I Don’t Know How She Does It

Age Restriction:
Running Time: 89 minutes

Verdict: 2.5 / 5

Sarah Jessica Parker brings us another mildly entertaining/highly predictable movie which gives us a glimpse into the mind of the overstretched working mother. Excellent casting and several good performances saves what could have been Sarah Jessica Parker’s worst romcom to date.

PLOT: After landing a major account at work a working mother takes on a little more than she can handle and struggles to juggle her job with her duties as wife and mother. The situation is accerbated by the interest received from her devilishly handsome new client.

I Don't Know How She Does It - Poster

As far as Sarah Jessica Parker is concerned there are two distinct categories of people – those who adore her and those who loathe her. If you fall in the latter category I strongly suggest that you steer clear of this film. If however you are a fan of Sarah Jessica Parker then I must warn you that this is not one of her best romcoms. You would be better advised to reach for ‘Did You Hear About The Morgans’ or one of your many ‘Sex and the City’ collections.

In ‘I Don’t Know How She Does It’ Sarah Jessica Parker plays the role of Kate, the average working mom who lands a huge new client. Unfortunately this happens at the same time as her husband undertakes a new project. Unable to let their respective oppertunities go they try and juggle their careers and duties but the pennies start dropping all over the show. The fact that Kate’s new boss (Pierce Brosnan) takes a keen interest in her only serves to further confuse the situation and Kate finds herself having to make some potentially life altering decisions.

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The movie has a very specific target market to which it will appeal namely women in general especially working mothers and career women. I feel like this might be the kind of movie a wife might torture her husband with in order to show him how hard it is for women in a man’s world. Most people will find it hard to relate to the characters unless they’ve either been in a similar situation or seen someone go through it.

That said the movie does have its moments and sports an above average cast. I specifically enjoyed the creative devices and ploys they used to try and add to the humor, i.e. freezing all but the protagonist in order to share a thought with the audience; incorporating text to illustrate her thoughts (which are a lot more fun than boring thinking out loud monologues) and last but not least interview style commentary with the characters in her life.

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Considering how horribly this movie and its subject matter could have fallen flat I do feel that they did a very good job. Unfortunately no matter how brilliant the casting or how well executed the script there was nothing mindblowing about it and at best it felt a bit preachy and predictable. If its purpose was to make working mothers feel better about their situations or to influence them into prioritising their home lives then the job was well done.

The best thing about the movie was Olivia Munn who has earned herself a special mention for her role as Momo – Kate’s clever, child phobic junior associate. Her character was hilariously funny and extremely well portrayed. Without her I might have fallen asleep halfway through. Busy Philips played a minor role as an antagonistic stay at home mom and also added some much needed comic relief to what could have been a painfully boring movie.

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