Chris Hemsworth Confirms That Marvel Actors Aren't Allowed To Be In DC Movies

Chris Hemsworth Confirms That Marvel Actors Aren’t Allowed To Be In DC Movies

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Chris Hemsworth has finally confirmed what we’ve all suspected all along: Marvel actors aren’t allowed to be in DC movies.

The rivalry between Marvel and DC has always been apparent. Fans of the cinematic universes have been very vocal about their alliances, even if the directors and producers sometimes behave as friends. It probably comes as no surprise then that Marvel is intent on keeping their actors on lockdown. Speaking at the Supanova convention in Australia, Chris Hemsworth openly admitted that it was “illegal” for any of the Marvel actors, including Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr, to appear in the DCEU.

It seems Marvel doesn’t want any of their actors batting for the other team and appearing in DC’s Justice League. Hence, they have probably included a clause in the actors’ contracts to prohibit them from jumping team. This clause probably only refers to Marvel Studios and Warner Bros, and not Fox’s Marvel universe, as Josh Brolin, who plays Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, will play Cable in Deadpool 2.

The news comes from Twitter user Tyler James, who was in attendance at the convention:

Sadly, this means we will never see Tom Hiddleston as the Joker or Dave Bautista as Bane.
Tom LOKI Joker

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  1. Gavin Wilson

    If they are under contract on multiple movie deals marvel will not let them do movies for the direct competition. Why would they? Lol. As for Ryan Reynolds, he went from d.c. To marvel, wasn’t on a multi contract and now that he is, he cant go back til his contract runs out. Its called looking after your investment.

  2. Kala Torres

    I’m guessing this only applies to their main draw card actors, because there have been a few actors that contradict this.

  3. Mike Thompson

    Does this only count MCU or all if Marvel? Because J.K. Simmons was in Spider-Man and will be in Justice League

    • Frank Lindner

      also when the stand-alone Green Lantern flopped nobody cared when Ryan switched the team. when you sign for several movies for Marvel you can’t do a DC movie in between, and vice versa. it’s actually logical that you don’t work for the competition (in the superhero movie business) at the same time.

  4. Ada Dawn

    This must be a very new rule

    Most notably there is Ryan Reynolds:

    Marvel: dead pool
    Hannibal king

    D.C.: Green lantern

    But we also have

    Ben affleck
    M: daredevil
    D.C.: batsman

    James marsden
    M: cyclops
    D.C.: Richard white

    Chris Evans
    M: human torch and captain America
    D.C.: the losers

    Natalie Portman:
    V for vendetta for D.C. and Thor for marvel

    Idris Elba: the losers for D.C. And multiple marvel movies

    I can think of about 13 more

    Halle berry
    Parker posey
    The dude that played KC in suicide squad
    Zoe Saldana
    Tommy lee jones
    Michael fassbender

    • Frank Lindner

      these are not Star Trek fan film guidelines. it means as long as an actor has a contract at Marvel they’re not allowed to play another role in a DC movie (the #1 competition) (superhero or other genre). if their contract ends they can do whatever they want. this is nothing new. Affleck: daredevil stand-alone, Batman multi-movie-deal years after DD deal ended … Marsden: first X-Men, after that contract, Superman Returns stand-alone … Evans: Human Torch (Fox) deal ends, then Losers stand-alone, then MCU multi-movie-deal … Portman: V stand-alone, 6 years after that the MCU multi-movie-deal … come on we don’t have to make it more complicated than it is.

    • Tim Seestadt

      Yes, while they are under contract they are not allowed…c’mon now, this is just common sense. I weep for the future of comics fandom.

    • Ada Dawn

      I thought if you signed with fox you also had to sign with marvel. Something about them owning your likeness and all that jazz for future comic use and such. That’s what I read a while back

    • Tim Seestadt

      That sounds accurate Ada but they still wouldn’t be allowed to do DC films either way if they are under contract.

      Chet…what exactly did DC win? They have been getting owned by Marvel in both their films & with their TV series. That’s not to say that the DC films aren’t entertaining but they don’t hold a candle to Marvel.

    • Frank Lindner

      it’s not a new rule, this is usual business since many many many years. but nobody cared about it because until Marvel started its shared universe all movie deals basically contained stand-alone movies (with the chance for sequels). especially since Marvel and DC are not just like any other film studio, both companies are doing only one kind of genre: live-action comic book movies (mostly superhero genre) … just saying, i didn’t suspected it, I knew all along without even wasting a thought about it. ;-)

    • Stephanie Rorie

      Frank Lindner well, this is a practice that I am aware of, I didn’t feel like typing so much, but I am not the one saying that it’s wrong. I guess since I mentioned “troll” I get an unnecessary explanation.

    • Frank Lindner

      sorry, I never want to write much, but if I write less I get often misunderstood and then have to write it again with more words. :-p

  5. Christopher Chewy Johnson

    Umm, does he mean now? Ryan Reynolds went from Blade 3 to Green Lantern to DeadPool. My eyes just got crossed!!!!

  6. Gareth Robinson

    I think this is because audiences are complete idiots now. For some stupid reason people view movies as a twisted reality where they complain when an actor plays more than one part. We are unable to suspend our disbelief and let actors be actors.

    • Colson Drey Knuckey

      Is about money and contracts not you active imagination. These are the terms the actors agreed to when the signed up for the role

    • Gareth Robinson

      Right.. I know that. And it’s a shame that the audience can’t handle actors in different roles so they have to have these contracts. I’m almost positive the suits don’t give a shit.. it’s to make the audience happy and bring in money as you said but again, it’s because the audience will complain like idiots who don’t get what an actor is and does.

    • Sean Payne

      Ursula Johnson Ryan Reynolds was in a D.C. and Fox production… not Marvel Studios (which they are referring to when they say Marvel).

    • Frank Lindner

      also Ryan Reynolds did first DC and many years later the FOX production. after eachother not at the same time.

    • Gareth Robinson

      You guys know that he has an agent and he didn’t write himself into the movies, right?
      This is what I mean… it’s NOT the fault of Ryan Reynolds lol… that is just silly. It because ridiculous fanboys don’t like it when someone plays more that one part in more than one film…. they get confused easily. Remember when T2 came out and a LOT of people needed to have it explained to them that Arnold’s character wasn’t resurrected? Audiences are kinda stupid for the most part.

    • Gareth Robinson

      Colson, I agree with you completely but you stopped short of a full understanding of how the general public views films.

  7. Jonathan Conlon

    To clear things up (because this is bullshit clickbait):
    If they have a contract with one, they cant have a 2nd contract with the other… after the contract ends they can go work for the other.

  8. Ash Miller

    Thankfully, this has zero impact on my strong desire to see Benedict Cumberbatch play Grand Admiral Thrawn… :D

  9. Zach Porter

    Who would want to? DC movies have started sucking after batman and superman both tried to out brood each other and compete for wolverine level pity.

    • Zach Porter

      While being out of continuity, the X-Men movies are still better than any post Christopher Reeves superman movie. the DC animated series have made far better advancements in the DCU than live action. I mean, seriously, suicide squad got a movie? and it wasn’t that good. we got how many seconds of a crappy joker? it was a Will Smith movie featuring characters based on DC properties.

    • Jon Bennett

      Man of Steel made Superman a jerk raised by a coward. Zod is a dull villain, which made for a dull movie. And Eisenberg as Luther was even worse than the internet predicted

  10. Jed Zabala

    Not true. If you look through actor Chris Evans resume, it will show that he has done movies for both comic franchises. Not only as Johnny Storm and Captain America, but also played Jensen in DC comics The Losers. And let us not forget our favorite wise cracking hero/villain in a red suit…. Deadpool. Played by Ryan Reynolds. Now while he absolutely shined in his performance as such, let us not forget his flop in DC’S Green Lantern.

  11. Eric Godden-Hicks

    This is hardly surprising. Marvel probably doesn’t want DC to get RDJ’s star-power on their side. And that’s a good thing, because some casual fans can’t tell the difference between Marvel and DC films. (people at work asked me if Wonder Woman is going to be in the next Avengers film.)

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