Jason Momoa Says He Would Love To Play Kratos In A God Of War Movie

Jason Momoa Says He Would Love To Play Kratos In A God Of War Movie

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Aquaman Actor Jason Momoa has been very busy lately. Apart from playing the DC superhero in the upcoming Justice League film, he has taken on roles in a Just Cause movie and is currently working on a reboot of The Crow. If that weren’t enough, it seems Momoa is interested in playing God of War‘s Kratos in a live-action movie too.

While taking questions from fans during a recent interview, 38-year-old Momoa expressed his interest in playing “the guy with the white and red” on his face.

Most fans will admit that it isn’t hard to see Jason Momoa as Kratos. They both share similar features and build, especially when you consider his Khal Drogo look from Game of Thrones. Of course, this isn’t a confirmation or even a rumoured casting, rather a simple “Hell yes” to his interest in portraying the character on screen.

The upcoming God of War game is slated for release in 2018.

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  1. Chris Bolger

    He would dominate this role. I’ve said before, he’s not my favorite by any means but he can play a badass, and he would be perfect as Kratos.

  2. RodRigo Alex Camarena

    Does he have that kratos voice though??? Might have the looks and roided out body lol but the voice acting is key

  3. Atlas Bull

    “Gerard Butler” would be better than this none acting mother fucker. Every movie he was in fucking sucked. And let’s be honest, he’s not European at all. He’s “Samoan & Tongan”, and that does not relate to the character at all. If they are smart they would not cast this guy as Kratos. And if they do, I’ll wait for DVD

    • Christian Ortiz

      Hes not the best actor but I dont think not being European matters. A lot of great Amarican characters are played by Europeans, white characters get played by black actors, black characters get played by white actors and so on.

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