Breaking: Ben Affleck Signs On For Matt Reeves' The Batman Trilogy, Batman Beyond Coming As Well

Breaking: Ben Affleck Signs On For Matt Reeves’ The Batman Trilogy, Batman Beyond Coming As Well

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According to a source from Warner Bros., Ben Affleck has signed on to appear in Matt Reeves’ The Batman trilogy. Reportedly, Affleck will assume the mantle of the Dark Knight for at least three more films, with the last leading towards a Batman Beyond film, which will kickstart the next phase of the DCEU.

“Yeah, he [Affleck] is staying on as the Batman. There were contract issues, but everything’s sorted now. He’ll do Reeves’ trilogy which sets up Batman Beyond, which will be the next phase of the DC film universe,” the source says.

You’ll undoubtedly be familiar with the news Affleck wanted out that’s been doing the rounds lately. However, this seems to be a problem of the past, as he has committed his future to the DCEU for the foreseeable future. Good news for Batman fans!

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  1. Dave de Burgh

    Awesome. Had no doubts at all, but I’m helluva psyched to hear that there’s a trilogy planned and that we’ll be getting Batman Beyond!

  2. Dave de Burgh

    But… But… The ENTIRE internet believed the rumours that he was going to be kicked out! ;)

    This is all awesome news. :-D

  3. Aubrey Fraetas

    Lol the Internet believed the rumors but if you actually listened to some of the comic cons panels you would have heard it straight from his mouth that those stories are false. He is staying as batman and I love it!

  4. Phoenix Legend

    I think Affleck makes an amazing Batman and looking forward to a trilogy. Hopefully he has some directing input too.

  5. Ben Tuthill

    Ah FFS stop! Batfleck is awful. and Batman Beyond was one of my least favorite story arcs/shows. Fingers crossed Matt Reeves can get his arms around this and it will be better than Batman v Superman. I wish they would do Death of a Family or Year One.

  6. Alan Smithee Maxwell

    I’m for a Beyond movie, but listening to DC make these promises seems like a pipe dream. They keep telling us what we want to hear, not what will solidify their universe’s foundation.

  7. John Miller

    So the next few Bat films will be absolutely horrible. Well maybe after this Netflix can fix the damage done to Batman just like they saved Daredevil.

  8. Joshua Alderson

    That guy who plays Gendry in Game of Thrones, I’m just saying he looks like he was born to play Terry McGinnis.

    • Michael Schwartz

      His Batman has been great. And yeah a recast would’ve been bad. Especially this early in the universe. Made sense going from bale to him. But had they don’t after only two appearances that would’ve been lame

  9. Orlando J. Benson

    Brent McKenzie Ed Bosworth Daniel Robertson Ben Huffcut Princess Kayla Jeff Belz Nathan Seibel Kev Farris Jermaine Roberson Kobe Roberson

  10. Esteban Orozco

    DC is pulling their film slate ideas from a box that says “Unnecesary properties”
    Honestly i love DC but a Nightwing movie, gotham city sirens, flashpoint and a batman beyond movie will do nothing to cement their universe
    On the other hand the Avengers + the Guardians of the Galaxy are a good fit since Marvel earned that by building a universe that is both consistent and cohesive

  11. Nathan Pfahler

    If they do a Batman Beyond film it needs to be giving to Burton and Keaton would be the best to be Batman again for one last time. It doesn’t have to be part of the new DCEU

  12. Wesley

    Like 3 months ago I started telling my best friend that I was gonna direct DCEU’s Batman Beyond. I even made a teaser narrated by Amanda Waller just for fun.
    So far I’m half right

  13. Miguel Angel Perez

    You know what I was one of those who went up in arms when BatFleck was announced and I said no way. After seeing him in action I tip my hat to Ben because he did a phenomenal job and poured himself into the role. I’m excited to see him reprise the role.

  14. Nathan Wolfgang Shafer

    “Here Ben, we moved the decimal point over a couple of spaces.” Producers. “That’ll do it”- Ben Affleck. “I’ll also take a percentage of the DVD and Blueray sales, thanks”

  15. Matt Cly

    As much as we like to believe this is true, its actually not legit. The person who wrote this is “Edward Nigma”. I hope Affleck will sign up for a trilogy

  16. Lukey Muffler Stevens

    If there is any truth to this, it probably means they will avoid the Dark Knight Returns, which is a shame because it’s one of, if not the most awesome Batman stories

    • John Olsen

      It goes along with everything I’ve heard. However, I don’t know this website and there is no source. I wouldn’t count it until Warner Bros. makes an announcement.

  17. Charles Offria

    i honestly just never really been a fan of ben. yes ive read the comics but i just wished they went with a different actor for the part. i had heard bale wanted to come back but like it said in this articles there was some issues with the contract so now ben is batman for three more movies……ugh

  18. Kervyn

    You guys do realize that the chances of FoS having an exclusive inside source at WB when nobody else in Hollywood does, is next to nothing, right? I mean the article was written by Edward Nygma, for crap sakes. Edward Nygma, as in the Riddler. These guys are playing you.

  19. Andre Ferguson

    Love how folks decided a story from THR was fake news, but keep posting a story from a third rate blog site as if it’s the truth…

  20. Michael Fisher

    This is all over the Internet and ppl didn’t believe me when I said ben was gonna be in his own batman trilogy and 2 justice league movies but now look, awesome news and a batman beyond too hell yeah

  21. Hugo Barrantes

    No doubt they musta made him an astronomical offer $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ he just couldn’t refuse, I’m glad he did cause he simply embodies the evolved role perfectly, regardless of what die hard Keaton and Bale fans think.

  22. El Chavacano

    Hell Yeahh! Am a BIG Batman fan since Keaton 1989, ben rules as Batman/Wayne! Peoble that said he suck dont know a fucking thing about the character and the way WB are doing this films.

  23. Peter Bean

    Universe building breaking news for me is the equivalent of seeing my grandma naked. Just a turn off. Make a good film and lets go from there.

  24. Fox C. Steiner

    It’s a big Fake, your “News” are always full of Crap! Nobody else had covered this, and why? Because it’s Fake! Your just about Clickbait, that’s all

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