Now that Guardians of the Galaxy is out on Blu-Ray, 3D Blu-ray and DVD; even more people might be wondering just as to who that strange creature in the post credits was. In fact there are many creatures in the collection. However that was not Donald Duck, that is Howard the Duck voiced by Seth Green. I am sure there are lots of people who do not know about Howard, then there are those that do…but here are 10 things you didn’t know about Howard the Duck.



1) Howard the Duck was the second major Theatrical Release by Marvel, its only predecessor was 1944’s Captain America. Despite its failure at the box office, Howard the Duck managed to gain a cult following.

2) Disney tried to Sue Marvel because of Howard the Duck sharing too many similarities with Donald Duck…well now they own both characters…

3) Disney forced Howard the Duck to wear pants; not because of concern for the innocent minds of the youth but because that would be the only way he would look different to Donald Duck…well to Disney at least.

4) Howard almost became president of the USA, he was a strong candidate in the election campaigns but he fell short due to the fact that people could not believe he was an actual talking duck. Many believed he was a small person wearing a duck costume.


5) Howard the Duck is close friends with one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe…Franklin Richards.

6) Howard the duck has met God’ after defeating Deuteronomy Howard was reduced to ash, leaving his soul wandering. He meets God and the chat about life.

7) Howard the Duck was once Howard the Rat; thanks to the tricks of Doctor Bong, Howard the duck became a rat aka a Mickey Mouse parody.

8) Howard the Duck has no super powers, yes despite his appearance in the Guardians and in multiple Marvel universes; Howard the duck actually has no superpowers. He is armed with his own fighting style and a few spells that he learned from Doctor Strange.


9) Howard is from Duckworld, an alternate version of Earth where Ducks evolved instead of apes. Leading to the existence of intelligent Duck people and dumber apes.

10) Howard the Duck was fused with DC Comics Lobo thanks to Amalgam comics…the result was a one-shot comic known as Lobo the Duck of Earth 9602. He has all Lobo’s powers plus Quack-FU…be afraid!

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