watching Ace Ventura.

  10. I don’t really think that’s why they put that shit in his mouth. The reason given initially started as an internet rumor immediately after the first promo photo was released and people canned it. I’m thinking they just latched onto that and used it to justify that stupid ass grill in hopes people would think it was cool. This was the worst big screen joker to date in my opinion.

  11. The joker isn’t the problem. It’s the people who put him in the movie in the first place. The joker is THE villain in dc lore (shout outs to darkseid). He had no business being in this movie. They more than likely didn’t know how to make harley work without adding joker. Honestly, if they did gangster joker (2nd favorite joker archetype) in a detective driven Batman story, maybe we could have been talking different about Leto. But, that’s my opinion. And I know how the fandom feels about opinions.

  12. Natalie

    Y’all I loved this movie considering I’m not a comic or animated film nerd, respectively. And I honestly don’t care about the grill. The title is a good eye catcher, but everything else is a fail. Hey everyone only talks about the joker and Harley Quinn, what about croc lol…and diablo… and that one australian guy!

  13. ryan becker

    who is to say this was jokers first trip to arkham at the hands of the bat? routinely his enemies are dropped and escape, makes sense she would fall in love after multiple sessions. they escaped and killed robin together, accomplice is vague. also the movie was a dumpster fire when it could have been great. leto pulled it off well. would have like eastwood as grayson undercover for bruce just to set up the newly announced nightwing. picture a short scene of Bruce at his computer in the cave and grayson givin him short sitrep on the squad. short bc of a dead robin and short for disdain for one another.

    • ryan becker

      nicholson played the part well but was a gangster before and then just added makeup. the whole thing wad god awful. seriously what was the point of the team? they were pit together to face an enemy that didnt exist yet? croc was awful cpt boomerang (that one australian guy lol) was ok as a nutball. flagg was ok he was basically just every other character joel kinneman has ever played, joker was decent aside from the grill (if he isnt the original it fits better). the rest were on par w the climax which was sub par. the problem is characters like harley quinn and deadpool are suvh useless and over used characters and are only used B.C. dbag teens and early 20s kids are completely useless and love em. sequel needs to get scrapped and since it wont it needs to learn from this dumpster fire.

  14. Jeff

    Simple. Dental work. Implants or dentures with a grill on them later on after the teeth are knocked out. It isn’t rocket science.

  15. YOU SUCK

    how is this the worst thing in Suicide Squad. Its not even alluded to in the film, and the joker is in like 5 minutes of it. Thanks for wasting my time in this click bait, terrible, lazy article.

  16. R Check

    I’m among the many comic fans who don’t understand how Ayer keeps getting superhero gigs. However, what he says in an interview doesn’t appear in the film. It’s not a “mistake” in the film, it doesn’t run counter to anything seen or said in the film, the teeth explanation is never even offered. Mexican Juggalo Joker as a whole was the mistake. No one missed that.

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