Super Mario Odyssey Is The Best Kind Of Weird

Nintendo revealed an amazing new trailer for their upcoming Mario game, Super Mario Odyssey and it’s weirdly awesome.

Super Mario Odyssey Is The Best Kind Of Weird

The Super Mario Odyssey trailer features the mustachioed hero as he does what he does best by running, jumping and possessing characters.

We already knew that Mario could use his cap as a weapon, what we didn’t know was that it also allows him to inhabit different characters and even inanimate objects. Inhabiting different objects and characters affords Mario different abilities, like possessing a rocket and flying across the stage or taking control of a Goomba and waddling through te level. It’s a mechanic that sets the game apart from the other games in the franchise.

Along with the release of a new trailer, Nintendo also announced that the game would be heading to the Switch in October 2017.

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