The Last of Us 3

What We Hope To See In The Next Sequel

Naughty Dog‘s The Last of Us Part 3 will probably be the final chapter in Ellie and Joel’s epic story. 

But what can we expect from the follow-up game?

Based on the time frame between Part 1 and 2, players can probably assume that it will be a long time before we get The Last of Us Part 3, especially with all the new additions to the upcoming game.


At this point, the earliest and most likely time we will news about the release date of the game will probably be anytime after 2026.


Of course speculation about where Naughty Dog was going to take Ellie and the rest of her story in The Last of Us Part 3 has already began circulating.

Neil Druckmann has already started on the story.

The Last of Us Fans have a ton of questions. Like...

When Ellie returns to her farmstead at the end of The Last of Us Part II, she finds her home has been completely vacated except for their studio.

Where did Dina go?

Will Ellie look for her?

Ellie has accepted Joel’s death and is walking away from the anger that she let consume her. She has forgiven him for what he did and moving on from it.

Will we see Joel again?

The change in the menu screen after you have completed the game is actually giving us a bit of a hint at what happened to Abby and Leb.

Did Abby and Lev make it to the Fireflies?

Part II was less focused on the Cordyceps pandemic. The story focused on both women conquering their grief  instead of a cure.

Will they find a vaccine in The Last of Us Part III?

Most importantly... Will they finish off the story in a satisfying way?