Claudia is a princess with a bit of a dark mind. She studied Drama at the University of Pretoria, where the capital taught her to love rock. As a military brat she hopped from city to city, but now resides in Jo’burg. When she is not at the movies or the theatre, she can be found curled up with a good book, listening to music or trying to stay insane.

Written by Claudia Hauter

Jimmy Carr – Funny Business

Jimmy Carr is a regular guest on QI, and as a huge fan of the show I often got the chance to get a taste of his humour. Watching QI
By Claudia Hauter on 15 Apr 2016

Ayanda Review

While trawling through Ster-Kinekor’s website I was pleasantly surprised at finding that not one, but four, local films were showing  – albeit not all at one venue. Having made a
By Claudia Hauter on 12 Oct 2015

Be Prepared – Disney Content Showcase 2015/2016

Attending a Walt Disney content showcase is inevitably an overwhelming deluge of information as they present their latest cornucopia of entertainment. Front and centre of their upcoming attractions is obviously
By Claudia Hauter on 02 Oct 2015

300: Rise of an Empire Review

Based on Frank Miller’s latest graphic novel Xerxes, and running parallel to the events in the first film, 300: Rise of an Empire tells the story from the point of
By Claudia Hauter on 28 Feb 2014

Evil Dead (2nd Opinion)

Evil Dead is a remake of Sam Raimi’s 1981 horror film The Evil Dead. In both films a group of young students visit a cabin in the woods. Here they
By Claudia Hauter on 15 Aug 2013

The Preacher’s Daughter Review

The Preacher’s Daughter follows the story of Hannah, a young girl who has spent her life in a small town ticking all the right boxes on her parents’ checklist of
By Claudia Hauter on 21 Jul 2013

10 Years Review

10 Years, as the title suggests, is about a 10-year high school reunion which re-unites old friends and leads to several, inevitable awkward moments between old classmates. The premise is
By Claudia Hauter on 15 Jul 2013