33 Most Powerful Anime Characters Of All Time, Ranked

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  1. Anonymous says:

    if u search can rimuru defeat zeno it says he can so he should be the strongest

  2. Anonymous says:

    why anos is not mention in the list
    he deserve number 1

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Timothy Lee says:

    I say Rock Lee

  5. Simplypepsi says:

    like someone else said, how does zeno compare to rimuru and anos voldigoad?

  6. Somebody says:

    Where is Rimuru and Anos Voldigoad

  7. Phantom says:

    Where is Rimuru and Anos?

  8. Anonymous says:

    like goku should win

  9. Sage says:

    this list is bad
    why is Saitama before whis, ( whis is million times stronger than Goku and Goku is stronger than saitama)
    this list should be zeno, whis, berus, Goku then Saitama.

  10. Anonymous says:

    saiki kusuo could look at everyone and make a stone garden goodnight

  11. Anonymous says:

    What about chaos from the seven deadly sins tho, pretty sure its stronger than alot of people on this list

  12. Hello mtf says:

    Wtf why there is always bald guy seem upto be all time , he isn’t in the comparable of hair of Gokus , this idiot is really sh**ting every where

    • Simplypepsi says:

      no db character is in top even 100

  13. Anonymous says:

    where is gojo??? and why the hell was Baki put instead i mean wth???

  14. Anonymous says:

    where is anti spiral ?

  15. Anonymous says:

    naruto is the most powerful

  16. Anonymous says:

    hell nah

  17. paul says:

    I am a big time Otaku for Mikoto Misaka, the 3rd rank Level 5 in Academy City, aka the RAILGUN of Tokiwadai.
    And as for powerful villain, got to give a mention to Accelerator.

  18. rorpr says:


  19. Anonymous says:

    goofy ahh list?

  20. Justin says:


  21. ari says:

    this makes no sense

  22. ur mom says:

    i think 2 should be Goku and 3rd Saitama!

  23. Richie says:

    it’s not accurate, kami tenchi should be no.1

  24. Akihiro says:

    Giorno Giovanna

  25. imin yoshed says:

    wheres rimuru mans rimuru can control fate and reality can literally destroy 10k multiverses for fun and can control space and time itself the only slight weakness rimuru has is veldanava’s sword

  26. Anonymous says:

    I think Saitama wil the 1st. Zeno just 2th

  27. Random person says:

    Since when was All Might the main protagonist of My Hero Acadamia?

  28. Elmo says:

    Bro Ichigo is stronger than Naruto, Saitama, Light Yagami, Eren, and Issac. Also Light is incredibly weak compared to some of the other characters. Alucard should be 2 or 1. This is all fact

  29. clown list says:

    giorno giovanna stomps saitama

  30. Dark Elixer says:

    No offense these creatures won’t even reach top 300 at least maybe zeno would reach top 250? Yeah I’m not kidding dudes. No offense…

  31. Dark Elixer says:

    This is so inaccurate it’s amazing

  32. cap says:

    why is Eren stronger then naruto

  33. Amogus says:

    You forgot gojo satorou

  34. Eason Tan says:

    Bro no offense but DBS doesn’t even touch top 10 anime strongest characters

  35. Deadman says:

    This list concerns me ☠️

  36. Goku strong boi says:

    Have you heard about Giorno giovanna??

  37. Zack says:

    Bro i do really think this is accurate because many of y’all for sure have not watched Saiki k. He is so strong he can control the time and Earth and if you ever wonder why he wears those glasses is because when he looms at someone without his glasses they turn to stone thats why he needs to return back time.

  38. ULTRASANSPL says:

    fun fact: rimuru is strongers bc he’s god

  39. Ethan says:

    Dude saitama is clearly the strongest one he can just one punch everything and if one punch cant he can just do serios punch and the universe gonna break

  40. Jo says:

    Why is Eren Yaeger ahead of Naruto? Naruto would end Eren Yeager with little to no difficulty. He was able to split the moon in half. Also, Kusuo Saiki should be on the list maybe about spot 1 or 2 or 3. He has a multitude of powers that make him unstoppable. He can warp Zeno’s mind and make him forget that he was ever strong at all. He could make Goku forget he is a saiyan. He could destroy the moon with no difficulty. This is all with the limiters he has on his head. If he were to take them off, just having a dream could reset the earth. Stepping to hard could blow up the Earth. All this and I feel Kusuo Saiki should’ve made the list.

  41. Jo says:

    Why is Eren Yaeger ahead of Naruto? Naruto would end Eren Yeager with little to no difficulty. Also, Kusuo Saiki should be on the list maybe about spot 1 or 2 or 3.

  42. meowmeow says:

    what about Saiki from The disastrous life of Siaki K

  43. meowmeow says:

    what about Nagisa from assassination classroom

  44. Jayee says:

    nah saitama is not the second strongest character in alll of anime

  45. Gokuismad says:

    just rlly quick goku is way stronger than saitama cause saitamas training was nothing to a few thousnd times gravity in a time chamber

    • Jacob says:

      You don’t realize that Saitama is a joke character, he defeated a planet destroying villain with the Shockwave of a punch, he tanked a kick to the moon and almost destroyed it by jumping get your facts straight kid

  46. Core Zero says:

    So like remove eren and put giorno or Kars or somethin cuz eren aint that strong

  47. Damian says:

    anos is the strongest anime charatar this is just fake

  48. Abdi says:

    Sitama and Zeno and Tokugawa and melodies are the strongest on the list

  49. itz.ikonic on tiktok says:

    this is not true one of the strongest is anti spiral rimuru and anos

  50. randomdude says:

    anos solos the whole list

  51. Mmmmmmmm says:

    Why are there no jojo characters in this list?

  52. Luna says:

    I think Alluka/Nannika is the most powerful

  53. Rashad MIddlebrooks says:

    where tf IS GILGAMESH he can CLAP zeno in Ccc

  54. Fiz says:

    Of in anime, maybe I can admit that zeno is strongest anime character(of course, not in LN/manga. But goku and saitama is weaker than anos and STTGL

  55. Cow says:


  56. Micah says:

    How is saitama higher than goku?

  57. La ki TTQ says:

    so you are saying that saitama is stronger than whis and lord beerus? You know for a fact that lord beerus can summon hakai.

  58. sam Lawal says:

    saitama is way stronger than zeno and not only that and goku can still learn different forms or what about vegetas destructo form the more it gets hit the stronger the form becomes and issei hyoudou

    • J says:

      My boy, Zeno would END Saitama. Zeno can turn time and erase universes. Saitama is one of my favorite anime characters but unfortunately… ZENO WOULD DESTROY SAITMAMA!

  59. theSmartGuy says:

    Lol, what about JoJo characters. Dio Over Heaven would destroy Goku and saitama. Not Xeno tho. But Giorno would absolutely DEMOLISH XENO. He could just make it so that he doesn’t have an ability. Easy as that.

  60. zack says:

    if you REALLY want to know goku and saitamas max watch anime war like lol if you havnt watched it ur to clueless to say hes stronger then goku

  61. WeebLord says:

    so like just saying medoka is by far the most powerful in anime

  62. Ryu says:

    Naruto would clap eren

  63. That Anime Nerd. says:

    I don’t know much about “strongest anime characters” but I do know that the DBS Characters are FAR from the strongest even Zenoh and DBS Broly. I don’t know the anime or the names but I do know that there is a lot of anime characters stronger than the DBZ And DBS Cast.

  64. kuangai says:

    you forgot giorno giovanna who has gold experience requiem

  65. jj says:

    Imma be honest, Saiki is the most powerful anime character. Or at least one of them.

  66. Bineh says:

    suprised Saiki k isnt there lmao

  67. Benih says:

    here comes the annoying anime fans lol

  68. koalas says:

    Shinichi from parasyte is way better than ichigo at least through ichigo’s volumes 1-20

  69. Ash says:

    koro sensai should be added on this list lol

  70. Ash says:

    koro sensai

  71. malachi says:

    narutos name is spelled wrong its naruto not naturo

  72. saiki k says:

    saiki k is the strongest he can erase anyone’s memories or just look at them and they turn to stone and then he can smash the stone and win.

  73. nj says:

    any form of naruto out of academy will kill eren

  74. Vinturas says:

    BRO, why did u forget kami tenchi, giorno giovanna, anti spiral, and the truth?

  75. JJBA says:

    Giorno Giovanna can wipe the floor against all of them

  76. Someone correct says:

    This is completely inaccurate, you just reviewed characters from popular anime’s instead of from anime’s with actual strong characters, for example, SaikiK isn’t here, yet he’d easily surpass people like Goku with his infinite

  77. saitamafan says:

    ay not going to lie i though saitama was number one

  78. HeavenSoul says:

    You should’ve put Kusuo Saiki, he can literally make you non-existant and can do practically everything you can imagine :)

  79. V says:

    strongest is saitama.

  80. correct says:

    google featherine and do some research

  81. Giorno giovanna says:

    List is inaccurate af, bruh no GER wtf

  82. Yourself says:

    What is Saitama doing at #2. Dude’s weak compared to Goku, MUI Goku is overkill for him, Beerus would beat saitama with his eyes closed. Whis is stronger than Beerus so he should 100% be #2, Goku #3, Beerus #4 and then Saitama. Eren should NOT bet on this list. Not mentioning the stupidity of this least, it’s NOT ACCURATE AT ALL. This whole list is cap besides Zeno. Zeno #1 forever.

  83. Chest says:

    U forgot mori jin

  84. idk says:

    seems like they forgot Giorno

  85. FrlBroThat'sSkallyWag says:

    bro there’s a LOT of mistakes here, fix this ~ eren shouldn’t be even top 1000

  86. Mystic says:

    Naruto is also very powerfull

  87. Epik says:

    Giorno Giovanna: *Claps somebody
    Pucci: *Claps Multiverse

  88. Epik says:

    Who forgot about JOJO characters?

  89. Gaming requiem says:

    Giorno Giovanna is way more powerfull than Zeno. His ability is to nullify every single action done by someone

    • idk says:

      yeah bro I click to this page because I think there will be Giorno

  90. lyn says:


  91. Sagar bc says:

    Where is kami tenchi

  92. Ezra michael says:

    What about gojo satura

  93. dyl4n010 says:

    ……………………………………………………………………………………………… ur underestimating saitama by alot i suggest rewatching the show
    he can destroy mountains with just the airforce of his fist swinging
    i dont think goku can dodge that even tho he can use instant transmission hes gonna take a hit at some point

    • Yourself says:

      Fun fact, Goku NEARLY DESTROYED THE UNIVERSE IN HIS FIGHT WITH BEERUS, BY JUST EXCHANGING FISTS AT FULL FORCE. IN SSG (NOT EVEN LEGENDARY SSG) AND HE’S LIKE 500000000x STRONGER NOW. Saitama has nothing to do with Goku, that’s first. 2nd. Saitama CANNOT beat Zeno. To Zeno, Saitama would be a plaything to use for a little then throw away. Saitama should be at most #5. If you wanna speak on the matter. Watch DBZ and DBS. Goku was a planet buster at the mid of DBZ and was certainly a universe buster by the mid of DBS(as stated earlier, just by exchanging fists with Beerus he nearly destroyed the entire universe. After being beaten by Syn Shenron Goku is rescued by Goten, Gohan, Trunks and Uub. After saving him Goku asks to borrow their energy to defeat Syn Shenron pushing his Super Saiyan 4 powers far past it’s very limits. Syn Shenron is quickly outmatched by Goku and his new power even while being blind from Eis’s attack. Syn eventually absorbs all 6 Dragon Balls transforming him into Omega Shenron. Super Saiyan 4 Goku is unable to overcome the might of all 7 Shadow Dragons. Vegeta states that 2 Super Saiyan 4’s is still no match for Omega Shenron. Goku Universal Spirit Bomb has a power of 118.75 QUADRILLION. That’s more than enough to be multiverse, maybe even higher. AND Goku UI Perfected is 12.5 septillion. I doubt Saitama comes even CLOSE. Not mentioning how easy it is for goku to move at speeds over light. 5.5 light speeds to be exact. + he doesn’t need to think to dodge or attack. He’s just that powerful.

  94. Godz says:

    Lol for all you idiots saying saitama beats goku just wait until you read the new manga lol

  95. Antonio says:

    Saiki K. Where is the child.

  96. Mathew says:

    Eren Yeager shouldn’t even be in a top 30 list. And he DEFINITELY isn’t stronger than meliodas and naruto. Naruto isn’t stronger than Meliodas either and Anos should be way up there too.

  97. Kevin Maldonado says:

    Why is Eren Yeager on the list? Itachi uchia should be replace with Eren Yeager. utachi uchia is stronger than Eren Yeager.

  98. Kevin Maldonado says:

    Stop the cap everyone zeno is the most powerfull he can never lose only if they made a stronger anime.

  99. Kevin Maldonado says:

    Stop the cap everyone zeno is the most powerfull he can never lose only if mabe they made a stronger anime that’s all.

  100. THE ANIME GOD says:

    this list made me laugh likeFREAKING EREN!!!!!!!…..eren is not stronger than NARUTO! Like i cant see Eren winning …….serously have you even watched Naruto, naruto has sagemode,baryon mode & can make like over1000 clones with all those abilities not mention sage of 6 paths mode & nine tails chakra……please remake this List you are embarrasing yourself

  101. pon says:

    This top is so bad that i don’t even know where to start. First of all, why is eren in this top? LOL

  102. Harun says:

    Bro naruto is in the top 6 this is so unacurate

  103. mynamedoesntmatter says:

    Somebody debate me on how tf saitama is stronger than whis goku and beerus and how tf vegeta isnt on the list

  104. wtf man says:

    this thing is capping goku is the strongest anime then zeno then ichigo wtf

  105. hello says:

    f**k you zeno suck theez nuts

  106. A nobody says:

    This list seems as if someone who hasn’t even watched a single anime in the world wrote this bro this shi stupid asf

  107. Anonymus says:

    Bro thats fake Saiki k is number 1 cause first he can blow up the ppl with his mid and he can take of his glasses and turn them to stone or he can take of his limiter and easy win without even using his full power

  108. Pelvic says:

    I refuse to accept that eren Yeager is on this list. Eren can’t control titans he not royal blood. Puffy should also be on the list. That man can move faster than the speed of light and see into the future

  109. joe mama says:

    are you people f****ng stupid there are mutiple people that can beat saitama for example
    anti spiral,feathrine,goku,jin mori,naruto,natsu,whis,beerus,anos,rimuru literally this man only scales to low star he is nothing compared to these gods just shut tf up

  110. Candice says:

    i mean this is accurate no cap all this is true no cap but pepole that only watch dbz say goku solos anime but that is not true

  111. Chungy says:

    Even though saitama is infinitely powerful isnt he still human? Doesn’t he still have to breathe?

  112. tejas says:

    Gojou Satorou exists you know

  113. tejas says:

    Um i think you forgot Gojou Satorou

  114. Unknown says:

    Where is my boy Giorono Giovani from jojo golden wind?

  115. Nash says:


    • Epik says:

      YES NO ONE CAN BEAT RTZ (well one person can but who cares).

  116. Monke says:

    I think mother of chaos, aka the great Osiris, aka hawks mom from seven deadly sins is the strongest, as she can create things from nothing and created the strongest individual being in seven deadly sins

  117. tanoshimeyo says:

    yall arguing about saitama and goku but how tf did eren end up at 8th? people like naruto are bellow him when they are literal light speed. like dont get me wrong, i love eren but that doest mean hes a god with infinite power. for example naruto murders him within miliseconds

  118. anime says:

    why is ichigo even on here

  119. jotaro says:

    Bruh what about dio’s the world over heaven he can time stop and rewrite reality making any character die

  120. pauly says:

    Giorno should be stroger than beerus

  121. jake says:

    where is sasuke and saruto wheres zoro wheres genos wheres kaneki where is gogeta ss4 wheres asta too wth

  122. Alexander Crawford says:

    This is one of the worst lists of all of time

  123. Giorno Giovanna says:

    Giorno Giovanna be like: I am joke to you

  124. kenzie says:

    just saying eren is not that strong compared to all the other characters on this list especially because naruto could kill eren with 5 hits

  125. mike says:

    i agree with saitama but ichigo is a death god

  126. ToadBo1 says:

    what about giorno and heaven acsension dio

  127. Hajime Nagumo says:

    Anos Slap’s Goku

  128. the anime god says:

    bruh shaggy could destroy all of these characters within 1 second

  129. Alpha says:

    Wth beerus and is more powerful than saitama i think your the one of aaitamards

  130. Hamoud says:

    Where the **** is Meruim

  131. Luke says:

    novel kars literally destroys all of them but ok

  132. hugh jass says:

    this makes cbr look smart

  133. ARITRO THE LAGEND says:

    where is jiren from dragon ball

  134. ARITRO says:

    where is jiren from dragon ball

  135. 3kye says:

    this is the dumbest s**t ive ever seen first anos smacks every character on that list, giorno is ify cause we dont know how fast ger is and i can keep going but im not bout to waste my time on a non anime fan that looks at the main stream anime and just throw characters on there just cause u heard a little bit about them

  136. karl says:

    This man must have only watched the most popular shounens and left out everything else

  137. Retro says:

    Whoever made this list is literally the stupidest person on earth CRAZIEST PART IS HOW DO U PUT ICHIGO BELOW NARUTO AND AND HOW U PUT EREN ABOVE BOTH ICHIGO AND NARUTO please this list is the worst thing I’ve ever seen

  138. THIS LIST TRASH says:

    BRUH WTF IS THIS LIST eren is not stronger than naruto or MELIOUDAS BRUH WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU

  139. mela834 says:


  140. Moisture uere says:

    Anti spiral, Kumagawa Misogi, Accelerator, Rimuru, Gojo?

  141. Zay says:

    Bleach characters literally stomp anyone besides Dragon Ball Characters

  142. future anime weeb says:

    yo no disrepect bro but berus is not the strongest god of destruction and whis is not the strongest angel ,what about grand priest,goku ultra instinct is weak atm so u cant put hi up until he complete is training with grand zeno and grand priest (he’s don’t know how to use it at will and doesn’t know how to improve it yet,tbh zeno is physical attribute is trash but his power is off the charts but unlike saitama has good physical ability if u watch dragon ball super each time zeno erased something from exsistance he takes time (that’s why he need guards to protect him while he charge)to charge if saitama want to kill him he can easily one hit him but super speed and serious punch so I belive saitama is stronger than zeno, no offense baki fans but I think baki place can be fill by someone else that is OP , if I miss anything or say something wrong pls reply to this and I recently started watching anime but I wanna a become a anime weeb

    • Kevin Maldonado says:

      dont embarrassed yourself zeno needs body guard to make sure zeno dont get upset and destroy stuff zeno can destroy anything he could wipe the entire universe.

  143. nobullyorthe9 says:

    saitama is a human he can grow in power but maybe yall havent taken in the fact that he cant use 100% without sacrificing something. he hasnt truly honed his body for 100% of his power he is just a chad among boys in his universe. it would be a tie up to about t-o-p 1st ui transformation for a 100% saitama s he would most likely die or break every bone in his body leaving 1st transformation ui goku dead. 3 years of push ups sit ups and running isnt enough training to use the force to shatter a univere. and zeno is zeno. where is seiya. naruto or ichigo dont belong on this list neither does meliodas or eren or any one piece/naruto/bleach characters.

  144. Nixa45q_ says:

    what about Luffy? he isn’t in this list.

  145. Gavin says:

    Why isn’t Jotaro in it he can stop time and ORA ORA ORA and he’s no on it. And why is Noruto in fornt of Meliodas WHY Tha doesn’t make any thing real Meliodas is literally so strong that his dad the Dimon King pozesed his body

  146. The fred says:

    How the hell is Saitama stronger than MUI goku, Beerus, AND WHIS! This is not accurate at all and Naruto is not stronger than meliodas. Who ever made this is so stupidly an idiot.

  147. naruto can beat goku and saitma search it up on google says:

    nah the strongest anime character is himawari naruto’s child

  148. girno says:

    girnos golden experince requiem

  149. saitama is trash says:

    You think that saitama can be goku?

  150. Shouko says:

    Funny how there is eren yeager but no demon slayer characters. Keeping in mind that demon slayers are experts in decapitating, thus with a lil adjustment, easily could cut the nape of any titan. These titans stand absolutely no chance against the Hashiras. Yet tehy’re nowhere to be seen on the list.

  151. someone says:

    what about simon from gurren lagann

  152. Ryu says:

    I think saitama do not deserve that high position and where is vegeta evo or vegito they are strong as well.

  153. gojo sensei :>>>>> says:

    yo wtf what a bout gojo sotarou ?
    he’s untouchable bro like ._.? huh?

  154. gojo sensei :>>>>> says:

    yo wtf what a bout gojo sotarou ???????
    he’s untouchable bro like ._.???? huh?

  155. Hisashi Kurogane says:

    I’m surprised not a single person is mentioning Anos Voldigoad….. Dude Anos Voldigoad can defeat Saitama with ONE PUNCH, why is he not in this list??
    (Anos voldigoad from The Misfit of the Demon King Academy)

  156. F2Traps says:

    where Rimuru Tempest at

  157. jebanie disa says:

    So bad omegalul

  158. Liow Jin An says:

    this is not accurate giorno is the strongest

  159. The_little_titans says:

    The fact that Eren even came within light-years of this list is proof enough that this list is CAP

  160. pp man says:

    how to dislike an article

  161. Hes says:

    Seems like a bias list

  162. hugh jass says:

    eren in not stronger than naruto

  163. What did i just see. says:

    Funny how people say Saitama can beat Goku, but then they turn around and say they can’t say the same for Beerus. When literally in the show it was stated Jiren was stronger than all the god of destructions. So if Goku beat Jiren and Jiren is stronger than Beerus how can Beerus beat Saitama and Goku Can’t? That logic makes no sense whatsoever.

  164. This list is so bad says:

    Lol this list is so trash all this characters is so weak Rimuru, anos, akuto, shinbad, kami tenchi, the creator, Anti spiral, fearthrine, hajun what about this dudes they can clap all the verse from this list you don’t know anything

  165. I wish I was issei says:

    Issei Hyoudou from highschool dxd will clap anyone of these characters arses cause in the upcoming season five he can divide his opponents power in half every second while also gaining that power for himself

  166. This scale says:

    the wrost scale i never seen

  167. Jax says:

    wabafet is the strongest if we talk abt bear strength cuz he has an attack called counter that reflects that attack in double damage and if u give him a item called focus sash he will always survive an attack at 1 hp :) so yes prove me wrong

  168. Jax says:

    wabafet is the strongest if we talk abt bear strength cuz he has an attack called counter that reflects that attack in double damage and if u give him a item called focus sash he will always survive an attack at 1 hp :)

  169. jake says:

    zeno is not stronger than one punch man and Boro are the strongest

    • BOZO says:

      your just dumb boro is barely moon level zeno is omniponet Bozo ?

  170. Islam says:

    1 satima is not stronger than whis 2 I think goku beats satima three naruto stronger than mob Eren and Isaac

  171. greatday says:

    Where is Saiki k i mean saiki k can easily beat people with 1 hit or 2 hits or maybe a flick. My friend told me that he can probably beat king kong with just a flick or 1 hit. Saiki k is soo strong he can beat all the characters in mha because he can read minds so he knows there moves.

    • greatday says:

      And also saiki k could beat goku. And theres this ball thing in his head and teruhashi took it of then this building disappeared because of saiki

    • greatday says:

      OH my gosh i just saw saiki just flick his brother and his brother was like pushed really hard saiki k flicks are so strong

    • saiki k says:

      yea he can take his glasses of and beat him lol

  172. Gigi says:

    I think you may have missed Alluka from HxH but go off I guess-

  173. Mail says:

    what about gurenlaggon

  174. every anime is strong and all of you are weaklings says:

    will you just shut up already you guys are really stupid

  175. anime is cool says:

    y did u put zeno he is a god that can destroy everything evrey1 knows that

  176. Aidan Guerrier Batson says:

    naruto is 3rd

  177. ImNotReal says:

    So you’re telling me Eren Yeager can beat all might?

  178. ANCIENT says:


  179. Shogun says:

    The disrespect given to naruto and Ichigo man. First of all they compared begging arch ichigo to all these top tiers. Second of all they compared sage naruto to all these top tiers. Look if your going to compare characters than get your facts right and compare everyone at full strength. Also where tf is luffy at!?

  180. phantomfon says:

    didn’t zeno say Super Shenron can destroy him?

  181. Y e s says:

    White beard(Edward Newgate) is ATLEAST a honorable mention. Cmon

  182. diamantis says:

    what about archeus as the strngest cause as a big fan of dbs and pokemon i think archeus claps he has time flow and recover so yeah
    i think archeus is top 1

  183. some weeb says:


  184. some weeb says:


  185. harlohan says:

    what about giorno giovanna he has return to zero and has his reflect ability…

  186. AZ SUM MANOL says:

    saitama cant hit whis so obviously he cant beat him !!!!!!!!!!!

  187. Plop says:

    How does eren beat naruto he would smoke him in sage mode

  188. Marcus Jones says:

    Baki father should be in top 3

  189. sho says:

    how can eren be stronger than naruto? and i think light can be in top 5

  190. speedybeast says:

    goku > sitama

  191. speedybeast says:

    goku is stronger than sitama

  192. The omni kai says:

    if Saitama is no.2 and anti spiral can kill him without even trying then where does he come in, what about characters like truth, tenchi, Haruhi suzimiya come in [do you know anime at all]

  193. Brandon says:

    What about natsu or zeref from fairytail, or inuyasha or sesshomaru from inuyash? Zeref’s power is constantly growing even in death, and natsu still had a long way to go to reach full power by the end of the series, and even then would continue to grow. And inuyasha and sesshomaru were, old, to say the least, by the time the show starts, and they only keep growing from there. A mention also, is yami yugi, from yugioh, containing enough power to seal the Egyptian gods and other spirits magic into seven millennium items.

  194. jonah says:

    shadow clone jitzu

  195. Polyghon says:

    Where the hell is giorno? He literately can put anyone in a infinite death loop without even having to kill them. He solos gokus verse without trying.


    where tf is rimuru, i mean the anime and manga rimuru is op by itself but if they turn the whole light novel into an anime, goku or saitama can’t even move against him cause he’s too freaking broken like wtf he can destroy thousands of universes and recreate them all again at the same time. He’s a literal god

  197. Simon Beiran says:

    I think you forgot Sakamoto from “Sakamoto Desu Ga?’ He could easily defeat everyone on this list. “Knee Destruction!”

  198. weeb boy says:

    this list is sooooooo wrong

  199. smallbunnyy says:

    sailor moon should be on here to

  200. kize says:

    choji os the strongest anime character by far

  201. this one guy says:

    how is all might stronger than luffy this list is so cap

    • greatday says:

      Ikr luffy can probably beat all might easily and saiki k is also strong maybe saiki k can turn all might into stone by looking at him without his glasses or just do a flick pretty simple for saiki k.

  202. Your Mother says:

    this list is a joke

  203. Random Anime Man says:

    Rimuru Tempest right now: ;-; am i a joke


    there is a lot of retarded comments in here zeno is still the strongest not saitama

  205. King Keys says:

    Saitama would easily beat Zeno

  206. shut up kid says:

    novel kars?

  207. Alana Xanthippe says:

    Ajimu Najimi from Medaka box definitely belongs on this list near the top.
    With 12.8 qintillion different powers to begin with some of the stronger ones being
    Complete mastery of any and all magic and magic itself.
    The power to appear wherever and whenever she wants, not just to physical places but abstract and hard defined ones as well (heaven, hell, inside your heart).
    Power nullification.
    Negate or make any and all defenses to her attacks voided.
    Cancel any damage she takes so that it doesn´t occur.
    Remove the possibility to be counterattacked.
    Remove the possibility to miss with her own attacks.
    Making herself stronger than any opponent she faces.
    Cancel an attack that have already happened.
    Use any and all skills/techniques of all past opponents no matter if they used the skill in their battle or not.
    Become God.
    Become the Devil.
    Declare anything that happens or have happened to just be a dream hence it hasn’t happened.
    Remove the chance that she will make a mistake.
    Manipulate time.
    Negate the effect of any and all training and experience someone have gone through making them just as weak as when they had just started their training.
    Make her words become reality.
    Power over life and death.
    Control blackholes.
    Make herself be reborn.
    Alter history.
    Give people or thigs weak points.
    Time travel.
    The power to always win against stronger opponents.
    Pass out divine punishment.
    Control fate.
    Summon hell itself and whatever lurks there.
    Immortality and the power to heal herself.

    So yes she is a top level contender with ease.

  208. Sbrlover96 says:

    This is soooo fake. Pucci claps them all

  209. Seshen says:

    Luffy should be in this!!

  210. kalopsia says:


  211. G bod says:

    Where the is grand priest?

  212. not a weeb i swear says:

    this list is complete rubbish, first of all, every list ALWAYS forgets about Kusuo Saiki from The Disastrous Life of Saiki. K. he could clap Everybody on this list just by looking at them, he can create something from nothing, and could clap even Zeno, and before you say he’s not even in a fighting anime, what about Saitama, sure he has a lot of action, way more than Saiki’s but they’re both gag animes mostly based on comedy than fighting. AND WHY THE HELL IS EREN EVEN ON THIS LIST LIKE THEY PUT VASH ON HERE EVEN THOUGH PTS LUFFY COULD BEAT HIM AND THEY PUT EREN BEFORE ISAAC AND ICHIGO AND MELIODAS AND ALL THOSE PEOPLE HE DOESNT EVEN DESERVE TO BE ON THIS LIST WHOEVER MADE THIS LIST IS A COMPLETE UTTER IDIOT AND THEY HAVE NEVER WATCHED ANIME IN ALL OF THEIR ENTIRE TIME THEY LITERALLY PUT VASH ON HERE AND THEY DIDNT PUT EVEN GON WHEN HES NOT IN HIS BEEG BOI MODE?!?!? WHAT THE HELL. this list is more inaccurate than CBR and Screenrant’s rubbish and I would go more in depth about this if anyone would want to get destroyed in an argument about wether or not the most powerful anime character of all time (Kusuo Saiki) even deserves to be put on this list then I’m all for it. and let’s not forget that they said “Most Powerful Anime Characters of All Time” and weren’t more specific (and you can call me petty for that idgaf) and its not even fair to even put anyone whose anime isn’t even finished because we don’t know what could happen, like for example with bleach, Ichigo lost all of his powers at the end, that’s just one example, and at the time of making this list AoT hadn’t even been finished so like this list needs to be updated, no, EVERY list needs to be updated and put Kusuo Saiki at the top, the man literally willed his powers back to existence after he PURPOSELY, yes purposely, lost them.


      do you have a saiki fetish or something? do you like watch his porn animation while masturbating? your comment is so cringe i don’t even have to read it. (THATS A RETARDED COMMENT RIGHT THERE)

      • mela834 says:

        lmao i literally fell down reading this

  213. Just Nobody says:

    I would suggest Anos Voldigoad to be on this list

    • Random Anime Man says:

      anos can kill zeno, and i agree. Rimuru Tempest should be either 2nd or 1st, depending on anos’ ranking

  214. Sasuke Uzumaki says:

    When did eren yeager surpassed naruto?

  215. Anonymous says:

    People are giving too much credit to Saitama to the point they’re saying he might be stronger than Zeno who’s god of all universes. Just let me say that Saitama is still human even if he got to show hill full power it will have a limit to use it before it destroys his body from all the power he has. Also goku is almost as equally as strong as Saitama is, so him being able to hit Zeno is very likely impossible to happen


      see this guy gets it.

    • mela834 says:

      his power comes from his body, it cant destroy it

  216. superduckhunt19 says:

    issei should be on this list

  217. Animegod566 says:

    MUI Goku is really clapping saitama putting him in 4th place what is wrong with yall. AND MUI GOKU CANT EVEN BEAT WHIS AND WHIS DOSENT EVEN TRY SO DON’T YALL DARE SAY THAT SAITAMA IS STRONGER THAN WHIS AND GOKU. this list is all fake oh and wheres itachi, sasuke, Ken kaneki, AND ADULT GON and bruh who ever is saying that saitama is is stomping goku yall are jut so dumb af i swear

    • greatday says:

      saiki k can beat goku probably really fast. Saiki can probably do something to gokus mind and goku will forget about the fight or just look at goku without his glasses on and goku will turn into stone. But saiki k can pretty much easily beat deku. Deku could be so weak for him.

  218. Animelord7 says:

    stop the cap he is not stronger then zeno

  219. ken kaneki says:

    nah ken kaneki from tokyo ghoul should be in 12th place

  220. SAO Weeb says:


    • Just Nobody says:

      He’s normal ? All of those in this list are monsters. Don’t put my Kirito with them.

  221. you are adopted says:

    so freaking fake goku is way stronger than Saitama

    • Poggers says:

      Umm, the list mean the Goku right now. And ultra instinct is not forever. Sooo it’s like Saitama vs Boros again. Don’t get me wrong Gokuwill definitely win against Boros.

  222. u says:

    Giorno: Hold my requiem arrow.

  223. Daryl Nicholson says:

    Yo I think Todoroki should be on this list it’s just an opinion but I mean he has fire and ice abilities

  224. Matt says:


    • mela834 says:


  225. Blake says:

    Not a terrible list but Beerus is definitely still stronger than Ultra Instinct Goku, he can use Ultra Instinct himself. The list specifies strongest “anime” characters though and not strongest “manga” characters so I can forgive this. lol Naruto is way too far down on the list though, he’s leagues beyond what he was in the Naruto series, he’s the freaking Hokage now and could be considered God-like in his universe. Light shouldn’t even be here since if he doesn’t know someone’s name he’s completely harmless and that’s not even his power, if he doesn’t have the notebook he’s a normal kid. Satama and Zeno are right but Deku isn’t even listed. He was a million times stronger than All might for a moment in season 3.

  226. Anime facts says:

    Where the hell is Deku with all the info me have on him he is more powerful than Baki like wtf.

  227. jish55 says:

    “Strongest anime characters” list and you don’t even add Hao Asakure, the anime character so broken that he became literal God (not anime God, literal God as in the one who created the earth in 7 days God, where he went and absorbed God’s soul).

  228. h says:

    This list is so TRASH the hell naruto beat eren saitama beat zeno meliodas is TRASHY how the hell did he even get in here

  229. NotARetard says:

    ok let me get something straight to all you. Saitama is #2, he is intended to be an extremely strong and fast character that can defeat anyone with a single punch. Goku and many other characters in dragonball z dont stand a chance against him. For example, maybe with ultra instinct goku could dodge and maybe land a few punches on saitama but ultra instinct doesnt last forever, once it runs out saitama could easily wipe the floor with goku and any other character. The only other character is zeno due to him literally being able to destroy universes and stuff. Anyways saitama at full power has never been revealed so if he did use full power saitama could probably beat zeno aswell but no way in hell is goku or whis gonna beat him.

    • Just Nobody says:

      Zeno : snap
      Saitama : Umm, Genos ? I don’t feel so good.
      Genos : Sensei ?
      Poof ! Saitama gone from existence.
      That’s the whole story

  230. Sekke says:

    Can’t accept the fact that Grand Minister is not here.

  231. Yamamoto says:

    or this list is based on physical strength then it is perfectly correct!!!

  232. Yamamoto says:

    or this list is based on physical strength then it is perfectly correct

    • GING says:

      kinda can he can just wright someones name down on a piece of paper and they will die kinda overpowerd

  233. max says:


  234. Alex says:

    This guy is a idiot everyone who agreed with saitama being 2nd is stupid as hell this list is off saitama never showed his true power yea but have we mentioned someone who has destroyed a WORLD and a kid who is literally controlling a DEMON FOX and then you dare to even put ALL MIGHT you are dumb all might gets smacked by everybody in this list no cap manz can barely control him self AND THEN YOU PUT EREN ON 8TH HE SHOULD’NT EVEN BE IN THIS LIST you don’t watch anime AND THEN HOLD UP YOU PUTT ISAAC NETERO IN RONT OF NARUTO AND MELODIAS AND THEN THINKING THAT SAITAMA WILL BEAT GOKU BOIII let me get this straight saitama is not one punching goku he couldn’t do that to boros so what do you think he’s going to do to someone universal and who can destroy a planet against someone who ran to the moon and back in 19 second what do you think yea goku wins and whiz and naruto and beerus stomp saitama no cap debate me I’ll prove yo dumbass wrong

  235. OmniFlux says:

    Let me tell you why this list is completely bull. If Whis, an angel who could EASILY, I mean EASILY clap MUI Goku. Where the hell is Daishinkan (Grand Priest) He is said to be stronger than all angels and is the god of creation. He ain’t even on the god damn list. Another fact, Beerus, destroyed half the planet while yawning, WITH A TAP OF HIS FINGER. While over here, a SERIOUS PUNCH from Saitama can only clear a sky. Just because he hasn’t showed his true power yet, doesn’t mean you guys get to talk if he’s stronger than MUI Goku, Beerus, or even Whis. Let’s not talk about Whis since he is on a whole nother level. And why the hell is Eren above Naruto? Eren ain’t even shown a HINT of him being capable of destroying a moon. Naruto is planet, heck even galaxy level. Mob shouldn’t even be top 10 on the list neither should Eren. Another thing, I’m sure the person doesn’t watch anime at all. Ichigo, he has shown feats that he is UNIVERSAL. His Final Getsuga Tenshou can EASILY split a planet in half, even a universe. List is COMPLETELY bull.

  236. Owen says:

    What about luffy

  237. digritz says:

    What no Age/Bellcross? He’s likely one if not the most powerful including all anime, manga, Marvel and DC.

  238. eustass kid says:

    SIMON FROM GURREN LAGANN??????? he would clap everybody here except maybe zenos the only character that could beat him is light from death note but he isn’t rlly strong he just found some random overpowered journal

  239. Clement Overpowered says:

    I am the most powerful

  240. Zacharay says:

    Ok buddy whis is way stronger than that bum plus he never use 100% in dragon ball super plus Goku should definitely be 3th because mui is way stronger than bum plus in the moro arc it’s even better so stop with all the lies kid…

  241. Paul says:

    Holy mother of God, how can a list be so wrong? Literally none of them are in the top 15. Antispiral, kami tenchi, sinbad, alladin, gilgamesh, featherine, naofumi, azazoth, Simon, alucard, medaka, izayoi, all the golden brothers, saint seiya, sealas, demigra and many many more are each capable of beating your top 15 with literally zero difficulty

  242. random says:

    where is saiki? saiki can defeat some of them on the list :)

  243. Ronald Mkrgan says:

    Why Jiren the grey is not on this list he is one of the most powerful in dragonball history

  244. Dave says:

    How Naruto can kill eren easy he was able to beat 8 tails while saving them too

  245. alison says:

    Ay Wheres Luffy D. Monkey

  246. Alison says:

    You forgot Koro-sensei

  247. Shaharyar Azhar says:

    This article was awsome but i felt it did not include the Giant anime, Jaguar D. Saul could be added into the list as he was strongest giant anime, he could threw the large ships out of the water, rest is accurate list, as one punch man the strongest with his devastated punches.

  248. john says:

    so we not gonna talk about simon the digger not being on this list when he can claps goku with mid to low diff??

  249. FinnyJ says:

    How is sailor moon not in this list? wtf are these people smoking?

  250. Uchihas>other anime ppl says:

    Everyones wrong. Sasuke, Itachi, Obito and Madara would simply annihilate everyone. No hesitation whats so ever. The smartest, fastest, and strongest physically and mentally. They put some wack ass ppl up there and didn’t even do their research and spelled the names wrong lmfao. This isn’t accurate we all know it. Mikasa and Levi should be up there too.

    • Alex says:

      ok your stupid aot people should NOT be on the list and so shouldn’t sasuke itachi obito nor madara there in the 20 prob compared to other animes they would beat them but not dbz someone who destroyed a planet vs 4 people who are smart and fast but not faster and are strong but not stronger who do you think will win
      goku runs the speed of 22.321 trillion MPH and the uchihas aren’t the fastest the stamina people are the uzumakis we got over that and by naruto and naruto is in the 10th place so there lower then your a uchiha boy I needs to think have a nice day

      • LuFfy says:

        sasuke is really strong and so is madara obito

  251. The Anime Boi says:

    What about Dio over heaven or Cars?

  252. Sasuke uchiha says:

    Usually I thought of my boy naruto as insanely powerful so whoever created this is a moron

  253. weeb says:

    so your telling me Naruto is not stronger then all might…. ok then

  254. neoncactus.exe says:

    yo what about Koro Sensei from Assassination Classroom

  255. Max says:

    BRUHHH why is zeno the only op character here as hes omnipotent

  256. Max says:

    your opinions in whos strongers pretty bad and people who are complaining about who would win saitama or goku it doesent matter the whole point in saitama is that hes overpowered and can one shot things and goku has his own ways of becoming op if those 2 were to fight it would be a fight that would last ages p

  257. Max says:

    This is a trash list why is eren higher then naruto and meliodas and even netero why is mob that high on the list there so many more characters that are stronger then these guys maybe apart from zeno but then you can add every omnipotent character like ngnl or the villain from gurren lagann shoulda named it most powerful protaganists

  258. Bari says:

    I think this list is not right at all…lots of characters are not in it and I’m just wondering how Eren is more powerful than Naruto :|

  259. Dennis says:

    Saitama is just a mere Human you compare him to Beerus and Whis even Goku can kill him with 1 punch

    • Max says:

      no the point in saitama is that he one shot things and hes overpowered thats what makes that anime comedy

  260. naruto says:

    ok first saitama is not stronger than goku or faster goku is faster than light witch can jump to the moon in 1 second secondly saitama could not even with stand goku strength and thirdly melodies should be last on this list he is barely planetary and is not even as fast as light speeds

    • Animegod566 says:


  261. Koro-sensei_fan says:

    hu why evryone is saying somes insults :(

  262. Koro-sensei_fan says:

    wut about korosensei in assassination classroom ?

  263. Koro-sensei_fan says:

    and korosensei ?

  264. lol says:

    wn rimuru should be on this list

  265. aaron says:

    Nah ist shaggy and shrek and Matt, no1 on this list can even touch them

  266. bill says:

    how is goku and whis on this list and not grand priest makes no sense plus saitama is number 1 becuase no one knows his true power but we all know zenos true power

  267. Nick says:

    What about Saiki K!?!?!?!

  268. Jojol says:

    Are you guys realizing that Golden Experience Requim and,The world over heaven kills ALL OF THE PEOPLE ON THIS LIST?!?! Look up their abilities I’m right -_-

  269. Nate says:

    Kaha stop the cap you know Zeno is number one

  270. YourOpinionMatters says:

    I don’t understand why most ppl think Saitama is the strongest character. Sure he can defeat everything in one punch but Zeno can literally wipe out the entire universe and multiverse.

  271. John David Bithao says:

    The God in one punch man can beat zeno so easily

  272. kaiden100011 says:

    most unacurrate list i have ever seen

  273. noob123 says:

    Dude Saitama litterly almost destroyed all 4 multiverse in one punch man manga with a single not serious death punch to a “God” and also the #1 strongest should be Ultra Instinct Shaggy He is stronger than saitama

  274. laz says:

    someone forgot that Giorno Giovanna exist and can literally one-shot anyone

  275. Muramasa says:

    This list is so sad. All 15 can be replaced with so many other OP beings… e.g. Alaya/Gaia (Fate), Featherine (Dawn of the Golden Witch), Dark Schneider (Bastard), e.t.c

  276. BBBBBB says:

    eren is not stronger than naruto

  277. Steven Jonas says:

    what about Yuu Otosaka from Charlotte (when he still had them)

  278. Saitama thestrongest says:

    Saitama or Zeno I think its Saitama

  279. ew dragon ball z is trashhh says:

    Saitama is way stronger than these dragon ball z characters

    • Saitama thestrongest says:

      Ya man saitama is the real deal

    • LuFfy says:

      man goku can wipe that cancer man out in masterd ultra instinct wym???

  280. Ace Wildheart says:

    goku is stronger then them all at full power. Some dbs fan mite be thinking but zeno is Supreme but in reality goku is way stronger then zeno

  281. signal_plane says:

    No one in attack on titan should be on this list all they use are weapons

  282. SHHHHHHH says:

    Everyone saying zen,saitama,goku,naruto,ichigo or others are stronger but the actually strongest character is Mumen Rider.He was slappin the deep sea king easily but he let saitama get the final blow.He was moving at about Mach 20 speed.(Oh yeah,if you don’t know the word sarcastic,please search it up.This comment is just all lies.)

  283. Anime dude says:

    Bruh Meliodas is way stronger than naruto because he is stronger than gods but naruto fights FAKE gods

  284. Flare Kahanay says:

    Where is Giorno Giovanna at he’s literally the strongest character you can revert Zeno’s attack Then he can spam and keep reverting zenos every attack .

    • Anime dude says:

      It’s impossible to avoid zenos blink idiot

  285. naurto is stronger then boruto says:

    Saitama solos the list

    • signal_plane says:

      no, no, he can’t beat Goku because Goku has infinite power

  286. Eillen Carlos says:

    whre is sailormoon

  287. anime master says:

    as part of te anime commuinity just wanna say we DONT ACCEPT YOU

  288. anime master says:


  289. Tristan says:

    Sinbad should be at the top because Sinbad is everything and nothing at the same time so I’m other words Sinbad is destiny itself and also if Zeno erased him he would come back unharmed because the man got erased by god himself and came back then killed him easily

  290. Keiko says:

    you forgot ainz ooal gown

  291. kira says:

    it would take light from death note 30 seconds to wright there name and kill them all

    • anime master says:

      nah sorry idiot that only works on humans meaning naruto goku beerus and zeno would survive since none of are human and narutos one with kurama btw

    • kaiden100011 says:

      u do realize he needs time to write their names and zeno could destroy the universe before lights pen could touch the page

  292. Kameron Taylor says:

    Why is Natsu Dragneal not on here he is hella strong.

  293. urmom69 says:

    Accurate my ass

  294. kuronja says:

    bro kami tenchi will destroy them all with his finger no cap

    • Max says:

      yes LMAO bruh he just put zeno a omnipotent character when there so many more omnipotent chracters that destroy them all

  295. cancer says:

    eren weak af tf can he do ?

    • Anonymous says:

      bruh eren can heal the moment he transforms he can summon titans he can roar so loud it bursts your eardrums he can even use a sword well and if you’ve seen the latest episode of attack on titan then you see Eren’s founding titan which is so big it can cover a full country

  296. Cody says:

    How is Eren Yeager stronger then Naruto he is almost the strongest anime character, specially with his new god mod looking mod

    • LuFfy says:

      i bet a mortel can beat naruto just one suckerpunch to the throat

  297. Skittles says:

    What about Saiki k

  298. Sitama says:

    Originally Answered: Who are the strongest comic/manga/anime characters ever ? I’m sorry, but Giorno Giovanna(JJBA) is probably the most unbeatable. Others on this list might have those godly universe controlling and infinite strength. They still don’t stand a chance against Giorno(More specifically GER).

  299. sayaadakonek says:

    how about zalama

  300. LastJoy says:

    Why isn’t GER from Jojo here

  301. Saitama's Bae says:

    3:Goku at Full Power
    There is no question.

    • Cody says:

      Then Naruto in his new form
      There is no question now

  302. Korega... Requiem... Da. says:

    This is… Not the truth…

  303. bi says:

    what do you mean eren is weak af

  304. Hosh says:


  305. Dookle says:

    there are so many other op characters from anime like Ainz Ooal Gown (Momonga) from overlord or Puck From Re: Zero judt to name a few popular anime

  306. haki says:

    where is luffy at he solos sds and aot

    • signal_plane says:

      what are you talking about, your saying stuff because you like the show, not the power levels

  307. Goku says:


  308. ree says:

    he forgot the Pokémon Arceus. Arceus is n Zeno’s level. he created the entire Pokémon universe just by being born .he has physic, fire, water, earth, and lightning abilities. he can clap the entire verse except for Zeno.

    • Okita San says:

      And yet the lama god is affected by pikachu’s lightning, honestly a god level defence stat. For real though, not very strong, the only feat it has is universal maybe universal+, but Zeno stomps (even though Zeno isn’t even that strong) by threatening the whole Dragon Ball multiverse. And the fact that you said, when Arceus was born, it created the universe, no, no, Palkia, Dialga and Giratina did and it took a while for the universe to appear. There are much stornger candidates other than the ones on the list, for example, The World in the Fate series which is also the counter force, making it OP.

  309. brandon says:

    saiki k could beat all of them

  310. ImComingInPushesYouAllAway says:

    Sorry saitama but Ainz sama and Anos Voldigoad is coming thru..

  311. Pheonix says:

    why isn’t sasuke here and even killua. they are both fast

  312. Cha Cha Ticcy Ticcy says:

    This is so innacurate it’s funny

    Naruto, Ichigo and Meliodas is stronger than Eren
    Saitama shouldn’t be on here cause no one knows his true potential yet.

    Luffy is at Naruto’s level
    Sasuke and Naruto are equals

    All might shouldn’t be in honourable mentions since he isn’t anywhere close Eren level.

    There are many other characters that were not listed

    Stop putting just the famous characters, since there are many underrated characters out there, Rin Okumura and Issei Hyoudou are OP, too, there are many actual good characters that are right under Naruto level and some that are Goku level already.

  313. Yawa ka says:

    Eren is stronger than Naruto? wut the hell….
    Oh btw i just want to correct your spelling….
    That should be Naruto Uzumaki not Naturo Uzumaki… :)

  314. shikkio says:

    laughs in demon lord rimuru

    • Dookle says:

      yes XD but this website was before then

  315. bigo chigo says:

    no one on this list can scratch Saitama except Zeno but Saitama never uses his full power if u read the manga then u would know wut he means by a serious punch is only 0.0001 percent of his strength so ze
    no has his spot well earned the only one who stands a chance with him is Zeno but i don’t think Zeno could kill him they would probably be on par with each other

  316. Yuki says:

    Shaggy looks down on you mere mortals!! BOW BEFORE OUR LORD!!!

  317. Yuki says:


  318. Yeeeeeboi says:

    i think a battle between saitama and zeno would last for a while with zeno coming out victorious. But what about the Great Priest? Wouldnt he be stronger than whis???

    • Yuki says:

      But then Shaggy would come in a beat them both!

  319. Icynu says:

    goku is stronger then saitama ichigo is stronger then naruto btw i am counting naruto news form and eren is way weaker he is about a little weaker from deku

  320. An1mek1d says:

    how eren is stronger than naruto

    • Icynu says:


    • Cha Cha Ticcy Ticcy says:

      because they’re dumb? Naruto is Multi-planetary – near Sun level while Eren is around big-city level.

  321. Giornio says:

    zeno is both at the top and the bottom cause he doesn’t know how to fight but he has an extraordinary amount of power

  322. Big nerd says:

    theres a bunch i really don’t agree on this list but I’ll only go into stuff i think are blantly wrong. First off can we get meliodas out of the way since it’s stated to be weaker than escanor and im not seeing him on the list. Now I’m mainly putting effort in this cause there’s two charatcers from shows I like and also i’m a big nerd, I know my facts. Idk why netero would be on this list since he got washed by Meruem who holding back for the most part and Meruem also not on the list. I like mob Story, characters, art is my all time favorite anime… but I know my facts. The author ONE who created the story also claimed that Tatsumaki(a character in another one of his works) surpasses 100 percent mob, well there is the fact of that he didn’t answer what if mob were in ??? percentage or if he was intending to kill but it’s not confirmed or anything but yet again having mob on this list with tatsukmaki not appear infront or behind him. To be fair my points are based of character stronger than other rather than match ups themselves but if you think Eren just absolutely Bodies Tastumaki then whatever I gotta get back to my studies than typing this.

  323. Charlie says:

    I think Ichigo should be more powerful than Akira Fudo, and that Akira Fudo should be more powerful than Meliodas. Other than than, I agree.

  324. Andrea says:

    hell no sung jin woo is stronger than every body there
    you agrees with me

  325. legoshi says:

    this isnt right meliodas could beat naruto i can explain

  326. Ruben says:

    What about Sailor Cosmos (Sailor Moon’s ultimate form)? She is literally the embodiment of the cosmos.

  327. Samara says:

    Who created this list?
    Saitama stronger than beeru whis MUI Goku and Naruto are u kidding me and where is jiren and also zeno is not the strongest anime character there a lot of characters stronger than him.

  328. ShizueRimuru says:

    this list is terrible zeno would look like eren compared to the top 10 anime characters of all time and the people who say giorno is the strongest is also wrong Gold Experience Requiem’s ultimate ability is to revert actions and willpower back to the state of “zero”, completely nullifying them and preventing them from becoming “real” these anime characters have the ability to change reality itself which is similar to giorno’s stand but on a astronomically different scale.

  329. Mememaster09 says:

    yo why no hav gold experience requiem

  330. Dalija Zderic Gustin says:

    this so so accurate(thats what saitamaards would say) THIS IS NOT EVEN close to accurate

  331. unknown says:

    naruto is really stronger then saitama and he was strronger then eren even when he was in academy and even sakura can beat eren

  332. Hxh lang malakas says:

    Why is the comment section is long? lets just say gon and killua including netero are the powerfullest HAHAHAHA char lang

  333. LOSWERRR says:

    bro what about one piece

  334. Loswer says:


  335. yai says:

    how could they forget the grand minister from dbs

  336. Rufai says:

    Vegita should be in this list cos he ls obviously stronger than naruto

  337. Rufai says:

    Vegita should be in this list cos he ls obiously stronger than naruto

  338. dude says:

    where is jojo? they have limited attacks and they use “stands”. i really thought jotaro or dio or jojo was gonna be on here.

  339. MR_BLOXXY says:

    uhh we need giorno and jotaro on the list,and i can name a few stand users that can kill saitama and dragon ball characters,why is mob on 7th,we have gods but a middle school kid?i mean,ultimate kars can kill everyone,if the scp foundation is an anime we have to add scp 682 or was it 628?

  340. MR_ says:

    yes we have ultra powerfull stands that can put you out of existence,rewind and even stop time,and the strongest guy here is a dragon ball character,no offense mob should be on bottom list

  341. Idiot_Nugget says:

    Goku isn’t even top 15 there’s omnipotent characters that aren’t on this list .why is all might here WHY

  342. joshua says:

    goku all day daddy

  343. the guy says:

    naruto should be number8 . eren didnt fight a god but naruto did not 1 even 4. what can eren do?

  344. ZZ says:

    why is eren stronger then naruto naruto haves kurma and the six paths also sage art their is no way that eren is stronger then naruto right guys

  345. ZZiden says:

    where is Luffy he is strong lol

  346. nick lasiter says:

    is everyone in the world stupid the number 1 strongest anime character is saiki k he can kill anyone in half a mila second and then the second strongest character is the ant king from hunterxhunter

  347. I_am_the_mysteries_of_the_universe says:

    What about The “Turtle Guy” from Dragon Ball?

  348. AJASJSAJ says:


    • MMR_BLOXXY says:

      dont forget golden experience REQUIEM

  349. some_weeb says:

    nah he cant lol….. sindbad can probs be low on this list coz i doubt he destroys universes but yea they only took super popular animes and stuffed them in here smh

  350. some_weeb says:

    this is sooooo bad wth… they only added mainstream anime smh… like half of all isekai protags r way too broken lmao… someone like rimiru could probably break the entire universe 12 times and he isnt on the list smh…

  351. i hate this list says:

    this thing is ass

  352. Kookiiach says:

    It shouldn’t be all might XD
    it should be either Eri or Deku
    because Deku is proven to be stronger than all might
    and Eri has a REWIND quirk
    likeee she can kill All for One O.O

  353. Cooper says:

    How is eren stronger than naruto and chairman?

    • ZZ says:

      I KNOW RIGHT Naruto haves the six paths and sage art and kurma

  354. monkey d luffy says:

    when i become the king of the pirats then you will see i will be at the very top i will be the strongest

  355. monkey d luffy says:

    one punch man dont even live up to his name

  356. monkey d luffy says:

    i am luffy i beaten naruto and goku but goku with a litte bit of naruto’s help i am the strongest i even besten freeza he is weak and i am not going to die hear i’m going to be the king of the pirats and wears my meat

  357. isaiah says:

    i think one piece monkey d luffy nightmare haki

  358. Sneha7 says:

    Ever heard of accelerator? Watch to aru majutsu no index and you’ll see who’s strongest…that character can beat saitama (don’t say anything if u haven’t watch the anime)

  359. Noble says:

    first of all Saitama is not stronger than Goku or whis and Naruto is stronger than eren and mob so this list is rubbish

  360. dallas says:

    i know eren is strong and what not but naruto,allmight, and meliodas could easily kick his ass

  361. Alex says:

    Where is luffy, he is immune to bullets, has the 4 gears, and has all haki, and with haki can dodge any physical attack. of course he isn’t invincible but he deserves to be on the list.

  362. Alex says:

    Where is luffy, he is immune to bullets, has the 4 gears, and has all haki, of course he. isn’t invincible but deserves to be on the list.

  363. Soggy says:

    How tf is mob stronger then Ichigo

  364. Crepervcon34 says:

    I think Luffy is definitely up there, HE CUT A HUGE BOAT I HALF WITH NO FLINCH!!!

  365. Ah says:

    Why isn’t Sasuke baruto and why not Kakashi
    It not rite

  366. CJ says:

    Saitama should be number 1 cuz he can kill any opponent with almost one punch. And if he went against goku he would be able to destroy goku easily it would just take more time.

  367. Shazzy Wazzy DE Lazzy says:

    every one on this list should be universal scale or omnipotent
    not some measly kid who trained for 3 yrs

  368. Shazzy azzy DE Lazzy says:

    so a guy who is a god of destruction and can erase anyy1 except the angels and omni kings
    is weaker than a guy who trained for 3 years???

  369. haikyuuOP says:

    whys nishinoya not on here??!

  370. professor samurai Sakura says:

    what abt sailor moon TwT in her Cosmo form

  371. yeet says:

    naruto could use his full power and destroy everyone


    TBH I think kilua from hunter x hunter or hisoka should be on here.

  373. Kars says:

    K A R S

  374. AJ says:

    zeno is the strongest character because he destroyed zamasu’s universe just by lifting both of is arms and destroyed that universe so zeno is the strongest

  375. Egal says:

    How about Kaguya Ōtsutsuki

    • naruto says:

      SHE claps and she’s multiversial ap adn she can destroy plants

  376. Mickell says:

    All i have to say is where are the one piece characters

  377. snowsnow says:

    naruto would take out eren easily with a giant rasengan barrage

  378. Raffy Al-fath says:

    Ok first of all naruto is stronger then mob second of all goku is WAAAAAY STRONGER then saitama so this list is rigged

  379. Aawdiawydhawuidgawdyu]aD says:

    saitama should be in the middle of the list while eren should be near the beginning of it

  380. Truth says:

    the fact that Kami Tenchi is not on the list as #1 means they didnt check anything and just pullled random names out of the hat none of these should be here

  381. Kalendari says:

    The fact that it has the dragon ball series makes me feel good

  382. cheeseboi says:

    naruto with six paths would clap eren eren is no match for naruto thi list is trash at this piont but if naruto is stronger than netero idk i havent watched hxh. an naruto can use the hiraishin no jutsu i just wanted to mention that

  383. King_V019 says:

    If you think about it, I believe that Saitama is that same as Goku. With both defeating characters that destroy worlds restrained. Goku was able to defeat Beerus and even risk the fact that prolonged fights risk destroying entire universes. Saitama however also destroyed and killed Lord Boros who was able to destroy his armor with the first punch and destroy his entire body completely with him barley trying. Imagine just imagine. If he snapped so hard and powered up like Goku. More then planets or even solar systems would be affected. He could punch so hard he could break reality and space and even open portals to different universes( if he snapped really really really hard like Goku did). However, the most powerful one is Dio( World Over Heaven form) and Giovani. Dio is able to erase a part of time from history with no limit on the duration or even the place. He could go kamikaze and destroy the time all of the universes where created. He can stop time with no limit and that my friends can allow him to have godlike power. Even though he is not canon he is still more powerful then Zeno himself by just erasing the time he was created. Giovani because he can make anything go back to 0. Meaning one touch even if it does not affect him can cause Zeno to revert any action to 0. Meaning he can even make him trapped in a INFINITE DEATH LOOP. Sooo…. although not physicaly these 2 have life hacks and ohhh boi. They got the ultimate life hacks.

  384. gokuforsmash says:

    this list so inaccurate. mob over naruto? mob destroyed a city while naruto destroyed half the
    moon come on. eren is cool but he is nowhere near the top 10 or 20 in terms of strength. You’re telling me Saitama is stronger than weiz and Goku? throw the whole list in the trash!

  385. marwan says:

    Bruh i have at least 100 charachter stronger than zeno and goku naruto whis and beerus are stronger than saitama yall stop surestimating saitama his weak and zeno is weak as hell at$nd stop underestimatin naruto naruto is universal ap and zeno should be top 150 by ap EE and dc

    • King_V019 says:

      And the number one who can beat him is either Giovani because he can revert ANYTHING to 0 and just punch him 1 time. 1 time. To banish EVERY CHARACTER into a INFINITE DEATH LOOP with INFINITE WAYS. Just a thought, just a thought will do. And Dio because well he can erase and bend reality to his pleasing. So just erase when every character was created theeennn. Yeet Skeet see you out of reality. Sooo yeah those 2 are number one and if you fight me then I would win.

      • Aawdiawydhawuidgawdyu]aD says:

        he can only put people in a infinite death loop if the person dies

        • MR)BLOXXY says:

          but he can change that(*kills person and puts them in death loop*)

    • Shazzy Wazzy DE Lazzy says:

      so zeno who can destroy reality itself is weak af??
      narito could destroy a planets right???
      goku could alter time it self in ultra instinct form
      whis who is stroner than goku
      beerus can erase people
      and please , give me your list of over 100 people who can defeat an omni king that has alrdy destroyed 6 universe for fun

  386. Shadow says:

    Hey Saitama should be the strongest anime character because he ahs not gone full serious mod in the manga series

  387. najaf says:

    naruto will stomp saitama narutos feats r wayyyyy higher

    and base goku will kill saitama with a blow

    • Carter says:

      You are so wrong stupid goku could not beat saitama and naruto is weaker then both of them

      • gokuforsmash says:

        carter,goku made a multiverse shake in his base form with a single punch,while saitama divided some clouds.

        • MR_BLOXXY says:

          amatuers,the strongest of them all is giorno,his stand golden experience requim can:Gold Experience Requiem is a close-range Requiem Stand that boasts an incredible increase in both speed and power compared to its previous form (possibly stronger than Star Platinum or The World). Created by the Arrow and born from Giorno’s strong desire to defeat King Crimson and exact revenge on Diavolo, it wields the arcane power of reverting anything to “zero”, effectively undoing their actions; a power that trumps even the time erasure/nullification of King Crimson.

          Gold Experience Requiem is powerful enough as a Stand that it permits Giorno to levitate with it.[4]Gold Experience Requiem’s ultimate ability is to revert actions and willpower back to the state of “zero”, completely nullifying them and preventing them from becoming “real”.

          If the opponent is hit by Gold Experience Requiem, then they will continuously experience death, as they will die but repeatedly return to point “zero”: the point immediately before the process of death (i.e Diavolo’s endless death loops). Through this ability, GER creates a new “reality”, as it calls it, for Diavolo as a form of poetic justice for the many times the mob boss has manipulated reality to his advantage with King Crimson.[5]

          This ability makes GER one of the most powerful Stands in the franchise, if not the second strongest, next to The World Over Heaven(star platinum over heaven is a joke).Despite its transformation, Gold Experience Requiem appears to have not only retained its life-giving abilities after evolving, but said abilities are noted to be vastly more potent compared to the original Gold Experience. This is demonstrated briefly when Requiem fires a small high-speed fragment of Gold Experience with enough power to pierce Diavolo’s hand, before it transforms into a scorpion and attacks him.and it puts diavolo into an infinite death loop.try countering this saitama and other fans ゴゴゴゴ

          • Dark Elixer says:

            No offense but, those guys won’t make it even in the top 300 trust me, there are way more reality warpers than you think.

  388. seven deadly sins is the best says:

    it all right but meliodes from seven deadly sin is stronger than naruto

  389. IM_A_GOD_OR_DEMON_ says:

    i thought Meliodas from Seven Deadly Sins was stronger than naruto from naruto and beerus is in the right place

  390. From Jersey says:

    4- Saitama
    3- UI Goku
    2- Grand Priest (father of all angels)
    1- Zeno Sama

  391. Tarun says:

    They’ll fall into itachi’s Genjutsu..

  392. Monkey D. Luffy Pirate King says:

    goku is stronger then saitima

  393. Keith Williams Jr. says:

    Finally, someone who understands that Zeno is stronger than Saitama.

    • Monkey D. Luffy Pirate King says:

      where am i

      • monkey d luffy says:

        you are not the king of the pirats i am going to be you are gold d rogers

  394. van says:

    not accurate at all my guy melodis can kill all them with one move full counter and he cant die.

  395. aws barakat says:

    and what about anos the king of demons

  396. derick says:

    this is wrong noooooooooooooo saitiama is not stronger then whis

  397. stupid ass says:

    giorno giovanna like maybe not the strongest but defienetly infront of light yagami AND EREN YAEGER

    • MR_BLOXXY says:


      • Orion Burford says:

        Ik, Why dont people understand that giorno is undefeatable heck he has no stand stats because is stand is so powerful, his power is incomprehendable, everyone should just admit giorno is and will always be the most powerfull anime character in existance.

  398. Elias Xiong says:

    SAITAMA IS MY FAV ANIME CHARACTER EVER SINCE THE ANIME CAME OUT I WATCHED ONE PUNCHED MAN 12 TIMES ITS SOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD ??Saitama?? Is The Best At Punching If This Was “The Most Best Puncher’s List” I Respect The Zeno Lovers and Ever Other Anime Character Lovers in this list hopefully they Make A The Most Best Puncher’s List.

  399. Clare says:

    Someone from one piece is SO up there.

  400. nobody says:


    • Elias Xiong says:

      Ikr He Is Pretty Strong He Is My 3rd Fav Anime Character.

    • Keith Williams Jr. says:

      NOOOOOO definitely not Kirito he is pretty weak.

    • Shazzy Wazzy DE Lazzy says:

      hes weak af

  401. matthew barnett says:

    this is cap exspect for eren yager and gon What about killua he’s strang as gon