Samsung Gear S2: Review

The idea of a smartwatch has been around for quite some time now, but didn’t really take off as a success until Samsung launched its first variant in 2013. While
By Evan Saunders on 27 Apr 2016

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge: Review

Alongside the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Samsung also announced the Note Edge. As with the Galaxy Round, many simply wrote it off as an experimental gimmick at
By Evan Saunders on 08 Jun 2015

Samsung Gear Circle: Review

Samsung are no strangers to novel ideas, despite what many may think. The company single-handedly brought about the age of the Phablet with the Galaxy Note, and while it cannot
By Evan Saunders on 27 May 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: Review

Some two weeks back FoS featured the Samsung Galaxy S6, a device that has been greatly received around the world and has seen a mini revival from the company in
By Evan Saunders on 15 May 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6: Review

A few days back, FoS featured the review for the HTC’s latest flagship smartphone, the HTC One M9. While it remains an impressive unit, and one of the top Android
By Evan Saunders on 29 Apr 2015

Samsung Galaxy A3, A5: Review

While it may appear that Samsung has saturated the market with a number of smartphones across almost all ranges, be it low-end to premium or rugged to streamline, they haven’t
By Evan Saunders on 31 Mar 2015

Samsung UD970 32” UHD Monitor: Review

Ultra High-Definition, or UHD, has been official since it was announced, and demoed, at CES 2012, although it had existed more than ten years prior. Three years on, and many
By Evan Saunders on 30 Mar 2015

Samsung Multifunction Xpress C460FW Printer: Review

Samsung has a wide variety of printers available in the market, both home and business solutions. Additionally, the company also offers solutions in both laser and jet variants. While printers
By Evan Saunders on 09 Feb 2015

Samsung Galaxy Tab S: Review

Over the past few years, Samsung has built up a huge following and reputation for their smartphone range. Although the Android OS isn’t entirely synonymous with the Galaxy S and
By Evan Saunders on 12 Dec 2014

Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Review

While brief, the history of the Phablet is one that Samsung has dominated. Initially, Phablets were considered as mobile devices with larger than average screen sizes, which, at the time,
By Evan Saunders on 01 Dec 2014

Samsung 40” Series 6 Smart 3D LED TV: Review

With each passing year, Samsung updates and releases new iterations for many of its products, which is most notable in its range of smartphones. While a lot of the focus
By Evan Saunders on 03 Nov 2014

Samsung Smart Blu-ray Player: Review

For many years now companies have been pushing the whole “Smart TV” concept to prospective buyers. Smart TVs are essentially normal TV sets, with the added capabilities of being able
By Evan Saunders on 06 Oct 2014

Samsung Galaxy Gear 2: Review

Watches today are more than just timepieces. While there are many watches that offer split-timing and countdown capabilities for more than 30 years already, more and more watches now include
By Evan Saunders on 10 Sep 2014

Samsung SSD 840 EVO: Review

Samsung’s rise to power in the past 5-10 years isn’t a matter of flooding the market, but actually developing many good, reliable products over this time. Interestingly, Samsung has been
By Evan Saunders on 03 Sep 2014

Samsung Gear Fit: Review

When Samsung launched the Galaxy Gear alongside the Galaxy Note 2 in 2013, there were more criticisms than praises for the smartwatch. A few months on, Samsung launched the Galaxy
By Evan Saunders on 14 Jul 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5: Review

Since launching the first Galaxy S smartphone back in 2010, Samsung are now on their 5th iteration of the brand. Apart from the first two editions, the Galaxy S smartphone
By Evan Saunders on 29 May 2014