Concussion Review

Concussion is a serious, thought-provoking and very entertaining sports drama. It tells the real account of a forensic pathologist, Dr. Bennet Omalu (Will Smith), who was first to make the
By Meagan Taylor on 24 Dec 2015

Blue Jasmine Review (2nd Opinion)

When you have everything you could possibly want, you wouldn’t want to do anything that could possibly reveal the cracks in your fairy tale. So what do you do? Turn
By Christine Tesco on 26 Mar 2014

Blue Jasmine Review

For some of us, seeing someone constantly mumbling to themselves on the sidewalk is a common sight, we often wonder what their story is, how they got that way and
By Sarah Xena Lee on 18 Mar 2014

Rise of the Guardians

Jack Frost, the infamous figure that nips at your nose when it’s cold, is the central figure of Dreamworks‘ Rise of the Guardians. Jack wakes up in lake not knowing
By Guest on 09 Dec 2012