God of War Is The Highest Rated PS4 Game

The new God of War game has brought with it quite a few changes from previous entries in the franchise and, if the game’s score on Metacritic is anything to go by, it seems those changes have paid off.

God of War Is The Highest Rated PS4 Game

According to Metacritic, God of War is currently the highest rated PlayStation 4 game of this generation and sits side by side with Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us in second place on the list of highest rated games of all time, just below Grand Theft Auto V.

It is worth noting that there is still time for God of War to beat out Grand Theft Auto V as it officially launches this Friday. All indications are that Sony Santa Monica’s new take on Kratos will indeed overtake RockStar’s game and become the best highest rated game of all time.

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After a long hiatus, Sony Santa Monica decided to bring back Kratos but this time update the old God slayer with some new combat mechanics, a tighter third-person camera and a son by his side. There were those who weren’t sure if this new updated take on Kratos would do the much-loved franchise justice. However, judging by the scores from various gaming sites, it seems this new Kratos (and son) have been lovingly embraced by critics.

Now we only have to wait for God of War release later this week to see if fans agree.

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