The Most Powerful Weapons In The DC Comic Book Universe

Last week we took a look at the most powerful weapons in the Marvel Universe, this week we take a look at the most powerful weapons in the DC Universe. Yes, a few Batman of weapons made the list. Yes, the mech Batsuit is one of them.

Blue Lantern Ring

The Most Powerful Weapons in The DC Universe lantern_power_ring

A Blue Lantern ring provides the bearer with the ability to do blue energy blasts, create force-fields, remove fear, remove rage, fly, and create wormholes, among other things. The ring is able to communicate directly with the ring bearer and focuses its energy on spreading hope.

Mech Batsuit

The Most Powerful Weapons in The DC Universe Batsuit

Created by Batman in order to fight against Superman in Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, the heavily armoured Mech Batsuit is a powered exoskeleton that grants Batman more strength. With the technologically advanced suit, he is able to withstand punches from a weaker Superman.

Lasso of Truth

The Most Powerful Weapons in The DC Universe lasso-of-truth

At approximately 150 feet long, the Lasso of Truth is the primary weapon used by Wonder Woman during battle. Forged by Hephaestus, the lasso is completely indestructible and is restore memory loss and remove illusions from anyone’s mind. Empowered by the Fires of Hestia, the Lasso forces anyone under its control to tell the absolute truth.

Kusar Blade

The Most Powerful Weapons in The DC Universe

Kusar Blades are super sharp Kherubim technological weapons forged on Khera. They are so sharp they can shave the rough edges off an electron and absorb the heat of a thousand suns. They can even cut beings like Superman.

Beta-3 Gizmoid

The Most Powerful Weapons in The DC Universe

Designed by DeSaad, the Beta-3 Gizmoid reconfigures a targeted environment, altering its physical state into a new form. It’s sometimes referred to as a planet killer.

Xantha Charge


Xantha Charges are weapons used to fight or kill Green Lanterns.

Purple Death Ray


A variation on the Purple Healing Ray, the Purple Death Ray is a weapon of destruction. It was created to stop an attack on Themyscira, however, Amazonians do not like to use it.

Cosmic Divining Rod


Created by William Hand, aka Black Hand, the Cosmic Divining Rod is a device capable of draining the power from a Green Lantern ring.

Trident of Triton


An extension of Triton’s power, the Trident is an unbreakable three-pronged leister that can perform a variety of tasks both under water and on land.

Beta Club


The chosen weapon of Kalibak, the Beta Club is an indestructible weapon that can force blasts that are able to stagger Superman.

Flashing Blades


Forged by the Titans, the Flashing Blade was made to kill gods. The sword is strong enough to stab and cut Superman and Wonder Woman.

Miracle Machine


The Miracle Machine is a very dangerous and powerful weapon that can turn thoughts into reality.

Michael’s Sword


Once the sword used by the archangel Michael, the powerful weapon has been handed down to Zauriel.

Sword of Salvation


When used on a target, The Sword of Salvation can conjure the truth of a matter in both the mind of the target and the wielder. Its blade is often surrounded by a smoke-like aura of cool blue energy.

Kyptonite Ring


When Lex Luthor discovered that Metallo was powered by a heart made of Kryptonite, he used a piece of it to create a Kryptonite ring. In an effort to keep Superman away from him, he wore the ring at all times. Eventually, Batman acquired the ring. While the Caped Crusader might be one of Superman’s closest allies, he keeps the ring secured in the Batcave just in case Superman ever loses control of his powers. On a few occasions, Batman has used the ring to keep Superman under control.



Katana’s Sword, which has the ability to take the soul of those it slays, is capable of deflecting bullets and other types of attacks. She can communicate with the sword and use it as a tracking device to track anyone.

Claw of Horus


Used by Hawkman, the Claw of Horus is a gauntlet that draws its incredible power from Earth’s magnetic field. It has enough power to knock Superman out cold.

Lex Luthor’s Warsuit


Made up of human, Apokoliptian and Kryptonian technology, Lex’s suit is incredibly powerful. It grants him enhanced strength and durability to fight Superman. It can even fire blasts of Kryptonite.

Brainiac 5’s Force Field Belt


Brainiac 5’s force field belt was stolen by Booster Gold from the Superman museum in the 25th century. He still uses the powerful weapon today.

Khaji Da


Khaji Da is a living weapon created by the alien species known as the Reach. It gives the Blue Beetle super strength, flight, and the ability to create lightning.

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