Stop The Press! Dick Grayson Is A Better Batman Than Bruce Wayne

Who’s Batman? Well, the easy answer is Michael Keaton, but there have been numerous Caped Crusaders over the years. Aside from Bruce Wayne, the most popular character to have donned the cape and cowl is the original Boy Wonder, Dick Grayson. It’s rather fitting, too, since he was the student and eventually became the master. The circle of life and all that jazz.

While Dick’s runs as the Dark Knight were successful, he inevitably ended up going back to his gig as Nightwing when Bruce returned. It’s a shame, really, because he did a phenomenal job as Gotham’s protector. So much so, in fact, that we think Dick might even be a better Batman than Bruce.

Dick Grayson Damian

He’s Liked By All

Batman is one of the greatest superheroes of all time. From saving Gotham countless times to sacrificing himself for the world, there’s no questioning his motives or selfless nature. That said, he isn’t exactly liked by everyone. His gruff and curt manner often rubs people up the wrong way, including his partners.

Dick, on the other hand, went to the Alfred Pennyworth School of Charm. He’s endearing and never short of a joke or two. The fact that Damian Wayne, arguably one of the biggest A-holes in all comic lore, likes him speaks volumes. The current Robin looks up to Dick as a big brother and actually listened to him when they had their run as Batman and Robin.

He’s Driven By Light Not Darkness

Although Dick and Bruce’s histories run parallel, Dick doesn’t hang onto the darkness of his family’s tragedy. He took what happened to him and used it to light the way to a better life. He fights because he believes there can be a positive change in the world, while Bruce fights to prevent the same tragedies from happening to others but never forgetting his pain and torment.

One could say that Dick’s desire for justice is based more on the need to help than one of revenge. As Robin, he dealt with his demons and hatred for Tony Zucco. He didn’t let all the rage and anger consume him into adulthood. If anything, he’s the most well-adjusted and level-headed member of the Bat Family.

Dick Grayson

He Isn’t Consumed By Superheroism

Is there really a Bruce Wayne, or is it only a mask for Batman? He has given up everything in order to dedicate himself to being the Dark Knight at the risk of losing his own self. It’s beyond obsessive.

Dick sees the superhero side of things as merely an extension of himself. He still enjoys his life, falls in love, and hangs out with his friends when he can. Sure, he understands there will be sacrifices at times, but he doesn’t let the shadow of his nocturnal activities hang over him like a noose.

He Knows He Can’t Do It Alone

While Bruce has brought more people into his circle of trust over time, he’s still a loner at his core. He doesn’t like asking for help, preferring to do everything on his own if he can. Maybe he’s scared that people break his cool gadgets in the Batcave or scratch the Batmobile.

Dick is the opposite of this. He knows that there’s value in working with others, and he isn’t shy of reaching out to old allies and including them in his missions. This shows a maturity beyond his years, as he’s able to let go and put faith in others to do what needs to be done. It’s also the mark of a true leader.

Dick Grayson Bruce Wayne Fight

He’s A Better Fighter Than Bruce

It might be controversial to say, but Dick has exceeded his mentor when it comes to battle. As a natural athlete, he’s successfully blended his acrobatic skills with the ones imparted on him by Bruce to become one of the top fighters in the DC universe.

Even current Batman scribe, Tom King, agrees. Answering a reader’s tweet, he ranked the Bat Family’s combat prowess, listing Dick at number two, with only Cassandra Cain above him. Heck, we’ve even seen Dick knock Bruce out a couple of times when they’ve disagreed on something.

Do you think Dick Grayson is a better Batman than Bruce Wayne? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Jarrod Saunders

    This is probably another way Affleck could move out of the Batman role. However, I’m not sure that people will want Dick Grayson over Bruce Wayne. Although it could be a clever way to make the character more popular.

  2. James Squirrel

    No Lady Shiva in the rank? No Deathstroke? Duke over Tim? Damian ( a kid) on 4? Yeah, right.

    BTW, no matter how good women are in ANY athletic skill, they’re not on pair with men. When DC says Shiva and Cassandra are the best, they’re ignoring they’re in lower categories.

    Sorry if not PC, but not sorry.

  3. Guest1

    This whole article is ridiculous and King is an idiot. Hell just look at his Batman run so far. WIth what he has Bruce do, Bruce should be above Dick(Which he is in every way).

    • guest2

      Bruce is a fraudulent man child who uses women to make people believe he’s a lady killer while Dick is the real thing with natural charm and assets to back it. “Mr. Wayne” can’t even manage a proper relationship with anyone outside of Alfred and is notorious for turning the ladies into psychos because he’s a fool who cuts them off with no follow up.

      Dick has a far superior love life and healthier long term relationships and is still friends with all of his exes. He knows how to manage his special women like no one else in comic history. Whenever his former ladies meet, they always talk him up like the pimp that he is. Even with all his wealth, brooding, and legendary prep time, Bruce could never do any of that. All his love interest often see him as a lost cause and are full of regret. Who wants to be Batman when you can be Grayson?

  4. You know who else is a better Batman than Bruce Wayne…..Jason Todd
    Batman: If you kill one killer the amount of killers in the world remains the same
    Jason: Not if you kill all of them

    • and then you have to commit suicide … but wait, you can’t because of your actions you inspired a lot people to do the same, they became killer-killers like you, now you have to kill them too, … and … a vicious circles starts … you will never reach the point where you are the last killer on earth and finally can commit suicide. -_-

    • Nick Baker if you mean with sense “common sense” then I have to inform you that common sense became a scarce resource in todays population. so while the big majority might rethink their life and abide to the law, more than enough won’t. there will always be killers of innocents and killer of killers. … common sense is today so rare it’s basically a super power.

  5. It’s hard to keep Batman dark and brooding these days. Everything is dark and brooding lately (you see Hot Topic?) and back in the 70’s and 80’s when they turned him darker it was something the public could be shocked by. Most superheroes were noble and heroic like Cap, Supes, or even WW. But Batman was the gruff dark outsider. Bruce Wayne was a mask; Batman was the man.
    Then the 90’s hit and Grunge made being dark and gruff “cool” and there goes Batman’s edge. Writers are trying to keep him fresh, but there’s only so much you can do when the guy’s been around since the 30s. Dick grew up; we watched him go from some orphan kid to what he is today. Of course he’ll be a better Batman than Bruce; the first generation is always the trailblazer, the second gets all the cool improvements. Dick saw where Bruce was ‘weak’ and he could adapt as he grew up. But Bruce’s mind and sheer force of will will always trump Dick’s fighting skills and charisma.

  6. I think Dick Grayson is more refreshing to see as Batman than Bruce. I really wish back in ’08 when they did the Batman RIP storyline that Bruce had actually died and Dick permanently took over. As great as Bruce is as Batman, it’s time for a change, and Dick has earned the right to wear the cape and cowl. He’s a great crime fighter and detective, but he still has much to learn about being Batman, plus his relationships with all characters – good or bad – makes for interesting dynamics when he dawns the Batman persona. Dick as Batman makes for worthwhile reading, in my opinion. Bruce’s character has been pretty much fully explored.

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