What Batman Keeps In His Trophy Room

Jarrod Saunders

Lined Circle
Lined Circle

Besides bats and an assorted collection of boy Robins, what else does Batman keep in his secret hideout?

Created by Lex Luthor from Metallo's heart, which he wore at all times to keep Superman away from him. Batman later aquired the ring, just in case Superman ever loses control of his powers.

A Kryptonite Ring

Deathstroke's Sword

Batman has fought Deathstroke on a number of occasions and has since acquired his sword, which now rests in the Batcave.

Joe Coyne was obsessed with pennies, even beginning his criminal career by robbing a cash register filled with pennies. This giant penny is a souvenir of Batman's battle with Joe Coyne.

A Giant Penny

Two Face's Original Coin

Two-Face is very rarely seen without his special coin, but not many know that batman has his original, and the one he currently uses isn't his first.

The past was radically changed during the events of Flashpoint, and Thomas Wayne is Batman, who sacrifices himself to save Batman's timeline.

A Letter From Thomas Wayne

The Batcomputer

Sure, it isn't a trophy, but it's cool enough to be in the trophy room. It can literally find any information and pretty much do anything, from analysing DNA to tracing people across the planet.

There are many more interesting trophies in Batman's trophy room to explore, so follow the link below to find out more!