As Expected, There Are Idiots Who Find The Black Panther Trailer Racist

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As Expected, There Are Idiots Who Find The Black Panther Trailer Racist

It’s 2017, but unsurprisingly, some corners of Twitter believe that Marvel’s Black Panther film is racist. Why, you may ask? Because they believe that a film starring Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong’o, Forest Whitaker, Angela Bassett and a mostly black cast, is TOO black.

Last year, Netflix’s Luke Cage caused a similar stir when it cast a proximately black cast for the Marvel property. It’s probably not a big surprise that Marvel’s other black superhero is experiencing similar reactions from moviegoers.

There clearly seems to be some confusion about the character’s history and origin. Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1966, T’Challa, the Black Panther, is a warrior king of the African nation of Wakanda (a country loosely based on South Africa). Described as one of the smartest men in comics, he is also an Avenger and the ex-husband of X-Men’s Storm.

Forgetting the fact that the Black Panther trailer opens with two white characters discussing Wakanda, there are some folks on Twitter who just can’t deal:

The trailer starts in an interrogation in a safehouse. Ulysses Klaue (Andy Serkis) sits across from CIA agent Everett K. Ross (Martin Freeman). Both characters showed up in previous Marvel movies, one in Age of Ultron and the other in Civil War.

Klaue asks, “What do you know about Wakanda?”
“It’s a third world country. Textiles, shepherds, cool outfits,” Everett replies.
Klaue corrects him. “All a front. Explorers have searched for it, called it El Dorado. They looked for it in South America, but it was in Africa the whole time. I’m the only one who’s seen it and made it out alive.”

Then we see Chadwick Boseman’s T’Challa take his place as king. However, trouble is brewing in the fictional African country. Maybe there are few who aren’t so happy about T’Challa taking his place on the throne.

Black Panther is in theatres Feb. 16, 2018.


  1. Izrael Rodriguez

    Really,this much racism over a movie? Cmon people white, black, asian, or latino he’s a super hero. Wasn’t the point of all heros to show people we can have hope for something better or positive in a world that seems left with no hope? Because in this day and age we need positivity with all the bs we’re going through with the real world.

  2. Michael Aparicio

    Almost as dumb as those who said that’s what africa would look like if it wasn’t visited by white people

  3. James Patrick Phillips

    I would write a long rant about how ridiculous this is. But stubborn idiots wouldn’t understand it anyway. Just stop the hate.

  4. Courtney Cottier

    people need to grow up!! its 2017, i think its time to stop being racist. this movie is about a AFRICAN HERO!!! … I cannot wait for this movie coz I love Black Panther, Ryan Coogler did a amazing job from what I see. <3... I don't know why people are being racist when they will watch the movie anyway. This movie is going to be amazing!!

  5. Bob Wagner

    For FUCKS SAKE! Can we just ONCE enjoy a good story and leave the Godsdamned politics outside the theater? I swear, some people aren’t happy unless they’re wallowing in manufactured misery like a dog rolling in hot roadkill

  6. Jay Compton

    They complain about diversity, then they complain about an established character for being racist. Perhaps it’s time we stop putting stock in what SJWs say.

  7. Mike Alexander

    You know these are all the same guys who whined about Alamo Drafthouse having special screenings for Wonder Woman.

    (And yet won’t boycott it this weekend to continue their “solidarity” in diversity because there is a Father’s Day special.)

  8. Trevor Moore

    It’s amusing really. If you have this reaction now, it makes you wonder what the reaction when the character was first created was like. Just get over it, the mkvie is going too be made however the director or producer wants it to be made, just shut up and deal with it. I for one would love to see this movie, the trailer was dope.

  9. Grant Hinds

    People can be so thick. Black Panther is going to be so epic. I’m glad it’s a mostly black cast, comic books are for everyone. So hyped.

  10. Jamie Fister

    Movie about an African, set in Africa is racist cus, “no white people”.

    Yea, I think it obvioys that the ones faking this out are the actual racist just taking the opportunity to remind us that pieces of filth like them still exist.

  11. Matt Arrington

    White people upset at a predominantly black cast, given the movie takes place in a fictional country in AFRICA?!?

    for fuck sake… these are probably the same people who threw tantrums at the women-only screenings of wonder woman

  12. Eric Jason Scott

    So . . . It’s a movie based on a Black Super hero from Africa and there are too many black people? I believe there are too many Chinese people in China.

  13. Paul M Davies

    11 white people and 2 Asian I counted on IMDB just scrolling through.

    It’s a film about an African nation… set in…. Africa?

    Not read the comics but I can’t imagine a highly secretive African nation that’s secret not having many white people there.

  14. James Dashnier

    Well it takes place in Africa what the hell were they expecting? Just like Luke Cage was mostly black cast cause it took place in Harlem which I thought was a great show

  15. Christopher Jacobson

    speaking as a stoner nationalist,..i think i can honestly say im going to enjoy this flick. course’ im a hardcore marvel fan,knowing the truth regardless. anyone who sees it as racist needs to self-educate.

  16. Jesse Sheppard

    Personally I think this is going to be a awesome movie!! I sure do miss the old days where folks weren’t looking to be offended by everything.

  17. Rob Tucker

    Every time I think one political side is more racist than the other, the second side one ups the first. It’s like a contest to see who is the most idiotic and who can come up with the most ridiculous reason to be racist.

    Not enough black people at the Oscars, too many in a movie… ugh.

  18. Mark Method

    Just shows there are always idiots. The cast is appropriate to the back story of the character. Just like the idiots on the other side that were blasting a white iron fist. Morons everywhere

    • Adam Paul Mann

      Yeah, that Tolkien guy was a racist jerk. All his books are based off Northern European mythology and some factual history…then has the nerve to make his characters white.
      Such a dick…

      ~sarcasm font~ for the sarcastically impaired

      I love Tolkien.

  19. Kyle Hood

    Hang on for a novel idea:

    Don’t give these people oxygen and they will go away. The truth is that 99.9% of people don’t give a rat’s ass. When you give credence to their “offense” then you continue to feed the beast. Just let it go, and let them be bigots in the open air. Nobody will want to be around them in real life, so they will slink back to the alt-right websites that let them talk about black and brown people are evil.

  20. Simon Budd

    I thought they’d still be sulking over the whitewashing of Dr Strange.
    Well we can take one positive from these complaints about black panther, these idiots that find offence where no offence exists are getting over their issues quicker.

    • Danielle Letina

      In defense of Dr. Strange, Benedict is just plain effing awesome in anything 🙂. Who cares what color the actor is, as long as he’s awesome? Roland is white in the Stephen King books, but Idris Elba is playing him in the new movie…cuz he’s awesome!

    • Simon Budd

      Dr strange whitewashing was down to Disney using white American actors to play Asian characters.
      Dr strange is an American but the grand master is an Asian in the comics but played by a white American women.
      People moaned about Tilda’s portraying of grand master as whitewashed but I thought she played a good grand master.
      Same with Mandarin being played by white male in IM3 people moaned the they were using wrong ethnicity in that role.

  21. Richard Munoz

    What about us that just don’t like the live action adaptations of the comic books?
    Are we racist, sexist, whaterverist? I’m sure there is a name. Hahahaha

  22. Cory Chiasson

    always making race a thing is definitly part of the problem….ppl need to start acknowledging ppl as ppl not by race!!!!!!!!!

  23. James Mattila-Hine

    People always will complain. It similar to how people said Lord of Rings was racist because there was no black people. This is the same thing in reverse. Honestly people are looking for reasons to be offended

  24. Chris Bentley

    Im white as fuck and i will be seeing the shit out of this movie. I thought Luke Cage was bloody mint aswell and i can’t wait for the second season. Fuck all these crybaby racist douche nozzles. These are the same fuckwits who call feminists “snowflakes”, yet bitch and moan just as much, fuckin hypocrites sound pretty god damn snowflakey to me. There all as bad as eachother, always looking for stupid shit to be offended by. Grow up FFS and realise the world isn’t just about you. Winey bitches.

  25. Brandon Ovaert

    It’s not racist, just a very underwhelming trailer. I was not impressed at all. First marvel trailer that didn’t impress.

  26. Traci West

    Ummm, I’m confused; why wouldn’t an African country, fictional or otherwise, be predominantly black? Or is it just the idea of black people ruling themselves in a high-tech utopia without white oversight a little unnerving?

  27. Devon Dark

    Another thing… people say it’s racist, but forgot who created the character, and made his storyline. It was Stan Lee. Last I checked he wasn’t racist lol

  28. Nickolas Doxtater

    Wait wait wait. Black people in Africa?! Nope unrealistic! Bahahahha. How dare casting directors be authentic to characters, source material and most of all reality. Can’t wait to see this!

  29. Vincent DeMatteis

    Who thinks that? I haven’t read anybody say no bullshit like that on these comments. The movie is probably going to be one of Marvel’s best. It’s. Set in Africa, Too black?Wow, some motherfuckers really took the stupid pill.

  30. Mark Roe

    While I agree calling it racist is absurd (especially the reasoning as to why) I will say, there are parts of Africa (particularly south Africa) that have a shit ton of white people. Some parts probably even close to an even ration. So yeah. The whole “it’s in Africa argument” isn’t a good rebuttal. Now, “who gives a shit?” That’s the only real argument you need.

  31. Marco Mast

    Same peoples where offened by black people in Star Wars a Movie about a Universe with millions of races. Just stupid

  32. Al Cid

    Listen up idiots, you had millions of years to complain about this when it was comic, yet here you are, saying some dumbshit over fictional media. Get over yourself and move on

  33. Edward Couldwell

    O dear Thor is so racist. A white God/hero from a white religion using a white actor. Must use a black actor next time.
    A black super hero. Prince of a black people in a black county. Must use white actor next time.
    Shut the fuck up and enjoy the movies.

  34. Chris Tis

    Welp heres one where us crackers have to get off on demand because opening day movie theaters everywhere is going to have every one of em filled up with black people….and no one will know what actually happens cuz no one ever shut up during the entire movie.

  35. Ian M. Santos

    Only racists find it racist. Nothing in it says “anti” anything; it shows pro Black. Not only is there nothing wrong with that, but, like how Wonder Woman empowers women, Black Panther SHOULD inspire and empower.

  36. Micah Fitch

    Do we really need to be talking about stupidity like this? There is hundreds of other things to be talking about. But yet again. This is is as bad as CNN and Fox News if it’s gunna be posting articles talking about other people talking

  37. John Miller

    It’s the name..the black Panthers need to be done away with, just like La Raza and the Klan. The black panther- what do you expect?.

  38. Lou Sixx

    I am infuriated at the lack of brown people. Obviously, there are a ton of Mexicans selling tacos in Africa and someone is just blackballing us in favor of sexy black people

  39. Valerie Morkert

    We are all just cattle for the media industry. They love fueling the fire of hatred. It’s a friggin movie! Go see it or don’t! Stop trying to make everything about race.

  40. Barbara Hoyt

    I have to wonder if they are only complaining to make a point because that’s all SJW do these days is whine that there isnt enough blacks in a movie or show… If people would stop making it about color every time this wouldn’t be an issue

  41. Brad Holifield

    It isn’t racist; it’s realistic…being that there are Soooo many white people in Africa lol. Black Panther was amazing in Civil War; and, I’m also stoked about Danai Gurira (Walking Dead’s Michonne) playing the role of one of Black Panther’s bodyguards. There is no way that this movie will be bad. Lighten up, crackers hahaha jk.

  42. Zaid

    We live in an era when people are given permission to be stupid and proud. Look at our President!! Back in the day, two or more black people standing on a corner could get you thrown in jail, where you’d wound up on a chain gang. It was known as one of ‘Sundown Laws,’ that kept black people out of White towns. Today, it’s the movies, where 2 or more black actors is deemed too black, by those who find no problem with nearly 100 years of all white movies, devoid of black people!!! Yes, America has become, The Land of the Chronically Stupid, and Racist!!!

  43. Vasya

    It’s not racist. It’s hypocritically. Remove black persons from Asgard then, remove blacks and whites from Death Note (and bring there Japanese). Remove that ugly casting from Ghost in the Shell. Black Carl Mannerheim (The Marshal of Finland movie) – are you fucking serious xD???? People who want blacks in Bohemia in 15 century (The Witcher) – lol. Racism is nothing to do with common sense.

  44. Ash Paladium

    Edward Wallace. Why is it ok for black people to whine about no black people in Game of Thrones(even though there are)but as soon as white people do the SAME THING ansd ask why, all of a sudden it’s not ok? Just another bs liberal “Double Standard”. And you wonder why white people voted for Trump. Sick of the Double Standards. Equal is equal.

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