lila & eve review

Lila & Eve – Movie Review

After some investigating, I discovered why Lila & Eve felt like an extended Lifetime Original movie. This is because it is, in fact, an extended Lifetime Original movie sent to the big screen. It all makes sense now. The overblown drama of it seems so 

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no escape film review

No Escape – Movie Review

A xenophobic thriller with a misplaced Owen Wilson as a leading hero sounds like an awful idea. However, No Escape manages to keep emotions low and thrills very high in this violent chase that captures the inhumanity set during a brutal coup d’état. Set in 

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Justice League vs. Teen Titans Review

When the Justice League unveil their “headquarters”, the Hall Of Justice, to the world it’s hardly surprising that they become a target for supervillains. In fact, no sooner has it been established than the Legion of Doom decides to attack it. It’s all pretty standard, 

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