Judge Dredd #2 Review

Judge Dredd finds himself in the lawless city of Mega-City Zero. Will Dredd be able to live in a lawless city and let crime pass by? We all know the
By Byron Hendricks on 21 Jan 2016

Judge Dredd – America Review

The image is striking: Judge Dredd, the lawman of the future, with his boot crushing down on the blood-stained flag of the USA. That was the first image of the
By Rick Austin on 12 Aug 2015

Judge Dredd (1995) Review

One June 30th of this year, it was the twentieth anniversary of the feature film release of Judge Dredd. Did you notice? Probably not. Even if you’re a die-hard fan
By Rick Austin on 22 Jul 2015

Judge Dredd Mega City Two #1 Review

Douglas Wolk makes his comic writing debut as Dredd is sent to Megacity Two, a place where he does not fit the mould. Dredd is sure to make changes to
By Byron Hendricks on 05 Feb 2014

Dredd Trifecta Review

Trifecta is a collection of three stories, each featuring a different 2000AD character. The three stories cross over and merge into what can only be described as a classic Dredd
By Byron Hendricks on 06 Sep 2013