Luke Evans’ Dracula Untold 2 Could Rise From The Grave

It's been ten years since Luke Evans played the powerful vampire. Isn't it time for a sequel, Dracula Untold 2?

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there needs to be a sequel. I’ve started a petition hoping that might make a difference:


I still want to see more about this incredible representation of both King of Wallachia and Count Dracula, come on Netflix make our dream come true.

Daisy Miller

Yes I want Dracula untold 2. It was a great movie and anyone saying it wasn’t lacks culture and understanding.


Yeah, it would be nice. Too often cult followings don’t get what they want…usually a failed horrible version of what could have been with 2nd rate actors. More than yu know are fans of the ” anti hero”.

Cody Necessary

There should absolutely be a sequel to Dracula Untold!! You mean to tell me that Universal Studios thought it was a fantastic idea to shoot 6 Death Race pieces of crap, but Dracula Untold was unworthy? What a damn joke!!


Absolutely agree!!! There is SO MUCH MORE STORY left to TELL!!!! YES!!!! SEQUEL PLEASE!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Suzanne . B

Yes please !!!!!! make a Dracula untold two I think it would be a big hit !!!! ?


I am not even a fan of watching the monster movies unless it’s some type of adventure comedy or Godzilla type… But this one really peaked my interest and got me surprisingly and intimately involved, along with the intricacies that came from the mummy movie (Dr. Jekyll’s convo and role,… Read more »


Yes, Please! I am a Dracula nerd and this was one of the best of them.


I thought it was a great film. It seems that the monster/ vampire Crome the cave has been in the background for centuries watching Dracula. Ow we want to know did the monster/ Vampire get his revenge and if so we want to see what it was. We also want… Read more »


Absolutely. Please Please Please make a sequel. The original was one of the best Dracula films ever. And after Twilight totally ruined the genre we NEED a real Dracula comeback.


I loved the first movie, I loved how the showed that Dracula was a good guy, a guy who loved his family. A guy who would and did anything he could to protect them. yes, they should definitely do Dracula untold 2. I want to see more of him and… Read more »


I always wondered why they didn’t keep this story going I loved the first movie. We need a continuation of this storyline please!!!!


Yes please make a sequel. This is one of my favorite movies. Luke Evans is so dreamy in this movie. I can watch this mover over and over and don’t get sick of it.

Pat H

Most definitely! Luke Evans was amazing with just the right amount of unwanted evil to the man tragically revenging the murders of this family!


Yes this should be revived this spin of the vlad should resemble something of the book I think maybe it’s time to set things in motion. For the theater is almost dead home theater is much alive. Go Netflix for hosting this classic horror.


Yes I would definitely love to watch a Dracula Untold 2. I loved the movie from the very beginning!

Douglas kidwell

Absolutely I need to see the next chapter Dracula untold is amazing and continuing it would be the best decision any production company could make they’d make millions of of it

Jennifer Giambra

Absolutely. It would be so much fun to watch Dracula Untold 2 in present day. It should definitely get a new life!

Kris Repole

Absolutely, Luke Evan’s has such popularity right now. I feel it would do well

Barbara Carlisle

I would love to see a Dracula Untold 2 in modern times. I would be fascinating to see what they can do with it now.


One of my favorite Dracula movies of all time!! Part 2 please!!!


Probably my favorite version of the Dracula story I’ve ever seen. It’s criminal that the failure of other movies would keep this story in the grave.


Absolutely!! One of my favorite Dracula movies of all time!! Part 2 please!!!


Absolutely Yes! I’m watching it on Blu Ray 4K now! The ending of Dracula Untold Story is the perfect start to part 2 in Modern day times


Absolutely! I have been waiting ….. I still am


Please don’t create a sequel in present day times. Continue the story with his son. Perhaps the child’s mother could also return. Take the challenge. Make it happen. Forget that lame remake of the ending.


Definitely need a sequel! We have to find out what happened to Dracula’s son and what happens in his modern life. Why did the master vampire say “let the games begin” only after Dracula meets Mina? Has he been following Dracula all this time? The sequel needs Luke Evans. He… Read more »

Verona Petite

I bought the film. I watch it with all my favorite classics! I have been dying for the sequel!!!


I want a sequel, too! The movie was really good and actually made me feel sorry for Dracula. Luke Evans definitely has to play the role again. He is so good!


Definitely needs a sequel, sooner rather than later.


I’m like where’s the sequel? It’s been long enough. Most Dracula stories look silly when you rewatch them later. This one has held up. Doesn’t look dumb. It’s a prequel to something bigger. All about what the writers write next.


I loved the humanity in who he became to save his son. There must be another.


One of my favs movies of all time deff need second part


Yes! One of the better movies I have watched in a long time. The sequel and all others movies that need to continue “let game begin!!!




Make the damn sequel and hurry. Geez. Netflix should do it. Not Universal.


Exactly, l truly enjoy Dracula I told and would love a apart two !!


I’ve watched horror movies for as long as I can remember. I raised my children on horror movies. There are quite different definitions and levels of horror for each individual. This movie desired a sequel. I’ve watched it since it came out a total of 14 times and each time… Read more »


I feel empty knowing there isn’t a second movie. I’m dying to know how the boy grows up. And if there is another I really love Luke as vlad ??????? he has to be in it.


Please make a sequel to Dracula Untold!!!! Just watched it on Netflix and wondered where’s the next one??? Come on people !!


Yes, yes, yes there needs to be a sequel! It honestly is a great story, the love story is beautiful and the master vampire said he would use him in revenge against his maker! So how does the love story and finding Mina and him being used as a pawn… Read more »


Yes please make a sequel ,Love Luke Evans and he was Great as Vlad.


Bring it on. I’m engaged.


Please please, please @@@!♡

James M


Mike Fritts

I’ve watched it over and over waiting abs waiting to see the sequel! Come on ALREADY


Get to work!
Need that!




I want…
I need….
I crave a sequel

Oh my god, I just saw it on Netflix and…WHERE’S THE SEQUEL?!?!?!?!




Yes, I would like to see a well written part 2. I love Dracula Untold.

Sylvia Brooks

People don’t go to the movie theatre like they used to so when they’re figuring if a film is a failure or success, they need to factor in streaming apps as well. There’s a huge number of people who strictly stream. I absolutely loved the movie when I first saw… Read more »


The ending is what got me hooked. It sucks that you have such an awesome ending phrase like “And let the games begin” but they haven’t ? I hope they do a sequel and soon!


Without question. This movie was great and has an excellent cast. I’ve wanted a sequel since day 1.


Yes please , make the sequel LOVE the first ?


HBO should pick it up. If they can do GOT, DOD, they can do DRACULA RISES.


The critics that said this movie was a failure are complete idiots!!! This was a great movie and the love story was awesome and should be continued!!


There should absolutely be a sequel!! Loved this story line, it shows such a different side of the long running classic that is “Dracula” this story ended with the perfect beginning of the next part of Draculas life, tell us the story of his son’s reign and accomplishments or even… Read more »


Great movie please make a sequel! Who can resist a timeless love, bloodlust, and dances with the devil?? Oh and Luke Evans of course!

Louann McDonald

This is such a great movie, with Luke Evans playing the tragic dark hero to perfection. You must do a sequel, or a series, please! The story itself was remarkably clean, with screenwriters deserving a shout out for making the movie so interesting and different from movies like Dracula 2000… Read more »


I bought this for my digitallirary on Amazon and just watched it again to reassess with a critical view. I found its storyline excellent and the screenplay to be high quality relative to the genre. The graphics and action sequences were visually impressive also. This is what a modern vampire… Read more »

Roxanne Becerra

Hell yes I would watch Dracula untold 2..


Excellent movie and deserves a sequel! Dracula Told! #LetTheGamesBegin #LukeEvens ❤️?

Paul Basten

YES YES YES there should be more Dracula Unold. Fantastic production values, Great casting, makeup, and costumes. Amazing action………why would anyone, not like this? Dracula as initially told is old news….and does not need to be redone. A sequel to his one DOES NEED TO BE MADE. Settle the financial… Read more »


It’s back on Netflix and I just watched it again. I have the DVD so I’ve seen it at least 3 times… Tonight takes it up to 4… possibly more… I thought it was a really good movie. If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t have watched it so many times. So… Read more »


It’s back on Netflix and I just watched it again. I have the DVD so I’ve seen it at least 3 times… Tonight takes it up to 4… possibly more… I thought it was a really good movie. If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t have watched it so many times. So… Read more »


You have to.. you can’t just leave us hanging here wondering what’s going to happen next.


Man I’ve been waiting for a part 2 for Dracula untold long enough yal should start filling already??‍♂️ By far the best Dracula and storyline in my opinion????


Yes, please have a sequel. Was one even written. I may want to see it for continuity of vision. Does this Dracula get to keep the girl or do we have another tragic death and separation of long lost lovers. Is she the reincarnation of his wife? Or just a… Read more »


The woman in the ending scene in the modern world is DEFINITELY his reincarnated wife. No doubt about it! The threat would be the original Vampire, Dracula’s master, for sure! I want a sequel so badly! This was just an AWESOME movie in all ways. The story, casting, awesome acting,… Read more »

Amy Compton

Yes, please!


Definitely there should be a sequel with its original cast. Luke Evans nailed it.


Without a doubt the best Dracula movie I have watched! It deserves a sequel!!


I think the streaming platform is really great in today’s generation, I remember watching a lot of these movies back in the day and really enjoying them wishing they would make the sequel. Honestly when I watch this again it reminded me how amazing and creative these movies were before… Read more »

Chanisse Lewis

Yes I would loves sequel

Marcy Quick

Yes! Best Dracula yet! Needs a sequel, as long as Luke Evans is in it.

Noreen J Ambrose

Dracula Untold 2? Yes, please! But definitely not without, Luke Evans! In my – vampire obsessed – opinion it was the best Dracula performance and movie ever – EVER!


Went to the movies to see it and thought Luke Evans nailed it. The story line was good too. Critics really dropped the ball on this one. I really hope there is a Dracula Untold 2.


C’mon already! Wanna see more of Vlad The Impaler! A.s.a.p!

Joanna mcquade

I would love Luke Evans be the Dacula of the sequel


I sometimes wonder what drugs critics are on. They’ll bend right over for the new star wars movies which are absolute trash yet for a good movie like this one they all of a sudden have their panties in a bunch.

Wyette Scott

Yes. I love to to see the sequel of Dracula Untold. They need to stop playing around and make part 2.

Raymond Kenmore

I would love to see a sequel to Dracula untold even a series would be great just do it right with the same cast or as good as there is so much of a time frame to play with for the screen writers , just like highlander we could see… Read more »


Completely agree, show us all their lives throught time

Annette Tyson

I just love this movie. I would pay to see part 2. I think that they are missing out on a big opportunity if they don’t make a part 2. This is the best Dracula movie I have ever seen.

Simone greene

I totally agreed with you I watch this movie a .million times so o still dont understand how this movie did not sell at the box office

John Thompson DC

I have been blown away by the fact that I was completely unaware of this MASTERPIECE!! How did this happen? This was perhaps, one of THE BEST MOVIES, and definitely the BEST DRACULA MOVIE that I have ever seen!! The struggle with his humanity, combined with the incredible acting by… Read more »

Eva Vlčková

to confess, i really like legends, mythology, fantasy, sci-fi movies, books, because they draw me into another world where i don’t have to think about everyday troubles, work, etc. this world is very monochromatic and boring (some of you know what I’m talking about) but I feel so comfortable in… Read more »

Laura S.

I grew up watching the classic Universal Monster films with my parents and absolutely love them still. Dracula Untold is a great film and deserves a sequel. Like everyone else, I have been waiting for a sequel since the watched it in the movie theater. My whole family are die… Read more »

Shona Barnshaw

Absolutely would love to see the sequel, been waiting far too long come on release it please!!!!!!!


First time I watched it, I loved it please make no.2.

Be interesting on how life for Vald and Mina in our future timeframe.

See how there son is doing ruling etc


Yes, absolutley! I love this movie and am hoping the 2nd will be made. This is one of best Dracula stories with a great love story! Everyone wants a second!!!


I actually went and saw this in theatres and thought it was awesome… no idea what the critics were thinking.


Yes. Yes . Yes. .loved the movie from the start. .sequel please !!!


YES ! I have watched this movie so many times through the years, waiting and looking for information about the sequel to be made. Its fans are screaming for Dracula Untold 2.


I have been waiting on the sequel. This has become a classic horror movie with a great story line. There needs to be a sequel. It’s a must…

Shannon Tollett

Yes please!!! Have been waiting forever for the 2nd one to come out.. It its one of the best Dracula movies!!

Karen Busramante

Yes, yes we want a DU2! My favorite vampire movie…

Carolyn Alexander

Yes to DU2; loved the plot of this movie and the actors. I’ve watched the original at least four times. Although I do love medieval settings, and am not all too keen on the modern day era vampires, I would reconsider with the original cast, who were awesome.

Yes, please,

Nicole Renee


Tonia Johnston

Yes yes yes yes yes


Yes! D2 untold


I love the movie is was fascinating


Yes. One of the best vampire movies I’ve seen. My first was Return of the Vampire back in the 50’s.


Ho appena visto dracula untold.
Stato bellismo vorrei sicuramente vedere il continuo

Luther Mcrae

The original ending opened up the door for a sequel. The storyline was brilliant it had nothing to do with. The “Bram Stokers” love story Although he loved his family his love transcends down through his neighboring community. His love and compassion for his people was amazing. And what he… Read more »


Definitely want a sequel!


Yes we need a sequel


That movie was awesome with so much potential they should make a sequel to finish the story what comes next?


Yes for sure! Loved the storyline!! One of my favorite!

Richard j wheeldon

Yes it deserves a sequel as it left the ending to the first film open to just that. I worked on the first as a stunt performer in Belfast where it was filmed. Great experience
Hopefully it will happen


Would be keen to watch, I have been waiting for a sequel for years.

Patrick mcmullan

Definitely would like to see a sequel and hopefully Luke evans and Charles dance will be in it. But we need more Frankenstein the wolfman creature from the black lagoon etc. Make it happen.

ian dickson

It would be good to see how the story continues and a battles the two vampires would excellent.Or maybe an origin story for the master vampire would be good.


Yes, I have been waiting for years for the sequel.

Alvin Grimes

Yes. Yes. A thousand times yes!!!

Enricoh Alfonzo

Mainly I wanna see what old man lannister has planned as revenge with Vlad in mind. Maybe some new vamp powers & badass fights.

Bob W

Was a great origin story of his past, that 100% definitely deserves a sequel in a present day setting. Just hope that the writers & creators can come up with a great sequel in the present day setting that makes sense, cause a lot of time will have passed between… Read more »


Definitely deserves continuing the story. Back away from the over used “special effects” and concentrate on what makes the characters powerful.
Need an example? Watch the Christopher Lee/Peter Cushing Dracula/Van Helsing dynamic from the early Hammer Films. Character over Effects wins every time.


Yes, most definently, been waiting to see what happens next!!!!


Yes! Great show!

Floyd Thompson

Yes to 2..

Damien Chong

That’s gonna be awesome . When it comes to Dracula untold, the plot .. endless possibilities

Stephen wadd

I would Definitely like to see a second Dracula untold, I think that it will be Absolutely Awesome, I have been waiting for the next movie. It will be a Real shame if they don’t do another one.

Meg B

Yes Please!!! I’ve been waiting since Dracula Untold came out for a sequel!

D. Shire

I absolutely want to see what happened to the plot about Dracula‘s creator. I wanna see what this guy has Dracula do. The movie it self was amazing in the fact that it really shows who Dracula was before his time as a vampire he was know as the “… Read more »


Yes been waiting for next movie. Here in Europe the movie did go well and we have been waiting for next movie! But its allways the public in US that’s matter for a movie not what rest of the world think.

Will Boone

yes ! please make it. I really liked that movie , almost believable! lol


Yup, sign me up. Time for a change from super heroes. Mummy, Dracula, Frankenstein, the works.


I would love to see a second movie of Dracula untold and starring Luke Evans. But pertaining to streaming…It would be a shame since it’s on HBOMAX now so I think it should be on there instead of peacock.


Yes I would love to see a Dracula until two


It was a different take to the story, abd for sure it open the doors for a sequel that allows dracula (Luke Evans, of course) for what it would be fir him on a different time period.

Liana Ruffier

absolutely people do not know the real history of Vlad the impalor but Dracula was based off his life which was extremely tragic. No one but Like Evans can portray that character better. Vlad was about his people which is why he went to extremes against Persia Know your enemy… Read more »


It wasn’t Persia, it was The Ottoman Turks.


Absolutely! Good story and visually entertaining

J Mac

Hell yeah bring this back. Luke Evans is an awesome actor. And The Mummy. That was left wide open also. If Tom Cruise cant commit to it thats fine because there are so many other actors out there who are willing to work and hold on to a Franchise like… Read more »

Priscilla Leo

Best Dracula movie EVER!!!!!
Luke Evans is to DIE for!?


Yes! A sequel will be great. I did love the Dracula untold story and i am very curious about what will happen next




I’ve watched this Dracula movie at least half a dozen times maybe more I absolutely love it I was very upset that it wasn’t liked because I was really looking forward too a sequel. It was very underrated so please give it another chance, my wife and 3 kids would… Read more »


I hope there be a sequal cause At the end of dracula untold we could see dracula end master vampire in the future, so i thought That it was a hint for a sequal.


Blah blah blah- another tortured Dracula movie? As good as Luke Evans was , we’ve seen a sympathetic, noble and tortured evil Drac/Judas in the forgettable (if not for Seven of Nine) “Dracula 2000” , the noble warrior patriarchal monster Count in “Blade Trinity” where Dracula tangled not only with… Read more »


First off I’m a junkie for petty much any and all vampire movies. Even the really bad scream queen B movies. But even I agree there’s no need for a sequel. It would just be another boring ass vampire movie if have to sit through…



Dean Jones

Absolutely , Universal really dropped the ball on this one , so many ways to go with this film . I would love to see them delve more into the stories origins .

Aaron Nicewonger

Back when Dracula Untold first came out and there were talks of a “Dark Universe” I had ideas. Dark Universe Slate: this was before Universal updated Invisible Man to be a modern unrelated story rather than a remake. I retroactively included 2010’s The Wolfman as part of this universe. Dracula… Read more »

Lorraine Fox

Loved the first and equally would love to watch a sequel

Roy Hernandez


Mark McGreavy

Yes a sequel please,didn’t really know much about Luke Evans before Dracula Untold but now watch anything he is in.Hope it is Luke who reprises the role fantastic actor.

Robert Leclaire

I thought the movie had a great beginning and a tremendous ending. Let the games begin. ??

Matthew Fletcher

Yes, definitely. Especially as the original film ended in the modern world, I’d like to see how Dracula would adapt to a present day environment

Kevin Lane

Absolutely, Luke Evans was amazing!!!!



Sonia Nayyar

it was the best!! yes yes yes 2 is so needed and wanted by us fans!!

Janiece Bernardini

As a side note, I’ve already written an outline for the story just in case Hollywood is constipated and can’t get a decent Dracula Untold 2 story written. I’ll be happy to share it with the powers that be…just let me know! I want to see DU2 made in anyway… Read more »

Janiece Bernardini

Luke Evans’ fan have been screaming for DU2 for years to the deaf ears of Universal. If Universal isn’t going to pursue it, let someone else do it. Mr. Evans has a very strong fan base and I have no doubt DU2 would be extremely well received. DU2 has become… Read more »


Yes I absolutely want a Dracula Untold 2 with Luke Evans & Sara Gadon their story has much more to be told.


Always love the movie , I hoped they make a second movie! Hope it happens can’t wait


Yes! It was one if my favorites and a good love story. Original characters always make a better sequel.


Yes! Definitely and with the same characters as it makes a better sequel. Where it left off could start the story.


Yes. I would love to see a sequel to this movie.






Yes yes , there has to be a sequel please…


Yes please this movie was emotional yet visceral and I fell in love with Luke Evans and I’m a guy ?


Same here! Can’t understand why people didn’t like it!

Bobbie McDonald



Yes, yes and ye

Leona Ruehmann

Yes!!!! I so love
This version!!!


Of course we need a sequel,this Dracula is different from all the Dracula stories told..
It slowly grows on you, we would like to see more of Luke Evans in the modern world..???????


So much more to explore….please make this come true ❤️❤️


Ace movie luke was ace love very bit of the movie see it 4 times


Ace movie luke was the best vampire ?‍♂️


Yes!! Loved that movie!! Rewatch it often!


Definitely want a sequal, thought we’d get one , awesome movie .


Yes please

Hope Mchepa

Hell yeah ?




Yes I would like a sequel


Please make it!! Waited for many years!!

April G.

That movie was awesome! Watched it several times and yes it should definitely have a sequel!


Loved it and watched it twice and can’t wait for a sequel…..
Might actually give it a third go?


He’ll yeah


The Sequel is Bram Stoker’s Dracula, remember? Summary: Vlad now in London, I think, meets Mina, the fiance of Jonathan Harker. To Vlad, Mina is the reincarnation of his dead wife in appearance and Vlad has great desire for her so Vlad starts to seduce her and sends trouble to… Read more »


Dracula was my first scary movie age 9. Obviously starring the one and only Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing! I’ve been hooked ever since. I really enjoyed this version, it was different and very entertaining. In the next film it would be good to bring them into modern times where… Read more »




since if you follow Vlad at the end of the first one, it begins as the beginning to Bram Stoker’s Dracula so a sequel would have to be an alternate story or even the story of Vlad’s son in his home country and what took place after Vlad’s son was… Read more »


Yes! I’ve been waiting for years for the 2nd part. They just left us on a cliffhanger


Would love for another to be made, personally think this version has been the best.

Bring vlad the impaler back.!


Yes, it was a great movie and really needs a excellent sequel..




Hell yeah! We need a sequel!