Pixels 3D Review

Retro definitely seems to be the new cool. Pixels 3D takes us on an enjoyable trip down memory lane that will leave true gamers mesmerised. We are talking about Atari
By Byron Hendricks on 23 Jul 2015

Men, Women and Children Review

I think that Men, Women and Children could easily win my award for “Worst Film Made by a Talented Director.” Jason Reitman is responsible for off-beat pieces like Thank You
By Daniel Rom on 23 Jun 2015

Blended Review

Poor Adam Sandler. He isn’t exactly hitting the high bar of success recently. Although, of course, that isn’t exactly anyone else’s fault. In yet another film that feels like an
By Daniel Rom on 05 Dec 2014

Hotel Transylvania

When the year comes to an end we all long for that December holiday break. We long to just sit back, kick up our feet and just get away from
By Guest on 07 Mar 2013