Age Restriction:
Studio: Princess Pictures
Running Time: 107 minutes

Verdict: 3 / 5

The Aussie flick, I Love You Too, heads full speed towards a cliff, bound to crash into a sea of poor romantic comedies, until Peter Dinklage steps in and single-handedly saves the entire film. The short-statured Game of Thrones actor proves once again that dynamite comes in small packages.

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One of the most recurring characters in romantic comedies today is the boy-man (a boy disguised as a man). You know the type; the slob who is unable to commit to a job or a woman. I Love You Too continues to celebrate the boy-man. The film revolves around a stand-up bloke who just can’t bring himself to utter the four little words his long-time girlfriend longs to hear.

The commitment phobic Jim, a womanizer, meets English visitor Alice at his favourite pick-up spot while out with his best mate Blake. What was meant as a one night stand turns out to be a three-year long relationship. After a frustrated Alice dumps Jim on his birthday, he sets off to win her back, with a little help from a stranger named Charlie, a short-statured photographer who becomes his mentor.

i love you too movie review

On the surface I Love You Too appears to be the average rom-com, but thankfully the film examines other themes, including death, friendship and the bond between siblings. The witty script from former Rove funnyman Peter Helliar starts off badly but soon finds a balance between humour and character development. But let’s be clear none of this would be possible without Peter Dinklage.

Dinklage is I Love You Too’s trump card. His dry, droll wit and self-deprecating character performance steals every scene and brings real emotion to the story. Together with Brendan Cowell’s Jim,the two prove that bromance has finally arrived Down Under.

It’s a bit rough around the edges but I Love You Too is enjoyable.

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