Major Reveals From The Batman V Superman Trailer 2

Batman v Superman
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By now you’ve probably seen the new Batman V Superman trailer and you probably either hate it or love it. There are people who have issues with the trailer revealing too much and others who have issues with Doomsday looking like a Ninja Turtle. Regardless, the movie is something to be excited about. It’s Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman together on-screen for the first time. And that alone should be something worth celebrating. Now let’s look at a few of the reveals from the trailer…

Clark, Bruce and Diana all meet at a Lex Luther function?


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Batman is becoming a problem to the justice system


Jimmy Olsen has no legs and it’s probably Superman’s fault in part

He is seen in the pic below.


Alfred thinks Bruce Wayne is losing touch with reality


Batman blames Superman for destroying Metropolis


Batman and Superman will fight and eventually see eye-to-eye


Superman is holding back from killing Batman


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Lex Luthor pins Batman against Superman


Batman actually gets some good punches in. He could even getter the better of Superman.


The scene below could be from a nightmare Batman is having. Are those Parademons?


Ironically, Batman will half destroy Gotham while trying to protect it from Superman


Lex might be working with the government on this secret project to create Doomsday?


Lex is experimenting with General Zod’s body


Doomsday looks to be birthed from some cacoon


Superman has a receding hairline


Doomsday is the real villain of the movie. Meaning that the Batman versus Superman fight won’t last too long?


Bruce Wayne uses some kind of computer/audio device to make his voice sound deeper and raspy.


The Batman and Superman fight won’t result in any major injuries. They both look fine when they face off with Doomsday


Doomsday is General Zod resurrected. Like a Frankenstein monster.


There will be more disaster following Superman


Wonder Woman will step in to help Batman and Superman fight Doomsday


Batman has a gun


P.S. That might not be Doomsday. It might be Subjekt-17


Subjekt-17 was a hulking monster kept in stasis in a Soviet lab south of Ayaguz, Kazakhstan and was experimented to further the Soviet’s biological defense programs. The lab was abandoned after the fall of the Soviet union.

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6 Comments on "Major Reveals From The Batman V Superman Trailer 2"

  1. Graham van der Made (@GrahamZA)

    As well on the guys. Also not sure how I’m feeling about a The Dark Knight Returns and Death of Superman-ish cross-over movie.

  2. Carolyn

    I don’t mind the crossover really. They took two of their best properties and combined them. If it makes money it makes sense, right?

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