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After months of hype, this weekend Avengers: Infinity War finally arrived in cinemas. Much to the delight of fans, the film delivered on many promises. There are epic action sequences, there are loads of humour and there are a lot of heartbreaking and memorable moments, just as the Russo Brothers warned. Despite the overwhelmingly positive feedback for the film, however, there are some who still feel shortchanged.

Warning: this article contains spoilers.

There are some who feel that Infinity War didn’t give enough attention to Black Panther, Falcon, Nick Fury, and War Machine. In fact, they believe the film is a good reflection of how Hollywood and Disney treat black actors and characters in the industry. Just have a look at the tweets below:

Of course, there are many reasons to take into account as to why these characters got a smaller role. Firstly, Black Panther just had his own solo film. It was a huge success and they didn’t need to introduce his character again. If people wanted more Black Panther they could just go watch Black Panther.

Secondly, most of the third act took place in Wakanda. It was incredibly refreshing to see a place other than the U.S. saving and protecting the world. In fact, it’s one of the coolest moments of the entire film. Personally, I was incredibly proud to see Africa represented that way.

Wakanda Infinity War

Thirdly, War Machine and Falcon were never going to be big players in Avengers: Infinity War. Their characters were never that important to begin with. Same can be said about Black Widow, Hawkeye or even Scarlett Witch. They were all present but it was far more important to see the key players lead the fight against Thanos.

Lastly, Avengers 4 will definitely see a new set of heroes play a bigger part in the continued fight against Thanos. It’s very likely that more black characters, like Okoye, M’Baku, War Machine and Shuri, will play a bigger role. Shuri’s popularity alone ensures her a place in the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Complaining about Black Panther’s role in Avengers: Infinity War is silly. The same arguments could be made for Captain America, who also didn’t get a lot of screentime. The film has a huge roster of characters. It was always going to focus on certain individuals more than others. It’s just not possible to give everyone a full story arc within two or three hours.

With that said, get this man a shield!

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  1. What about the great symbolism of captain America and black panther leading the charge together. Neither one infront of the other but as equals. Thats something that stood out to me.

  2. I don’t feel there is any place for racial arguments here! All Africans can be proud about the role Wakanda and Africa played in such an iconic film. Completely agree with Johan Schulze- Cpt America and Black Panther fighting side by side… come on let’s push forward and stop pulling back and critizing- let people and countries get roles and world renown status on merit and not colour!

  3. What?! Didn’t the Avengers run to Wakanda (Africa) to mount their defence? That in my view was high praise.

    If anything this is Thanos’ film everyone else are side characters

  4. Firstly, NOWHERE else in the world had the tech to fix Vision, only an African nation could help. Secondly they took their final stand in Wakanda. And the fight sequence where Captain America and Black Panther were all army of two, that’s unison.

    These people need to take a seat and realise everything doesn’t revolve around race.
    It was a brilliant movie. End of discussion.

  5. It’s wrong to just ignore folks that have these complaints. I can understand where people of color would have some reservations about that lack of lead roles and it’s fair to question the movie considering how incredible Black Panther was.

  6. Wakanda is a technological marvel, with incredibly powerful warriors and amazing skill. Black panther, war machine, and falcon all are well played and without trying to spoil anything fight hard as hell

  7. “Black Panther not being a lead character in Infinity War”… uh, nobody was… I don’t think this person understands a crossover/collaboration movie.

  8. Anonymus

    The person with the repeated comments here is the one feeling most about this topic. And they irritate so much they should be in the movie and let ultron deal with them. So petty and stupid

  9. Kavin

    This is a dumb article. Everybody got a fair shake in screen time. BP and Falcon were never central to the Thanos storyline. War Machine got good screen time as well.

  10. Richard James

    But what about the fact that thousands of thousands of Wakandan soldiers were sent to fight (and arguably sacrificed) in order to protect the life of one person – Vision? Surely that complete imbalance says something about Hollywood. They constantly say throughout the film “we don’t trade lives” but many of the Characters are happy to let the black soldiers die in order to protect Paul Bethany. If that’s not racism I don’t know what is.

  11. Could’ve done better with black panther. He is not as powerful a character as what he is in the comics. His super intelligence, military prowess and presence is not accurately represented. He would’ve been more tactical, especially in his own homeland. It was his land and he should’ve called the shots.

  12. Wanda Joseph

    There’s a lot of Anonymous posts here. Why you anonymous if what you’re saying is relevant? Secondly, if you read the comics you’d understand who Black Panther is and how he fits in with the Marvel Universe. Regardless of whether the film is shoot in Wakanda or not, makes no difference except for the fact that it’s cheaper to film on an open land setting then a city (metropolis area). Numbers don’t lie, and if you look at box office ratings without a biased opinion, just the numbers you’d see that.

  13. Wanda Joseph

    So I agree with the complaints to a certain degree. Whether something is always turned to a racial thing or not, the fact that your response is “what more do THESE PEOPLE what?” shows you’re no different.

  14. Wanda Joseph

    The movie was enjoyable, not sure whether the turn out for the second installment will be just as big though. We’ll have to wait and see.

  15. If you go to watch Avengers to see how kuch screen time black people got in the movie then you are in the wrong cinema. Go follow some other franchise because the whole Infinity War was beyond that of a single or small group of people. This movie was about everyone fighting to protect the universe and if them running to Wakanda is not significant enough for you then nothing will ever be.

  16. After months and months of extraordinary hype and seein ppl come together all because of a movie character, next movie they kill the nigga. The fuq lol

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