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Nu Metro Cinemas hosted their first Guys’ Night evening at Nu Metro’s 4DX cinemas (V&A Waterfront, The Pavilion and Hyde Park Corner) and Scene Xtreme cinemas (Nu Metro Canal Walk, Clearwater Mall, Menlyn Park and The Glen) yesterday. Fortress of Solitude attended the early screening of Logan: The Wolverine at Canal Walk Scene Xtreme, which hosts the largest screen in the Western Cape.

As the name suggests, ‘Guys’ Night’ is Nu Metro’s new guys only event, not too different from their current Girls’ Night Out concept which hosts women only. As expected from an event dedicated to men, the cinema was chockablock with loud testosterone-filled fellas all excited and cheerful to see the latest Wolverine film, the extremely R-rated Logan.

To start the evening off, Jonathan, Nu Metro’s hilarious cinema manager (who should probably consider a second job as a stand-up comedian), hosted the evening and welcomed everyone before handing out prizes to a few lucky members of the audience. Much to the excitement of the crowd, the prizes included two trolleys of beer and a PlayStation 4 (what more do guys really want?).

However, the real treat of the evening was the film itself. Logan proved to be the perfect fit for the launch of the new monthly event. Hosting it at Scene Xtreme made the experience even more memorable. The room cheered as the screen came alive in awesome 4k wonder. The picture quality was breathtaking and the sound was crisp and full. I overheard a few remarks from the crowd about just how amazing it all looked. I couldn’t agree more. It truly was breathtaking.

For those who don’t know, Scene Xtreme, Nu Metro’s take on IMAX, boasts two of the three Atmos cinemas currently operating in South Africa and advanced RealD “Precision White Screen” digital projection technology. When you combine the awesome quality with the luxury recliner seating and the VIP lounge area, Scene Xtreme really does seem like a world-class audio-visual cinema experience. If you haven’t tried it yet, I suggest you do.

Guys’ Night seemed like the perfect setting to enjoy the final Hugh Jackman Wolverine film. It wasn’t all beers and farts, though. It was an incredibly sad occasion, but having my bros next to me helped me get through the heavy emotions. Thanks Nu Metro!

Nu Metro's First Guys' Night Evening Was A Big Success

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