David Fincher Confirmed As The Director Of World War Z 2

Paramount Pictures chairman Jim Gianopulos has officially confirmed that David Fincher will be directing World War Z 2.

Earlier this year rumours spread that Se7en and Fight Club‘s David Fincher was in talks to direct the sequel to Brad Pitt’s World War Z from 2013. Most people, including us, dismissed the possibility of that ever happening. However, it seems the egg is on us. During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the studio confirmed that Fincher will direct the zombie film, with Brad Pitt reprising his role as Gerry Lane.

“We’re in advanced development,” confirmed Gianopulos. Paramount previously delayed the sequel indefinitely and removed the film’s June 9, 2017 release date from its schedule. Over the last few years, Brad Pitt has met with numerous directors, including J.A. Bayona, with regards to the sequel.

World War Z 2 writer Steven Knight confirmed that the film will “is not quite like the other” and “starts with a clean slate”. With Fincher on board, we’re guaranteed a darker, smarter and more grounded zombie film than the original. Either way, it’s great to see Fincher returning to science fiction after a really long absence. Many believed that he swore off making sci-fi after his terrible experience with Alien 3. Clearly, that isn’t so.

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