Why Jim Caviezel Should Have Been the Next Batman

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One of the most overlooked actors for the role of Batman in the Batman/Superman chase is Jim Caviezel. Although Warner may consider Jim to be slightly on the older side, he is a great actor and will be capable of being the type of Bruce Wayne that can guide this new Superman into becoming the hero he should be.

Jim Caviezel’s age may actually work to his advantage in this one. If you have problems with his slight greys (think George Clooney’s Batman), it’s nothing a little hair dye can’t fix.

Jim Caviezel Batman

Jim Caviezel is indeed a Person of Interest. He should not be overlooked and his current ongoing series proves this. Person of Interest is created by none other than Jonathan Nolan, the brother of the man who revolutionised the Batman franchise – Christopher Nolan.

The series follows two main characters, Finch (Michael Emerson) and Reese (Jim Caviezel), as they attempt to rid the city of future crimes, police corruption and the mob. Stop me if this story sounds familiar!

Reese prefers not to kill people, for reasons which are made known until later in the series, although he is exceptionally skilled in close hand-to-hand combat. Michael Emerson (who voiced The Joker in DC’s smash hit Dark Knight Returns) plays the role of Finch – a tech savvy, hacker and mission coordinator that has developed a way to determine future crimes. Think of him as a mixture between Lucious Fox (he is very proficient with technology) and Alfred (he has banters with Reese constantly). They even have a dog for crying out loud! Do I need to compare him to Ace?

Jim Caviezel Batman man of steel

Person of Interest is basically a Batman story with a few minor differences. We have a detective assisting the main protagonists (hello Commissioner Gordan). She attempts to rid the police department from corruption. On many occasions, we have Reese assume other identities in order to solve a crime, something that Bruce Wayne used a lot in his early career as Batman. There is also a bit of detective work in each episode. The main difference is that Reese is not afraid of using a gun. He prefers to down his opponents by making them take a bullet to the knee. Finch is also a billionaire. This makes Reese a billionaire by default, as Finch has no desire to really spend his money.

It is Caviezel’s unarmed combat that shines through in this series. The fight scenes are often gritty, calculated and brutal, just the way Batman likes it. Reese is a former CIA agent so he has various combat styles at his disposal and he does well with gadgets and weaponry.

Jim Caviezel as Batman

Is Caviezel enough of a playboy to assume the role of Bruce Wayne? Before people hop on to the fact that the is a devout Catholic and family man, remember this is acting and he was placed on the TV’s sexiest men top 100 of 2011. Clearly we has ladies weak at the knees.

Although he may not have a superhero physique, let us not forget that Christian Bale didn’t initially either. Bale was even dubbed “The Fatman” in Batman Begins. The next Batman will not need to be overtly muscular. We need to see the size disparity between Batman and Superman. This would work to Caviezel’s advantage. It will bring to light the brains versus brawn notion that often causes heated debates between Superman and Batman fans.

Then there is the “Jesus curse”. After portraying The Messiah in Passion of the Christ, Mel Gibson told Caviezel that his acting career may be severely affected by playing this role. Sadly it was, and it is only through Person of Interest that he is garnering attention again. He is known for giving one hundred percent to the characters he portrays and not even lightning could stop him from completing his role as Jesus. Although he has also not played any superhero character before, no one wants to see Magneto (Michael Fassbender) becoming Batman. What happened the last time an X-men character became a Batman character? We got a Catwoman.

Jim Caviezel as Batman movie

So DC give the role to someone new. Someone unexpected. Someone who can concentrate on becoming Bruce Wayne and The Dark Knight. Jim Caviezel has had a great warm up on the set of Person of Interest and just needs someone to transfer him from the reserves into the team.

I strongly suggest that people watch Person of Interest. Once I started watching it I couldn’t stop – simply because it is a reminded me of Batman and features an actor with the Batman chin and Bruce Wayne look.

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  1. juli

    No one wants to see Magneto (Michael Fassbender) becoming Batman

    Many many people(including me)WANTS to see Fassbender as Batman.
    You really don´t know what you´re talking about.

    • Ravenous

      Forget Fassbender, I’m getting sick and tired of Brit actors taking over our American superheroes. Nothing against the Brits, great actors but I’d like to see some more authenticity. Jason Bateman or Bradley Cooper would be good picks.

  2. Juliana

    No one wants to see Magneto (Michael Fassbender) becoming Batman

    Many people would love to see Fassbender as Batman.
    You don´t know what you´re talking about.
    And Jim is too old for Bruce/Batman. Not going to happen.

  3. Mitchell

    Great Article!
    Wow what an awesome idea! Jim Caviezel would be perfect! Absolutely perfect! He’s got the look and face of someone as stirred up on the inside as Batman/Bruce Wayne and his voice is awesome! He could easily do the Christopher Reeve-Kevin Conroy voice trick by using his real voice for the hero character but speak in a nicer higher pitch for the character in disguise while handling business as Bruce Wayne.

    “Batman guiding Superman” however is a horrible awful idea. DC has it right finally and if they miss the chance to truly establish Superman at the top of Super Hero mountain above all others on his own, then they can kiss their cinematic universe goodbye.

    If Batman “humbles” or kicks Superman’s ass in his own movie and “sets him straight” then being the grand hero he is means nothing and the fans will just give up.

  4. Tim

    Thank you! I’ve been saying that Person of Interest is a clever reworking of Batman since it premiered. The Machine is just like the mass-cellphone-surveillance network from the Dark Knight taken to the Nth degree. Great show that more people need to pay attention to.

  5. Kevin

    One interesting side note Jim Caviezel and Henry Cavill (Superman) were in the Count of Monte Cristo together, Caviezel being the father and Cavill his son. That may be fitting if they choose to take the route that an experienced Batman imprints wisdom of being a super hero onto a younger Clark Kent.

    • Juke Early

      Good good getre: Caviezel & Cavill – was flipping through channels a few months ago & that scene in Count of Monte Cristo was on. And based on reading the [above] feature piece & comments – I’d be glad to see Jim back on the big screen as Wayne/Batman. He’s got the gravitas & the skill set.

  6. Byron

    I do not want to see Michael as Bruce for the same reason I do not want to see Karl Urban as Bruce, they have characters that they already portray and do well. I prefer it when an actor becomes the character and sees it through.

    Personally I am still unsure about the whole VS idea, I am not saying Batman must kick Superman’s butt then offer him life lessons. I just think the notion of Superman getting guidance from an experienced hero would be cool. I am still hoping there are other villains like maybe Lex trying to drag Clarke to the Dark side whilst the Dark Knight is guiding him to be the hero Jor-El wanted him to be.

  7. Allen

    It’s absurd to say that Jim is old for being a hero, If we talk about being old then what you will say about Robert Downey?He is 48 and still a superhero…
    Jim should be the perfect choice for Batman…

  8. Josh

    Funny story. The man who plays superman, played jim caviezel’s son in The count of monte cristo. Anyways i think caviezel would be perfect.

  9. Josh

    And that teaser perfectly displayed why he would work. When he said my family is dead, he sounded like kevin conroy almost.

  10. Byron

    Well they are looking for an older Batman for the upcoming film, right now they are considering my second choice; Josh Brolin: but I would still prefer that they cast Jim

  11. Dan

    IMO, Caviezel would have been PERFECT to play Captain Marvel/Shazam about 8 years ago when that movie was gaining some steam before falling into development hell. But I don’t know if I can picture him as Batman, though. If they are going to do DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, they should bring back Keaton. Otherwise, for a mid-30s Batman in his prime, I’m backing Wes Bentley.

  12. Rohan Visagie

    Snyder is potentially looking at Frank Miller’s the dark knight returns, which has a bruce wayne past his 50’s returning to fight crime. I think Jim Caviezel will be perfect, he looks like someone with life experience. plus, in the right light he could pass as an older Bale.

  13. KL

    Also for the nay-sayers, look at Hugh Jackman, he still looks the same as wolverine and still gets physical. Age is just a number, health is the biggest factor

  14. Byron Hendricks

    Jim proves he can throw it down in each episode of Person of Interest, let’s see what Affleck does…he is going to be the World’s Greates Detective but he could not outsmart his wife in Gone Girl…

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