Are These Marvel's Oddest And Weirdest Characters?

While the Marvel Universe continues to grow both onscreen and in the comics, there are some creations too weird, too obscure and too unusual to find their way back into the limelight. Some characters need to be forgotten and stay forgotten. Here is a list of odd, strange and sometimes insane characters that have been developed by Marvel.



Fritz von Meyer was once a Nazi scientist. An expert in apiculture (beekeeping), he discovered highly intelligent bees whose hive was bombarded by meteorites. Fritz built a device to control the bees with, but it failed. The bees killed him and his conscience dissipated into the bees. Fritz became one with the bees and able to control them with his thoughts.



Jerome Beechman is a mutant but, instead of awesome eye beams or healing abilities, he was blessed (cursed) to look like a Mandrill ape. On the positive side, he has superhuman strength and speed. Did I also mention that he can control women with the pheromones that he secretes? Maybe looking like a Mandrill isn’t so bad.



Charles Chandler was transformed into 3D-Man when his XF – 13 rocket plane was shot down by the Skrull. His brother Hal had to look on as Charles’ body disappeared into a burst of light. Hal later discovered that an image of Charles was imprinted by the resulting radiation on each of his eyeglass lenses. Through concentration, Hal could merge these images and Charles would appear (in 3D). The radiation imbued Charles with three times the strength and speed of normal humans.



Samuel Smithers was a botanist’s assistant. He was trying to increase the intelligence of plants so that humans could communicate with them. One faithful day a bolt of lightning struck a plant ray he had invented. Now charged with the power from the lightning bolt, Samuel could use the ray to control plants. Thus, Plant-man was born.



What is better than one orange beast? An orange beast with two heads stacked one on top of the other. Originally created by an Avian race to be their guardian when they were forced into hibernation, Bi – Beast was left to patrol the empty skies. After years of loneliness, Bi – Beast went mad and tried to kidnap Betty Ross. This, of course, brought him face to face with The Hulk. With the strength comparable with that of The Hulk and two heads (which obviously makes him smarter), Bi – Beast is a force to be reckoned with, even if he tends to look silly.

Captain Ultra


Awesome name, not so awesome costume. When Griffin Gogol’s innate superhuman potential was unlocked by an extraterrestrial hypnotherapist (there is such a thing in the Marvel universe) he became Captain Ultra. With superhuman strength, speed, flight, and invulnerability (basically Superman), Captain Ultra became a force to be reckoned with. He also has a great sense of humour, which one needs when you wear a costume like this.



Eugene Paul Patilio is an ordinary man with an extraordinary suit. Actually, he is an ordinary man in an ordinary frog suit. The suit was invented by his father and contains powered coils which enable Frog-man to leap great distances. That is about all that there is to this Marvel villain.



You guessed it, a giant armadillo. Antonio Rodriguez was stricken with an undiagnosed disease. He was only able to find help from a criminal scientist, Dr. Karl Malus. Dr. Malus would only help Antonio if he was allowed to do his gene experiments on him. Antonio agreed and his genes were combined with those of an armadillo.

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