90 Minutes in Heaven – Movie Review

90 Minutes in Heaven feels like a film that already knows exactly which churches will buy copies and which denominations will watch it, and therefore the best word to describe
By Daniel Rom on 29 Jul 2016

3D Print Your Very Own Mini-NES

Nintendo made a lot of nostalgic NES fans very happy when they announced that they would be releasing a mini-NES packed with 30 classic games. Now one fan has created
By Deville Louw on 29 Jul 2016

Watch: The Great Wall – Movie Trailer

Matt Damon’s next movie sees him battling monsters in The Great Wall. Watch the trailer here. “I WAS BORN into battle,” says Matt Damon’s arrow-equipped warrior. “I fought for greed
By Edward Wallace on 29 Jul 2016

Sony Xperia XA – Tech Review

Last year, Sony released the Xperia Z5, Z5 Compact and Z5 Premium, the best looking range of smartphones. At MWC in February this year, Sony relaunched the Xperia brand with
By Evan Saunders on 29 Jul 2016

Watch: Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge – Movie Trailer

Lionsgate has released the first trailer for Hacksaw Ridge, Mel Gibson’s first directorial film since 2006’s Apocalypto. Hacksaw Ridge tells the extraordinary true story of a religious man named Desmond
By Edward Wallace on 28 Jul 2016

LG X Cam Announced for South Africa

LG announced the X Cam smartphone in February this year, with trickled launch dates across Asia, Latin America and Europe starting in March. The announcement for an official release date
By Evan Saunders on 28 Jul 2016