We Know Who Alfred Was Talking To In The Justice League Trailer

For the longest time, people have been wondering who Jeremy Iron’s Alfred is talking to at the end of the Justice League trailer – a scene that was eventually cut from Joss Whedon’s version of the film. Now, we finally have an answer. And you have to wonder why this amazing sequence was removed from the film in the first place.

In the final moments of the second Justice League trailer, we saw Alfred working on the engine of a car outside at night when someone suddenly appears. A figure stands at the edge of the frame and Alfred looks up. “They said you’d come,” he says, looking up at a mystery character. “Let’s hope you’re not too late.”

Those who guessed Superman were completely right. Sadly, it’s not Supergirl or Green Lantern or Martian Manhunter.

Now you can see that scene in all its glory here:

I imagine this takes place just before Superman joins the fight against Steppenwolf and after he visits the Kent farm. It will most probably be one of the many deleted scenes found on the home release scheduled for March 13. This includes a new Justice League deleted scene that reveals Superman’s black suit:

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  1. Because it makes sense …. they pretty much cut everything that would make the plot coherent or at least better than what we got I didn’t hate it but this bugs the hell outta me

  2. Warner Brothers did the same thing with BvS the theatrical release had so many plot holes, as soon as the “Snyder Cut” of BvS was released people saw how brilliant it was. I don’t understand how or why Warner Bros can’t learn from their mistake with theatrical releases, they can’t be concerned about time, I mean you have the fan base that would sit for 4 hours in the cinema if the film was that long. Look at Star Wars, Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings. Long but brilliant movies.

    • It’s the money to be made that they worry about time. A 3 hour movie takes away many show times per day per theater. That is a lot of 10-15 dollar tickets not bought because of time on opening weekend. Every studio demands a huge opening weekend from big budget movies. Stinks.

    • AdamofEternia

      Brilliant? Give over – BvS Snyder cut might have made the film a bit better but it was still average to say the least. Synder is massively overrated.

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