The Worst Mistake In Suicide Squad That Everyone Missed

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The Worse Mistake In Suicide Squad That Everyone Missed

It’s been nearly a year since David Ayer’s Suicide Squad divided fans (yet made a ton of money at the box office and inspired 2016’s Halloween costumes). While the movie had several moments of WTF, there’s one glaring mistake that nearly everyone missed involving Jared Leto’s Joker.

The Worse Mistake In Suicide Squad That Everyone Missed

You see, the Joker’s gangster look drew the ire of fans. However, his metal grill was something that we could all get behind, particularly after Ayer described the reasoning for it. In an interview promoting the film, Ayer said the following of his creative decision:

“This is sort of my personal thing and maybe less about a larger connection. But Joker killed Robin and Batman basically smashes his teeth out and locks him up in Arkham Asylum.”

Sounds cool and a nice tribute to A Death in the Family, right? At the same time, keep in mind that when we’re introduced to Harley Quinn in the film, her bio says she was an accomplice in Robin’s murder.

Harley Quinn Accomplice to murder of Robin

So, here’s the weird part, when Harley, as Dr Harleen Quinzel, meets the Joker for the first time, he already has the metal grill and is in Arkham Asylum. So, then what? How can she be an accomplice to the murder if the Joker’s teeth have already been knocked out, or is the grill merely an afterthought?

We think that Ayer owes us an explanation about this, because this is one gargantuan plot hole.

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  1. Mitchell Banks

    That doesn’t make it a plot hole if you are asking if it was a creative decision or not.

  2. Chris Mcintyre

    The moment you try to ridicule someone or something as being the “worst” but instead deem it the “worse mistake”.

  3. Damian Fowler

    She helped him in her role as Doctor at Arkham, before becoming Harley. That still makes her an accomplice. No one said the shots we saw of them together was the first time they met or the first time he was locked up.

  4. Trishtian Scheller

    I can’t believe I just wasted 4 minutes of my life reading that. It’s really not that big of a plot hole considering the whole movie was a giant dud

  5. Greg James

    I’ll stick to my one comment why was magic neccesary in a movie full of street/building level villains.

  6. Nathan Zimmerman

    But what confuses me about this is if the grill was a nod to A death in the family Harley Quinn wouldn’t have been involved as she technically was not created until the early to mid 90,s and a death in the family was 88-89

  7. Daniel Nelson

    Waaahhhh, wah wah wah wah waahhh, waaaahhhhh waaahhhhh, who cares, the movie was terrible!

  8. Billy Keener

    Well its possibly a hole in letos explaination.

    Its entirely possible that Harley used her status as a doctor to help the joker hide robins death.

  9. Billy Keener

    Im just glad dc did something different then Marvel. Too often marvel seems to innovate more then dc does.

    Ive always wondered if dc should emphasise the villans over the heros in their films. Its absolutely something that marvel isnt doing and might be worth a shot

  10. Russell Smith

    I’ve been saying this since the day Ayer announced the story of his teeth and Damaged tattoo. This is why Ayer needs to be kept the fuck away from DC movies.

  11. Fitzy Burrage

    The joker wasn’t Jason. It was tim. Harley fried his brain with electroshock, killing off certain memories (jokers own words) and maybe implanted other memories in there. Don’t forget harley has a history of manipulating the men in her life. Maybe that’s who this joker is. Tim drake. (just a theory. No need for negativity)

  12. Fitzy Burrage

    And maybe Batman found this out and shattered his teeth. (How many good guys are left? How many stayed that way?)

  13. Jeremy Allred

    4 minutes?? Did you know the average newspaper is based off of an eighth grade reading level. They like to think that the general public only has the capability of reading at an eighth grade reading level. Just a thought. 4 minutes…

  14. Pete Mahoney

    Hardly a plot hole if you have to dig just to find out about the teeth in first place. The scene should have at least been in the movie or even the scene they are using the picture for (joker post helicopter crash)

  15. MrMrs-Frederick Cook II

    I figured the worst was adding Jared Letto, the joker, or trying to promote the movie based on him trying to get “in character”.

  16. Orlando Steward

    There’s a lot of things missing from suicide squad that I really wish they put in the movie my problem most of all with Suicide Squad as much as I enjoy the movie there’s one flaw that this movie has and that’s Harley’s origin story wasn’t told right I feel like they should have told it the way it was told in the Animated Series because we all know that Harley and Jokers relationship was never perfect at all her relationship with the Joker was very abusive I hate how they made their relationship look all lovey dovey when it was never like that at all

  17. Fitzy Burrage

    Maybe by that time, Tim had been full gone into the psychosis. And where else would be put him? Blackgate? Once again, it’s a guess. Maybe I’m wrong.

  18. Nathan Zimmerman

    No they are not but don’t make the comment that a particularly aspect stems from a certain story that was published 5-6 years before a certain character was created and call it a plot hole

  19. Alan Sunter

    It might not have been for the murder of Robin, but it’s more than likely that it was Batman who knocked Joker’s teeth out- just for some other reason. Maybe for the crippling of Barbara Gordon

  20. Alan Sunter

    Yeah, that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Kind of undermines this Joker’s status as Batman’s archenemy if he’s just a pissed-off ex-Robin.

  21. Alan Sunter

    This relationship was hardly perfect considering how Joker manipulates her and tortures her with electroshock. Then telling her to go away later on.

  22. Fitzy Burrage

    Dude, in the cartoon, Tim was joker, Jr. In Batman beyond, he was the new joker. Why is it such a stretch to think joker, before his death, put a plan in motion? He is good for those kind of things.

  23. Josh Banken

    I think if they would have went with Ayers first version on Suicide squad , people wouldn’t hate or dislike so much

  24. Jöel Michael Garza

    I have a feeling the jokers scenes were cut Bc of his poor performance
    Whats left in the film is cringe worthy
    I like the idea of Jared Leto joker there is still hope for a great performance but he needs to tweak the character a bit

  25. Owen Campbell

    Also the scars on Joker correlate with the damages on the Robin suit, implying the Joker is that Robin. This Robin was confirmed to not be Jason, and it has Tim’s staff.

  26. Preston David

    Leto was the worst casting they could come up with. Might as well have been Jim Carrey, with Leto’s crappy attempt at sounding like him along with the cringey purrs, i thought i was watching Ace Ventura.

  27. Preston David

    Yeah exactly. The defenders of Leto’s joker with the argument that it was only a few minutes. I can only imagine the torture of having to watch a full performance. Ive been told that it was a growl…… ok if you like crap performance that’s good for you.

  28. Angela Rodriguez

    Did anyone really expect this to be a good film? I appreciate it for the little things, playing Margot on a loop in her suspension scene.

  29. Alan Sunter

    It didn’t work on ‘The Dark Knight Strikes Again’ and it wouldn’t work here. What would it accomplish apart from pointless drama?

  30. Angela Rodriguez

    I like it better than any film in it’s genre atm tbh, despite it’s “flaws”, I can sit through it, I can’t sit through many action films without wanting to claw my eyes out, so they got something right

  31. DarthDiggler

    The movie was effing terrible who cares about this little issue when you have a completely botched effort?

  32. Stojan Gjorgiev

    Harley was so fkn overrated as well, Slipknot’s murder was pure comedy laughed my ass out, Will Smith be Will Smith-ing as usual, last battle was, oh i don’t even wanna comment on that, bunch of bad asses started a gay bromance in the end, totally missed the point of the Suicide Squad, hot garbage that movie was

  33. Stojan Gjorgiev

    i tried to defend him before the movie came out when people were shitting on him, after i watched it, i had to avoid people for a month cause i was ashamed of Leto’s Joker aka Ryuk

  34. Fitzy Burrage

    It would work, in fact. They can fuse the canon reason Tim turned to the movie. That’s if they use their heads.

  35. Michael Peter Gonzalez

    I don’t really think that’s why they put that shit in his mouth. The reason given initially started as an internet rumor immediately after the first promo photo was released and people canned it. I’m thinking they just latched onto that and used it to justify that stupid ass grill in hopes people would think it was cool. This was the worst big screen joker to date in my opinion.

  36. Fitzy Burrage

    The joker isn’t the problem. It’s the people who put him in the movie in the first place. The joker is THE villain in dc lore (shout outs to darkseid). He had no business being in this movie. They more than likely didn’t know how to make harley work without adding joker. Honestly, if they did gangster joker (2nd favorite joker archetype) in a detective driven Batman story, maybe we could have been talking different about Leto. But, that’s my opinion. And I know how the fandom feels about opinions.

  37. Fitzy Burrage

    It’s all an opinion anyway. I tend to separate the movie from the comic so I don’t get butthurt over canon. Makes it easier to find silver linings and think of better ways certain characters would exist in other superhero movies. Like maybe update Tim Burton’s Batman and you could recast leto’s joker (without harley) and drop him in with batfleck. Or some other shit lol

  38. Amanda Hartman

    I disagree as well, he is an amazing actor. Don’t hate on the actor for the writers mistakes.

  39. Mike Ryan

    Cuz he sucked! To flamboyant its like he tried way to hard and that laugh which is god awful, sounds like a mixture of popeye and the aliens from mars attacks! Ak ak ak ak ak

  40. Josh Banken

    The joker is famboyant, he didn’t sound like popeye or the aliens form , when Mars attacked. I don’t get that

  41. Mike Ryan

    I honestly cant remember a single line of his dialog either. Completely forgettable performance

  42. Mike Ryan

    Ive seen the film 3 times and i was one of the dumb asses defending letos casting before the movie was released, i stand by my opinion….

  43. Josh Banken

    The people that like leto , or defend him aren’t dumbasses, I stand by mine. And again I accept youres

  44. Mike Ryan

    Dont get me wrong i like leto as an actor, requiem for a dream is one of my all time favorite movies, but i hated him as the joker

  45. Josh Banken

    Well , nobody is making you like him but I really don’t understand the hate or dislike. But people like different things

  46. Kalana Kasun Ranatunga

    The bigger plot hole was having Suicide Squad formed only for it to cave on itself immediately

  47. Erik Carey

    And slipnot die immediately as well. It’s like, what was even the point in having him in it?

  48. Kalana Kasun Ranatunga

    One of the members goes rogue immediately, ends up destroying/enslaving half the city. Voids the entire purpose of the movie to begin with.

  49. Billy Keener

    I still wonder why the joker didnt lead them. One would think that he would have been the top dog in that orginization.

  50. Fitzy Burrage

    Cause joker has never been in the suicide squads roster. He’s been an antagonist. But never a member. We’ll see this joker again in the sirens movie. I’m sure of it.

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