Attack On Titan Season 2

As if we could hold our breaths any longer! After three years of waiting, ODM gear losing steam and neverending fan theories, what could be the most highly anticipated anime announcement of the year has arrived. Anime News Network has confirmed that Attack on Titan (also known as Shingeki no Kyojin) season 2 will be released in April 2017.

Attack On Titan Season 2 release date

The second season’s release date was revealed on the manga’s 21st volume published by Kodansha comics, after the initial announcement of a second season came in 2014. Fans had then been promised a 2016 release date but that was subsequently postponed for a then unknown date in 2017. These delays were reportedly to allow the release of Hajime Isayama’s manga’s and thus providing more material and content for the anime creators to develop and cultivate a story out of it.

Despite it being three years since its debut, Attack on Titan is still enjoying colossal success. Fortunately, the wait in no way undercut its success as the anime began building a franchise made up of video games, merchandise, toys, light novels and spin-off series, theme parks and attractions in Japan, and a live action movie.

The only thing that can be hoped for in the second season of the anime is just witnessing the shock of some of the biggest mysteries being answered or addressed. These mysteries comprised of but not limited to:

  1. What is the significance of Dr Yeager’s basement in the treacherous wasteland that is Shinganshina, and what secrets will it reveal?
  2. Why are titans embedded within the main walls where humans live, and how did they get there without anyone noticing?
  3. What is the identity and true purpose of the titans and those that sent them? (For those fans who haven’t read on in anticipation of the anime)
  4. Who will die in season 2, who will survive? Shocking deaths of beloved characters are always too painful in this anime.
  5. Finally of course just one name- Annie and her universe of secrets.

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