The T-800 Is Back As An Alexa-Powered Terminator Smart Speaker

Award-winning Bluetooth speaker company AC Worldwide has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the world’s first polished alloy replica Terminator T-800 Endoskeleton speaker with a built-in camera and Alexa functionality. The collectable is the ultimate sci-fi movie fan’s dream audio device.

AC Worldwide T-800 speaker

An exact replica of the T-800 Endoskeleton from the Terminator franchise starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, this first-of-its-kind serial numbered speaker can do so much more than your average Bluetooth audio device. The audio manufacturer promises a high-quality licensed product with powerful bass (contains one ported subwoofer and a 5W driver), glowing red eye sockets (with an HD motion detecting camera in its left eye), cloud storage, voice-control using the built-in Alexa feature and Wi-Fi.

AC Worldwide T-800 speaker Bluetooth

AC Worldwide’s founder (no, not Cyberdyne) Karl Grimsey said, “We are truly very excited to have the opportunity to bring the T-800 to life, with a fully licenced replica – if you’re a Terminator fan you’re going to love this. While the project is technically challenging and loaded with features, we have a solid track record of delivery. Of course, we know that this will resonate with fans of the Terminator movies, but we also hope it will be of interest to a broader group of sci-fi, design and technology lovers. We hope that everyone will help support the Kickstarter campaign so that we can bring this ‘menacingly beautiful’ speaker and camera system to the market.”

t-800 speaker

The Kickstarter funding will last until Sunday 27 August. For $300 (or R4000) you will receive the first batch Terminator T-800 speaker with a certificate of authenticity and a special gift box.

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