About the Site

PROFILE: In its very first year Fortress of Solitude has become one of the most popular entertainment interest websites in South Africa, covering topics on movies, entertainment news, music, books, games, comics, board games, gadgets, cameras, technology and software.

With an average of 40,000 page views – 20, 000 unique visitors per month (according to Google Analytics stats) and ranked 500,000th in the world on Alexa Traffic Reports the site continues to grow with each passing month, establishing itself as a popular resource for reviews, interviews and news articles. Updated daily, the site continues to attract fans of “nerd” and “geek” culture, offering them a unique world-class web experience where they are free to engage via comment forums and social media platforms.

Fortress of Solitude also freely contributes various articles to popular magazine publications, radio shows and entertainment websites at no cost. The list includes:

Vision Magazine – Christian Lifestyle Magazine
Yes! Lifestyle Mag – Youth Culture Magazine
Urban Edge – Hip Hop Culture Radio Show
Ido Magazine – Marriage and Lifestyle Magazine
Do It Now Magazine – Adventure Sport Lifestyle Magazine
Trend Frenzy Magazine – South African Youth Online Magazine
Ziyawa Magazine – Online Entertainment Magazine
The African Scholar Magazine – Quarterly Journal for Students in Colleges & Universities

Articles are written by a group of talented, professional and experienced freelance writers, all experts and leaders in their various fields. Since January 2012 the teams of writers have published over 6000 articles and reviews.

AUDIENCE: With an average of 3 pages per visit and a very low bounce rate of 4%, Fortress of Solitude attracts visitors from around the world – the most popular being South Africa, United States and United Kingdom. With a fan base of 1100+ Facebook fans, 400+ Twitter followers, and 350+ Digg followers, Fortress of Solitude keeps its audience up to date with relevant content.

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