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Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus Review

While many, if not most scholars deny the biblical exodus occurred. The historical documentary, ‘Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus’, directed by Tim Mahoney claims that the biblical exodus is a
By Neilan Adams on 21 Oct 2015

Led Zeppelin – Physical Graffiti Reissue Review

When debating the greatest double album of all time Led Zeppelin’s sixth album ‘Physical Graffiti’ usually gets listed. This deluxe reissue is a powerful reminder why the band was great.
By Neilan Adams on 31 Aug 2015

Noel Gallagher – Chasing Yesterday Review

Former Oasis founder Noel Gallagher’s second album, ‘Chasing Yesterday’ is a steady collection of alternative and psychedelic tinged rock songs. Noel’s band, High Flying Birds accompanies him on the album.
By Neilan Adams on 16 Jul 2015

Mad Max: Fury Road Review

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ is the fourth instalment in the ‘Mad Max’ franchise. After thirty years, original creator George Miller returns to the directorial chair. It stars Tom Hardy as
By Neilan Adams on 19 May 2015

Ed Sheeran-X Review

After playing pubs, festivals, open mic nights, recording a few minor releases and becoming friends with Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran catapulted to stardom with his breakthrough single, ‘A-Team’ in 2011.
By Neilan Adams on 15 May 2015

The Signal Review

‘The Signal’ is a 2014 science fiction film that stars Laurence Fishburne and Brenton Thwaites. It premiered at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival and was released theatrically in June of
By Neilan Adams on 30 Apr 2015

Ain’t Them Bodies Saints Review

‘Ain’t Them Bodies Saints’ stars Casey Affleck as Texan outlaw, Bob Muldoon. Bob’s wife Ruth (Rooney Mara) is his partner in crime. Together they end up on the wrong side
By Neilan Adams on 08 Dec 2014

Once Chance Review

One Chance is an autobiographical comedy-drama about Britain’s Got Talent winner Paul Potts. Directed by David Frankel (director of The Devil Wears Prada), this sentimental tear jerker might be dismissed
By Neilan Adams on 26 Nov 2014

Wiz Khalifa – Blacc Hollywood Review

‘Blacc Hollywood’ is Wiz Khalifa’s fifth studio album. Casual listeners might know him from his breakthrough single ‘Black and Yellow’. Serious fans however might have mixed emotions after listening to
By Neilan Adams on 27 Oct 2014

Royal Blood – Royal Blood Review

Royal Blood is a British garage rock duo. Their eponymous album has garnered considerable attention in the British music industry. The duo only consists of bass guitar and drums. Mike
By Neilan Adams on 20 Oct 2014

12-12-12 Review

If you missed the news a while back, 12-12-12 refers to the benefit concert held in New York’s Madison Square Garden for victims of Hurricane Sandy on 12 December 2012.
By Neilan Adams on 11 Oct 2014