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While there has been lots of talk regarding Ben Affleck’s return to the role of Batman in the DCEU and the possibility of actors like Jon Hamm and Jake Gyllenhaal replacing him, nobody has taken the time to ask Matt Reeves how he is managing with the weight of creating a film based on DC’s most popular character. One fan took to social media to ask the director for an update. His response was very positive.

Last year it was announced that Matt Reeves would take over the reigns of directing an upcoming solo Batman film from Affleck, who stepped down to focus on his personal life instead. There have been many reports that Reeves was rewriting the script entirely and working on a brand new story.

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Affleck recently commented that he is willing to return or stay on as Batman if the script was good enough. “For me, it’s interesting, and I always evaluate this stuff on the merit of the material,” Affleck said. “I want to direct a ‘Batman’ movie, and I never got a script that I was happy with, so they are starting over and writing another script. And right now, I think a lot of different possibilities I think for the way the DC Universe could go, and I will just follow my interests in pursuing that. And I know that I love working with this group of people, and it was a real joy for me to make this movie.”

It might be that Reeves’ work manages to lure Affleck back for more adventures as Batman. If his work on the Planet of The Apes franchise is anything to go by, we’re sure it will be mighty tempting.

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