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Superman Family

We all know Supergirl, Jor-el, Superboy, Power Girl, Bizarro and the other popular Superman Family members. But do you know these?



Krypto is Superman’s Kryptonian dog. He possesses all of the sun-borne abilities of his master, as well as super-canine intelligence. He has also appeared in his own cartoon series. The first appearance of Krypto is as Superboy’s pet in the early Silver Age. He was sent into space as a means of testing Jor-El’s interstellar spacecraft before risking the life of his son, reflecting the similar use of animals to test rockets during the then-current Space Race.

Lor-Zod (aka Chris Kent)


The newest member of Team Superman, Christopher Kent is the son of General Zod and Ursa, who were two Kryptonian criminals. He was being raised by Kal-El and Lois. He was returned the Phantom Zone. He has since returned to Earth in the guise of Nightwing and has aged to teen/adulthood. Under the effects of a “yellow” sun, Lor-Zod possesses the same potential powers as an average Kryptonian.

Bizarro Supergirl

Bizarro Supergirl

The Bizarro World version of Supergirl. She is a twisted, doppelganger version of Supergirl. She is incredibly dangerous, scary, unpredictable and is wildly emotional, doesn’t know her own strength, and is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Despite being able to match Supergirl’s strength punch for punch, the rest of Bizarrogirl’s superpowers are, in other respects, the complete opposite of Supergirl’s. Instead of heat vision, Bizarrogirls’s red-irised, black-tinged eyes emit freezing beams of ice and her x-ray vision doesn’t really see through anything, but it instead solidifies it.



If Bizarro is a backwards Superman, then Zibarro is a backwards Bizarro. Sensitive, intelligent, and powerless. Zibarro is far more intelligent than the other inhabitants of Bizarro World. He helps Superman to escape from Bizarro world, unselfishly giving up his own chance to do so. However, Superman promises to return to rescue him.



Superlad first appeared in Superman/Batman #24. He Superwoman, and Batwoman live on Earth-11. Basically he is Superman with blonde hair.

Strange Visitor

Strange Visitor

Strange Visitor is essentially the female version of Superman when he had electromagnetic powers, possessing similar powers and even wearing his costume. Because of a lightning strike on a plane, Kismet and Sharon Vance (Clark Kent’s childhood friend from Smallville) became one entity known as the Strange Visitor. She had become a being of pure electromagnetic energy, and was drawn to the laboratories of Professor Emil Hamilton, who still had one of Superman’s containment suits.

Composite Superman


The Composite Superman was a powerful enemy of both Batman and Superman with many powers and a mental problem. After hearing of his misfortunes, Superman felt pity on him and offered Joe a job at the Superman museum. He had been working there for a while, until one night when it was raining and stormy Joe happened to be next to the Legion of Super-Heroes exhibit and lightning came through the window, striking him and the statues, knocking him out. When he woke up he had not only the powers of Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes, but a new personality out to destroy Batman and Superman. He was known as Composite-Superman.


savior superman

Saviour (AKA Ramsey Murdoch) has the ability to create physical objects from his imagination. He believes Superman is an impostor and the real Superman is dead. Ramsey Murdoch suffered from increasingly severe headaches which eventually led to auditory hallucinations and delusions. Murdoch came to believe that God wanted him to punish all deceivers. This led him to the conclusion that he ultimately needed to destroy Superman, who he believed was an impostor, and that the real Superman was killed by Doomsday.

Steel (John Henry Irons)


Inspired by Superman, John Henry Irons mimicked his powers with technology. However, his greatest powers are his heart and determination. When Superman saved Irons from a fatal fall off a Metropolis skyscraper, he challenged the construction worker to make his life count for something. A former weapons engineer for the ruthless AmerTek Company, Irons longed to atone for the deaths his designs had caused. For that purpose, he built a suit of exoskeleton armor for himself and assumed the primary alias of Steel.



Cir-El/Mia is a Human/Kryptonian Hybrid created by Brainiac. Cir-El appeared in Metropolis during a heated battle; not knowing her to be friend or foe, Superman took her in for questioning after the battle and asked her about her origins and why she was calling herself “Supergirl”. She told him that she was his daughter from the future and genetic scan showed she was in fact Superman’s child… hearing this, Lois went berserk on Superman, accusing his him of having an affair… Cir-El then told Lois that she was her mother.


beppo super monkey

Beppo, despite his resemblance to an Earth monkey, is from the planet Krypton. He was originally a test animal used by Jor-El during his spaceflight development project to see if his son could survive space travel, and stowed away on board the craft that ultimately saved Superman from Krypton’s destruction. Beppo turns up years after Superboy has been adopted by the Kents, and initially causes Superboy much trouble with his super-powered mischief.



Streaky was Supergirl’s pet cat that was given super-powers by an unusual form of Kryptonite. Supergirl was experimenting on a piece of green kryptonite in an attempt to find a way to neutralize its deadly effects. When her experiment failed, she tossed the Kryptonite (or “X-Kryptonite”, as it became known) out the window. Though her experiment failed, her pet Streaky came across the X-Kryptonite, and was exposed to its radiation. “Due to the unique combination of chemicals in X-Kryptonite, it has given Streaky superpowers!”

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