The Internet Is Outraged That A Black Actress Is Playing An Orange Alien

The outrage community does it again. This time, though, it’s about an alien. Poor E.T. must be shaking his head at us right now.

Further proving there is no length that the knuckle-dragging racists won’t go to, the latest outrage involves actress Anna Diop being cast as the orange alien Starfire for the live-action Titans series. Yes, you read that right. The lowest common denominator of society is upset that a black woman is portraying an alien. Are you rolling your eyes yet?

We’re not even going to give the idiots any publicity by listing their names – if you really want to, you can go look at any comment section thread about this casting – but the sheer stupidity actually hurts. One moron even mentioned that it’s cultural appropriation. Lolwut? Of an alien?

Anna Diop Cast As Starfire. The Internet Is Outraged That A Black Actress Is Playing An Orange Alien

We’re going to state this in the simplest terms possible: Starfire is an alien. She isn’t from this planet and, quite frankly, anyone can play her. Diop is an excellent choice for the role and it’s good to see that Geoff Johns and company are giving the chance to upcoming actors and actresses. We don’t need any more CW alumni as superheroes…

Unfortunately, the only other orange person on the planet is currently serving as American president, so Diop will do just fine as Starfire.

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    • Bay Fleming

      No one knew who Gamora was before her movie, Starfire is an extremely popular character who has never looked African American in the slightest bit. Starfire is orange, however, she is also depicted as light skinned. An African American actress is still African American with an orange overlay. People don’t like seeing loved characters changed.

        • Luis

          How is that racist? Nobody was complaining about cyborg being black too right? It’s not racism, it’s just the fact that Starfire was a LATINA ALIEN not a black alien…

          • Lols

            Its like martian man hunter being green and portrayed as a noble wise african american man who transforms into a african man but the director decided he would be better with a white ego and appearance. Guess we lose because we are racist. Thats the go to stereotype isnt it lol

        • Fiach

          I guess the people complaining about white washing are racist too. Oh wait, no it only applies when blacks are cast, doesn’t it? Then it’s “diversity”.

      • justagirl

        Don’t listen to them, all this sjw non sense. Good forbidden you criticize anyone who isn’t white. She doesn’t fit the role, period. She just happens to be black, but the character happens to be a ginger tan alien. I can list 25 actresses that would need no makeup to for that role.

    • There are a number of issues but everyone is focused on the pointless race issue.

      You have a middle age looking woman for a role that should be played by a younger actress. I was surprised she is only 30, she looks like she is in her late 30s with makeup on.

      Candice Patton was 24-25 when she started on Flash and she still looks amazing at 29.

    • Matt

      The problem is this is a straw man. Most want a younger actor preferably Latina as that would match starfires body characteristics better. She just looks nothing like starfire in pics of her on the set.

        • Patrick

          what were saying is they are not gonna do orange body paint we would also be mad if they take cyboarg from black to anything else

          • KaseyJones

            Omg can you imagine the uproar if they got a white man to play Cyborg? They’re doing this all the time now. Look at screen adaptation of King’s The Dark Tower. For the whole book series he was a white cowboy, constantly referred to as “White honky” lol. They decided to cast a black man for the role and fans were not happy and the film flopped. People want their beloved characters portrayed in film they way they were in print. That’s all there is to it.

          • Lickmydick

            In my opinion, they should have used an Asian actress with red hair, Asians are more orange in skin tone and the character acts more Asian. Also, the Trump jokes are retarded and childish.

    • Bay Fleming

      People don’t like seeing a classic character changed. Starfire never has looked African American and is normally depicted as Caucasian or perhaps another lighter skinned race. Its a shame that you cant criticize an actress choice without being called a racist.

  1. As long as she’s orange I don’t care. Now what that means is, if she stays black, I’m pissed, if they replace Anna Diop with a white actress and she’s orange, I’m happy, but if they replace Anna Diop with a white actress and she stays white, I’m pissed. All I care about is that she’s orange.

    • Shi

      Why does it have to be a a WHITE actress that is orange? Be honest you just want it to be a person YOU identify with. Why not a light skinned black person turned orange? Or a mixed raced individual? Or a Latina? If orange is your main concern then they don’t have to be white!!!!

      • Syd

        Reread his comment. He explicitly says he doesn’t care the color of the actress as long as she’s painted orange. He specifically says that it doesn’t have to be a white actress.

  2. No, the internet is not outraged that she is black. Fuck off with the race bating you twats. It’s bc she isn’t near attractive enough, IE Kirsten Dunst as MJ. She want attractive enough. They can use a black actress or hell an Asian or Latino actress, as long as she’s star fire attractive. Quit immodestly calling our race as a reason for ppl being displeased for a casting.

    • DMR

      Attractive is based off of opinion. Quite a lot of people thought Kirsten Dunst was hot… though she doesn’t look like she’d be a super model but a girl next door kinda hot.

      But that said, while Starfire is orange, she would fit with a tan skin or white skin way more than black skin.

      Frankly, I don’t get why not liking a choice is considered racist. Remember, this is the fandom that was angry when they heard a RICH WHITE GUY was playing a RICH WHITE GUY…

      Think about that…. it’s annoying when people use racism as the reason. We shouldn’t have to just accept something just cause you’re black.

      If an image of a character is already is set, then when you change it and make it more drastically different, people get pissed.

      And it should be noted that Star Fire was a more light orange and sometimes seemed more tannish…

      And please understand, if they made Cyborg or Luke Cage or Black Panther white, we would be just as pissed as we are in this case.

      And to be honest, if it was a character I didn’t grow up with, I wouldn’t care as much. But I did grow up with the character, and I want a more accurate representation. Sure, her skin was orange, but it was on a much lighter side.

      Now, at the same time, it should be noted that special effects and make up weren’t added, so maybe it would look really good.

      The fandom is jumping to conclusions. Maybe they’ll make her look the proper part.

      But realize people, what we are afraid of is a sort of whitewashing of our beloved characters (except not literally white washing).

  3. JDM

    running the risk that, if anything, this will just be met with some childishly vulgar and barely articulate insult, but so be it. I knew what Iris West usually looked like before Candice Patton took the role in the FLASH series and never blinked an eye or considered complaining, so I really wouldn’t care about casting controversies like this if I thought for one second that the desire for equality were genuine and the outrage went both ways. I don’t recall it being “racist” to complain that Tilda Swinton was cast in a traditionally Asian role in DR. STRANGE. And yeah, the Starfire character is orange, but neither she nor ET is confirmed to exist in reality (‘pretty sure that even aliens must first exist before they can be superior to humans) and if it is really so important that this casting make some statement about diversity, then they could just as easily and maybe more appropriately (visually) hired a Hispanic actress. However talented and capable she may be, this makes me think that Ms.Diop’s casting was more politically than creatively motivated to begin with. If Hollywood really cared about diversity, it would create more roles FOR and tell more stories ABOUT people of different races rather than just needlessly stir the proverbial pot with what, for now, appears to be another one of these race baiting stunts used as excuses to call every white person that dares have a different opinion a racist – which solves absolutely nothing even when it might actually be true. That is NOT equality. At best, it’s a form of pandering and of petty table-turning that should be seen as an excuse to start political fights and call it “progress” and, thus, insulting to everyone.

  4. I think it has more to do with her age. That’s the biggest complaint I have heard. The race thing doesn’t really factor here because Star Fire is an orange alien. You can’t race wash something that is orange. But, they HAVE to make her orange to suit the character.

    • That’s what I just found out. Though, her being orange is still relevant. Her being black doesn’t matter and if it’s about the Titans and not the “teen” titans then age doesn’t matter, either. Just staying true to the character does.

    • I wonder if the confusion wasn’t done on purpose to get people talking about the show. Like I typed before, the main complaint was her age. I think most people think that it is about the Teen Titans and not Titans.

  5. The reasoning behind race washing, gender swaps, or making a character LGBTQ, is not because they care for a certain cause or color, but because they know that it creates buzz. Buzz = hype = publicly = dollars. It is all about marketing. Theoretically ofcourse but, more often than not, this is the case and even if it is not a popular choice, it still creates the same effect. “Bad publicity is still good publicity.” As they say.

  6. who cares about if the person is black or white red or yellow or whatever color! if they proved to be a good actor then let them play the part! let the writers write, the directors direct and the producers produce, and the castors cast whom they want for the show/movie I mean in the super girl series john jones is black yet in the cartoon he wasnt really when he went to human disguise and the girl to play Megan was black when she was white with red hair no big deal people change looks on characters all the time!

    • Bay Fleming

      People don’t like seeing a classic character changed. Starfire never has looked African American and is normally depicted as Caucasian or perhaps another lighter skinned race. Its a shame that you cant criticize an actress choice without being called a racist.

  7. Virgil Salyers

    Where do you find these so called racists? I mean I know racist people exist, but I have been all over comic forums, groups, pages, etc. The only outrage about this casting is the people concerned she won’t be able to do the character justice, and the people exclaiming that people are being racist. I been following the development of the series since it was announced, The 12 year old they cast as Raven has gotten more backlash than the casting of Starfire.

  8. “The internet is outraged..” Why talk as though the Internet is one deciding body? It should read: Some people are mad, not the majority, not that that matters, because she’s a fictional character whose race doesn’t actually exist. Why focus on the few whiners???

    • blurryflag

      wow, if someone don’t like the actress, automatically they are alt-right, maybe white supremacists too? nazis? anti-semitics? trump supporters? no simba, maybe they’re just hardcore fans who don’t like that kind of changes on their characters, Im pretty sure they would be mad too if Cyborg was portrayed as a white guy

  9. Sabrina

    People need to focus on having integrity and get over this whole being offended thing. I mean, really…..the character is an orange alien…..get over it and enjoy the show ffs.

  10. The series is entitled “Titans” , not “Teen Titans” . So we suppose most of the main characters are legal-age superheroes.

    The age controversy as argue is wrongly founded. We aren’t sure if Titans are teenagers.

  11. Jeff Montana

    I think this is great casting! My only concern is that the negress is ugly as a mud fence and about ten years too old.

  12. scottyboy86

    I’m not trying to be racist by any means. (I know you probably saying that’s what racist people say) Race specifically has nothing to do with the issue or the acting talent. The issue is a long-time loved character doesn’t look like she has for many years. I know back in 60’s and such most heroes were made white and so on. That’s the time things were in but these characters are and have been iconic. So it’s frustrating to see characters like this get the race treatment because someone is offended their race isn’t being portrayed appropriately. Now a bit of this has been corrected over time in comics and even cartoons with to me no issue because it explains things just as well. Look at the Justice League cartoon 00’s. So originally Green Lantern was a white guy. Then they fixed it by having a different character that was black become the new Green Lantern, John. Made perfect sense and worked fine. They didn’t just change the character’s race, but they introduced a new character to support more races. Then obviously as time went on you started getting characters of different races become different heroes in both DC and Marvel and they became popular too like for instance in African American list: Aqua lad, Cyborg, Spawn, Static Shock, Storm, Vixen (which is doing an amazing job on Legends in my opinion), Batwing, Black Panther, War Machine, Luke Cage, Steel, President Superman, White Tiger, M, Falcon, Blade, and several others. Most of these are great (not every superhero is a great hero even the white ones) and had real character and story development. Even in 2011 comics Spiderman became a different race, but the character isn’t Peter Parker, but someone that has taken the mantel of Peter Parker. Also another interesting fact is there is more than one Wonder Woman who was black but not Diana, but one of her sister’s. So lot of ground work has been laid for heroes of all races now and more still to come I’m sure. Give these characters some more spot light and opportunities as their character’s race. Or like I said give any person that is not white a very known popular white hero, but change their character. So really that’s the main issue. Not that another black actress has been cast. She does a great job personally in what I have seen her, but I feel she might be a little too old for this part if they are going for teenager and not young adult Starfire. Granted if a lighter skinned actress (similar to Halle Berry or Beyonce) played the part then more hardcore fans would have been a bit more accepting of her appearance I would think. However, it’s over a done and they picked their person. I just hope she does Starfire’s character justice and (for me) most importantly do not ruin the one thing about Starfire which I love and is a bit cute and that being the way she talks in her accent sometimes mixing up words. So even though it’s not what all us hardcore fans wanted, let’s cross our fingers and pray this actress does justice to our character in every other way!

    • Bay Fleming

      Thank god someone else sees it, it’s not a race issue, it’s a character issue. People don’t like seeing a classic character changed. Starfire never has looked African American and is normally depicted as Caucasian or perhaps another lighter skinned race. Its a shame that you cant criticize an actress choice without being called a racist.

      • Thoomas

        I don’t understand how you can say an orange alien looked white and not black. Sorry but if your only issue is that she being played by a black women your prejudice. If she wears orange make up like Zoe Saldana did Gamora it really doesn’t matter.

        ****But, in all honestly none of this matters they keep casting black people for roles like this & people like you keep getting up in arms and then they do it again. So nobody care junior. Deal with it.******

    • SourceMaterial

      FYI. M (Monet Yvette Clarisse Maria Therese St. Croix) is not a black character she is mixed European/Arab-Berber. Just look at the countries her parents are from and her religion.

  13. carlos

    Im ok with it, as long as her skin is orange. Its not about a racial bs. As a reader i dont want to see a white Cyborg, or a black Dick Greyson. It feels wrong because they are trying to fill the spot left by Vic Stone because he is in the JLA movie. The point is, the actress could be asian, latina or whatever as long as the character is true to the comic with orange-ish skin.

  14. lance

    Where is the outrage? I heard of the supposed Outrage before I heard about the casting. It looks like people are just assuming there is outrage and attacking all of those “supposed racists” out there.

  15. Juan Diablo Perez

    Why all of this crap discussion of racism or apropiation over an orange alien girl, just recast Starfire with an asian actress and problem solver

  16. Steve

    Does it really make a person a racist because they don’t agree with the casting choice I personally do not agree with it I think they could have got somebody better that looks more like the role nowadays Hollywood feels the need to put a black actor or actress in a white normal roll so they don’t look racist Watch the Teen Titans and you’ll understand what I’m talking about Starfire does not look like an African American so because she doesn’t look like Starfire those that say so must be racist huh stop being so sensitive and get off your soapbox

  17. Steve

    Next thing you know they’ll make Batman a black guy however I bet the black community all across America would have been super pissed and upset if they would have made the Black Panther or white guy

  18. Lace

    Diop as Starfire is annoying. Not because she is black – necessarily. It is annoying, because knowing that this will have a TV budget, one can safely assume they will not give Diop a full body treatment, like was done with Saldana. What is most likely, is she will spend most of her screen-time looking nothing like her character. If she does end up orange and with red hair and green eyes, then there is no problem with the actress being black. The second problem with Diop is she 30. 30. Come on. I know that the show is Titans and not TEEN Titans, but still. They have cast a 30 year old to play an immature, canonically 15-25 year old character. This problem is compounded when looked at alongside the choice to cast Teagan Croft as Raven. If the idea was that the Titans had grown up and that they’re not little kids anymore, fine. But, commit. Croft is 13 years old. What the Hell? (Also, a 13 year old probably does not have the chops to capture Raven, but that’s conjecture). Raven has suddenly been made a child. And she is supposed to be a contemporary to a 30 year old? What is wrong with getting actors who are around the same age to play a group of people assumed and portrayed to be right around the same age? And Croft is an outlier, her closest team member has nearly 10 years on her. Why? Another worry about casting Diop is that given Starfire is an alien and clearly her cartoon appearance is not being used for reference, I am afraid that the creators will have Diop speak in her natural Senegalese accent. In an effort to make her sound different from her teammates, I fear they will only further cement her as African. If a dark skinned black woman who speaks with an African accent is who get for Starfire, then I may be unable to enjoy the show. At that point, she won’t be an alien. She’ll be an African with superpowers.

    I am equally afraid that budgets will force Raven and Beast Boy to appear in their actor’s tone. Which will make it difficult to enjoy. The Teen Titans cartoon – while not necessarily a perfect canon reference – really nailed the appearances. The Titans are sort of ragtag, misfits. They’re teens who don’t have a home and don’t necessarily go together, but team up. Robin was white, Cyborg was black, Starfire was orange, Beast Boy was green, and Raven was gray. They looked like misfits. Now, without Cyborg, it may be 3 people with white skin and a black person.

    Also, a note on Raven. I know this is minor and slightly off-kilter. But, Raven was always like a comic-book crush of mine (and I know she is a common one). And by casting a child, the possibility of the live action version meshing with the other versions, dies for me. I know it’s small and niche, but it kind of sucks. Now, the only real world Raven is going to seem like a little sister the team lets tag along, and less like a character worthy of her own full fledged respect.

  19. Mo G. II

    I don’t know why everyone’s being called racist because they don’t want a beloved character to change, it’d make sense to say that this is a different person all together who takes up the mantle of starfire, I’d be completely ok with that, it’s the fact they’re changing a pre existing character drastically. People have been waiting for a good teen titans show for years and when a stable charades unjustly changed its going to be upsetting

  20. Patrick

    So let me get this straight we are racist because a character who is orange is being changed to black when there is all kinds of body makeup and it would be so easy to make her orange? I think you saw we were upset about who was playing her so in your mind you instantly labeled us RACIST but we wouldn’t care if there Mexican Asian Pakistani or white as long as there in orange body paint we are fine so stop labeling people racist because they don’t like something about production then say there white so they must be because that makes you racist to blacks are not immune to scrutiny

  21. None

    Well we’ve seen the photos now,and she isn’t orange at all. She looks like a clown prostitute. The other don’t look good either but Starfire is by far the worst looking one so far. This show looks just as bad as Marvel’s Inhumans. Like very little effort is being put into it,

  22. Suck my cock

    Except… Starfire isnt fucking black lol this pc shit is so stupid. Its not racist to want a proper cosplay dumb shit mother fuckers.

  23. Dave

    If you want to be fucking culturally appropriate simply getting a Latino as the actor for her. Much more fitting. Cyborg is already African American why do they need to take the comic and change it.

  24. Boo

    So many closed minded people being turned off by skin, but want to shout they’re not racist and prejudice. Why not look past the colour and view the person, just because Starfire’s skin isn’t white. It’s not even white in the comic, she’s orange, she’s an orange-ish alien princess from Tamaran. leave her alone, if you don’t like it. don’t watch it and if you want a more accurate thing, become a director or an actor/actress.

    • SourceMaterial

      well you idiot the whole point of starfire is she is an orange alien not a black woman with pink hair as she is being depicted in the show.

  25. Leticia Alvarez

    Yeah, no way in hell I would ever watch this. 😒 Nothing towards the actress but let’s get real… Starfire does NOT look like that. So disappointing and an insult to the original animation 👎👎👎
    Like, she can play Bumble Bee of Titans East, who is STILL a very important character.

  26. Normie

    I bet 100$ that the person who wrote this article is a black woman. Let me ecolain this to you. We are not mad cuz it is a black ctor. We are mad because starfire aint BLACK. She is orange. Ish. She is like, a white person, but just a little bit orange. Jesus. Its not that just because we says a black person shouldnt be playing a white characters role that we are racis. Get you shit together

  27. Sam Juang

    You can’t change our minds! And I’m not racist! I have a black girlfriend and Im Asian. WE WANT THE STORY TO BE ACCURATE. IF DC THINKS YOU CAN JUST CHANGE THE SKIN COLOR OF A TEEN TITAN THEN LET’S HAVE BEAST BOY PLAYED BY A WHITE MAN WITHOUT BODY PAINT. Is it too much to ask for a teen titans movie where the people look like they did in the cartoon?

  28. Kenneth Tibbens

    Way to hold an intellectual topic and go about in the most ignorant ways we don’t care that Starfire is black we care that the actress doesn’t fit the role is she fit the role more we wouldn’t care for color at all no one really does anymore it’s the fact that she isn’t tall, her face doesn’t give off the expression of Starfire and the fux with the hair, pink really?

  29. Derald Jayson

    Lol damn, can you imagine how pissed people would have been if black pather was white XD or if silver surfer was gold or hulk was purple with green pants? Or maybe superman was chinese XD OH shit, imagine if martian man hunter doesnt transform from green to a black man and instead a white man, and that would just piss me off because martian man hunter us depicted as a strong minded wise african american man, not a white man.. you just cant change a characters appearance and expect actual comic book fans to be ok with it. Its like having a dwarf play the role of aragon in lord of the rings or gandalf the grey as a woman. I mean these are reasonable arguements. Has nothing to do with racism. People fucking hate when comic book characters get changed when they grew up in a specific portrayed characteristic. Like luke cage.. You dont take a white man and paint him dark skinned to play an african american mans role. I would have certainly been pissed. I love luke cage. People keep going back to this whole why does it matter because shes an alien and shes orange but i find it hard to look at her the same now because it going to embody a different idea of the character than originally depicted. We all are different. Take an irish man and throw him in the role of a hispanic man and youre are most definitely going to see a huge difference. I like the idea of a black starfire as long as shes beautiful, strong and can pull off the inncent nobility of a 16th century danish princess who’s second language is english and has a yoda way off mixing up her worlds.

    • SourceMaterial

      I hope you know in the comics the martian manhunter does actually transform into a white man. It has been his main secret identity for decades.

  30. desgraci

    I have an idea, let’s make Black Panther a Ginger, and Hulk an asian big guy and no one can say I’m racist. The single point of breaking a character just “to make it more inclusive” is plainly stupid, you just broke a character, there are great black super heroes, no need to make them green, or white, stuffing black people everywhere they can, is just being racist in the opposite way…

  31. james

    Perhaps that pic is not Starfire. Coming from Diop herself CGI would be used just like Zoe did with Gamora so Starfire is going to be orange.

  32. Lilith Collins

    I am all for diversity in Movies its the erasure of all redheads from pop culture that upsets me. They won’t replace a Blond or brunette but all gingers are being wiped from the dc and marvel universes to make way for ethnic versions. I get there army many of us natural redheads left but we can still see what’s going on. The little mermaid, Annie, Mary Jane, Hawkgirl, and now Starfire, they are erasing an entire subculture to make room for a louder culture.

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