Early Reactions To Thor: Ragnarok Are Very Positive

Through sixteen films, Marvel has maintained a really good track record of creating fun and entertaining superhero films. Thor: Ragnarok seems to be no different.

In order to stand out from the rest of the franchise and earlier Thor films, Marvel looked to change things up with Thor: Ragnarok by adding more comedy, brighter colours, and setting the backdrop in the cosmos. If you couple that with the appearance of Hulk and a new crew of heroes, the film is shaping up to be one of the studio’s biggest gambles. It seems that gamble has paid off.

The social media embargo for Thor: Ragnarok has lifted and with that comes several early reactions to the film:

Thor: Ragnarok release date: Nov 3, 2017.

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  1. Mighty_Thor

    Yeah, they are copying the GOTG formula of fun and adventure….so what? Thor has always been about high stakes adventure with humor on the side. Watch the first 2 Thor films. Some humors land, some don’t. But if Taika Waititi makes it more fun for everyone, why the heck not?

    At least it’s not like Justice League. From the get go, the DCEU has always been about grim and gritty, but when BVS and Suicide Squad bombed with critics and fans now the trailers are focusing on the fun, fun, fun, one liners, aaaand copied GOTG’s style of giving the film a rock soundtrack. Sheesh!

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