SJWs Start A Petition To Make Wonder Woman Bisexual

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In celebration of Bisexual Awareness Week, activists have launched a petition requesting Warner Brothers to officially make the Wonder Woman bisexual in the film’s sequel.

Last year, comic book writer Greg Rucka confirmed Princess Diana’s sexuality when he announced that Wonder Woman is obviously queer:

…An Amazon doesn’t look at another Amazon and say, ‘You’re gay.’ They don’t. The concept doesn’t exist. Now, are we saying Diana has been in love and had relationships with other women? As Nicola and I approach it, the answer is obviously yes…

Wonder Woman Bisexual

Over the course of her 75-year comic book run and on-screen adaptations, however, Wonder Woman’s romantic story arc has been largely represented by her relationship with soldier Steve Trevor, Superman and Batman. Bi activist Gianna Collier-Pitts, who launched the petition on thinks it’s time for the film franchise to take a cue from the current comic book run:

WB also raked in a pretty penny with a gross of over $817 million worldwide (and counting), ranking the film as the third highest grossing film in the studio’s history. Needless to say, it was a success for everyone…except the bisexual community.

The likelihood of Wonder Woman being bisexual has been alluded to over the years, primarily in comics. Writer of Wonder Woman: Rebirth Greg Rucka even confirmed that “Diana has been in love and had relationships with other women”, so why is it so hard to translate this for the silver screen?

What are your thoughts? Does Wonder Woman need to be bisexual in the upcoming films? Or do you prefer the romantic relationship she currently has with Ben Affleck’s Batman?


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  1. Michael Williams says:

    In fairness, the character was originally created as an exploration of bondage and power/submission roles. Why else did she lose her powers when *a man* ties her hands? Why is she so into tying other characters up? Wrist shackles? Playing for the other team is at worst a lateral move from “superpowered S&M”.

  2. Get outta here. She should be with Batman

  3. Allways thought, she WAS bisexual.

  4. Well, since she’s lived in an women-only island, it seems pretty plausible sheMs at least bicurious. I’m even sure she said so in the movie, sth like “we love indistinctly of genders”.

  5. Greg Rucka confirmed that she was in 2016

  6. Steven Smith says:

    I thought she already was a bisexual.

  7. Ryan Dow says:

    Travis Morel

  8. Jack Edwards Ethan Gonzalez she is?

  9. Steven Smith says:

    Oh they want to make the Wonder Woman in the DCEU bisexual. Lol

  10. Wonder Woman is of no sexual orientation. The Amazons do not disengage from men, but they do not live in the world of man. They know you need man to strive though.

  11. Dave Clarke says:

    What the hell has sexual preference got to do with catching bad guys…oh just gunna find me some time to lick some lettuce before I finish saving the world today… stupid.

  12. Ashish Kalam says:

    Ok … But why

  13. While we’re at it, lets make the next movie a softcore porno

  14. Oh ffs. When will this shit stop.

  15. Make her transgender, ill watch it.

  16. She already is…

  17. She already is.

  18. This rock must be blown to poes

  19. Saral Thakur says:

    SHE IS THO. Maybe not in the movie

  20. Licketty split

  21. Let’s make Rambo, Terminator, and all other movie characters Bisexual and homosexual

    • Michael Bell says:

      a homosexual Rambo fighting a bisexual Terminator sounds like the best movie ever

  22. Nick Jones says:

    Who cares as long as the movie good.

  23. Err…it’s pretty much obvious that she already is.

  24. I’m a lesbian and I love that they want to change the world of film, but this is rediculous, she is who she is and everyone knows she and Superman will eventually end uo together (it’s in the comics if I am not mistaken?). If she already is bi then cool, but stop trying to force a certain sexuality on a character that has already been established for years. Make a new superhero that’s gay or lesbian rather than trying to change the old ones.

    • Namira Nafis says:

      Your statement remind me of one of Marvel old hero who was a womanizer and now a gay man.

      I mean idc about gay hero but from womanizer to gay is ridiculous.

    • Karyn Booker says:

      I thought she was bisexual in the first film, she said something about genders in the film and males were primarily for procreation but she had not tried it yet. they don;t need to change anything

    • Namira
      Honestly, changing things, especially superheroes, books characters, comic characters etc to fit the LGBT quota is ridiculous and stupid. Everyone knows and is used to that specific character being who they are, and making them gay or lesbian when they were always perceived as straight is wrong, and so too with making a gay or lesbian character straight. It’s the same with this stupid whitewashing and blackstaining BS. You cannot change a character because the minority wants it to be so. I would say to that, make a new story with a new hero or villain rather. So I feel you.

    • Well, there are tons of SJW characters, they aren’t popular cos the SJW’s don’t support them . . .

    • Jesse Lemus says:

      She may end up with Batman. In one of the comics they hook up.

  25. If it makes a story better then go for it

  26. Pretty sure she already is per the comics. Nice try tho, SJWs. How about starting a petition to get your useless asses to do something beneficial to the nation?

  27. Of course she is. Island with only woman while going through puberty?!? If course she is…

  28. ffs who cares as Kong as the movies are good

  29. Stop, Just stop already

  30. El-Sol says:

    More than ever before, comic books (& now movies based upon those characters) tackle many issues that lead to human ignorance and different types of discrimination. They show the audience how to overcome these negative social behaviors and learn how to be a better human by embracing the unfamiliar.

    The “recognitions” of sexuality encourages “awareness” and encompasses all the things that make us who we are. Shaped by culture, history, values, education and experience, our sexuality influences our views of individuality, family, parenthood, and community.

    From a young age, children are exposed to sexual imagery and language in their environment, and their bodies are experiencing and developing sexual responsiveness. Their curiosity is inevitable, and the answers they get should clarify—not confuse—the issues for them.

    Adolescence is a particularly stressful and confusing time as both physical and cognitive aspects of sexual expression begin to align, and the opportunities for personal decision making expand. Sexuality begins to be a significant part of relationship experiences. We want those relationships to be healthy and safe, as they are the training ground for life as an adult.

    Yes, the notion of Wonder Woman to be Bi in the movies, may not have point “or useless” for some….but for many others it is a way of positive support .

  31. What?! But..she..already is. What?! This is Iceman all over again!

  32. She basically already is. An island of only women eventually someone’s gonna start experimenting

  33. Do whatever weird shit you want but keep it out of movies

  34. Any of y’all think SJW’s just want to see the world burn?

  35. Roy Gomez says:

    She fucking said so in the movie!! Goddamn. Do y’all have to be triggered by every motherfucking thing?!?

  36. John Perry says:

    every time i read a comic i always think to myself “hhmm what this comic needs is more..gayness!” thank god for these “hero’s” for finally bringing this important issue up! after i sign this i’m going to sign the “superman needs to take it up the ass petition.” then we all should sigh the petition for “snake eyes and storm shadow to just do it already!!” ;)

  37. Who TF doesn’t know who her creator and subsequent writers were? That poll is a waste of time.

  38. People who overuse the term social justice warrior every time they encounter someone that calls them out on their bullshit are just people who are racist who dont want anyone to say anything about it.

  39. So people think Wonder Woman should have a mental disease.

  40. They can floss their teeth with concertina wire for all I care. Not literally, though. They’ll bleed out and die, or get gangrene.
    Anyway, it’s already implied that Diana is inclined to desire both genders in the movie. Their petition is pointless.

  41. She already is. Aside from the fact that she is depicted in several story arcs sharing intimate moments with other women on Themyscira, Greg Rucka has alluded to that in interviews. It’s part of canon. Let it go, bros.

  42. But she already is

  43. David Mabe says:

    They already established that in the first movie.

  44. More BULLSHIT

  45. but she is already? I don’t get this

  46. Every program now seems to need a Afro character and a gay or lesbian character

  47. I know two ways to halt the SJWs. One, tell them to Shut the F up.
    Second. Cease Reporting about what they have to say.

  48. Who said she was straight?

  49. She grew up on an island full of women with no men. Where’s Captain Obvious at?

  50. Cris Palaio says:

    Lol she is though.

  51. Lisa Olaveson says:


  52. Joseph Dean White says:

    Shut the fuck up

  53. Carl Von Wolzogen says:

    Just leave her alone!

  54. Jason Paul Travis says:

    She isn’t already?

  55. She’s already bi tho so this petition is pointless

  56. Rhys Morgan says:

    these people need to kill themselves. Fucking whiny little pieces of shit

  57. …. Fuck sakes.

  58. They really are never happy are they?

    • Which is odd cuz gay means happy lol. I support gays and lg whatever….but there are bigger things to wrry about then lets make a charrachter gay or whatever…shit these charrachters themselves have bigger problems like saving the world…..we dont need to see on the big screen where these characjters put their junk!!!. It wont matter if the world accepts them cuz in the end truthfully many of them subconsciously dont accept themselves. So they need to seek it externally.

    • I agree. There’s definitely some sort of mental transference where they believe representation in Cinema will make them happy about who they are because they feel oppressed by the world. Truth is the world and societies in it don’t give a shit about anyone elses sexuality whether it’s gay or straight or bi. No one cares. It doesn’t interest us, doesn’t affect us. We don’t hate anyone for their sexuality, we just don’t care. Good luck to everyone in love but don’t make it my business- regardless of sexuality

  59. Nick Oliver says:

    That’s just stupid..

  60. Ryan Downs says:

    Don’t assume her gender….

  61. Jack Flag says:

    I thought she already was? I mean Amazonian? Goddess? Eh? This is like when Ellen Page “Came Out”.

  62. This is stupid.

  63. James Rocco says:

    That’s hot.

  64. Isn’t she already? I thought that was pretty heavily implied in the movie.

  65. I thought this was already a thing?

  66. Why? What would this add? Of what benefit would this be?

  67. Whitewashing apartheid crime

  68. Well, it would be fitting with who the original creators allegedly based her on

  69. I’m on the left and let me say this. Fuck SJW bullshit. These people are making the left look terrible. They are just authoritarians pretending to be liberal.

    • Jason Fett says:

      not sure what SJW is, but I think I agree with you. Been seeing this happen since I left Cali. I thought perhaps the libs had finally lost every bit of their minds?

    • Jason Fett says:

      then again, Cali leftists aren’t the most open-minded people I’ve met, that’s (surprisingly) for sure

    • They aren’t true liberals. A true liberal is someone who defends free speech. And pushes for equal opportunity and rights.

    • Jason Fett SJW is Social Justice Warrior

    • Basically they’re trying to control representation in the media. Now, I don’t mind gay, trans or whatever part of the spectrum one falls in media. I’m all for it. But pushing to change an existing character is just silly. Besides Wonder Woman is already bi.

    • Rob Tucker says:

      Burnie Jarvis used to be. This is why I voted red for the first time in my 40 years this time.

    • Hillary and trump were both terrible in my eyes so I abstained from voting

    • Sounds to me like you’re not on the left … or the right.

      You simply agree with FACTS.

    • Well the left use to agree with facts

    • She was born on an island of only women and her creators wife was bi if you think she’s straight then you’re a retard.

    • Jason Fett says:

      I mean, she said she was basically.
      She didn’t go [dinosaur voice] “I am bisexual!!!” but she did explain the deal, very warrior-like, and then get w/ Capt Kirk 2.0 after that.

    • She’s bisexual in the comics, dumbass.

    • Geoffrey Reeves no shit. We are completely aware of that. Your basic comic knowledge is astounding.

    • Christos Kotsonis I’m aware she was bi. I’m also aware she use to be the justice leagues secretary. And she had a fat side kick. My point was sjws suck.

    • Yeah, because standing up for things is terrible. Jackass.

    • Oh no I have offended a white knight.

    • The ones that are aggressive and negative to others are most often the ones that are unhappy, unfulfilled and self loathe. Seek help.

    • Geoffrey Reeves dude… You just described yourself

    • Let me tell you how it is little boy. These SJWs want to silence and criticism. Life isn’t about safe spaces. You want to make a difference. Stop crying over media and Trump and video games. Let’s talk about how over 50 percent of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. Let’s talk about how 45,000 Americans die every year from lack of basic healthcare. Let’s talk about how corruption has turned out democracy into a joke. Let’s talk about how we have been in a war that can’t be won for 16 years! But hey you want to talk about social issues fine we will hit that topic. Let’s talk about civil asset forfeiture. You know where cops can legally steal your shit. You want to discuss real problems? Or are you gonna fucking cry about how wonderman doesn’t eat enough pussy in the movie?

    • Philip C Neese it’s all good dude.

    • Philip C Neese. You should seek help too. I know I need help, my sadism is heavily embedded. If I saw either of you fall down, I’d probably laugh before helping. First step is admitted though. So I have that, ay.

    • Hey is trying to troll just ignore him.

  70. Cody Maynard says:

    im torn on this post. I cant fucking stand whinny libtards like this trying to include everyone. she was never like that in the comics. if you want a bisexual superhero here is an idea create one. now on the other hand id love to see gal gadot makeout with a chick……. so like i said im torn lmffao!

    • The fact that you used the word “libtard” just invalidates everything you say afterwards. It’s a telltale sign of stupidity.

    • ^^^🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Greg Lombardi and misspelling “afterwards” invalidates your criticism. Before you get on your high horse, make sure the saddle is secure or you risk falling on your rump.

    • Have you ACTUALLY even read the comics….? Lol
      Your in for many surprises.
      Going to leave that one Riiiight there, lol

    • Ah yes, hypocrisy, that undeniable trademark of the right.

    • Andrea Silver, I sincerely apologize, misspelling a word is exactly the same as generalized bigotry. My bad. Ass.

    • I think there is a big difference between liberals and libertards. One wishes inclusion and equal rights for all, the other looks for reasons to whine where there is none… so I’m with you… in this case its libertards

    • Stupid racist sexist patriarchy male chauvinist pig and bigot and statutory rapist stfu asap already because your totally retarded delusional ass republicunt aka conservativefucktards conservativefucktard ass makes no sense whatsoever dude so hang it up already to #Codymaynard retarded delusional ass republicunt aka conservativefucktards conservativefucktard ass

    • Cody Maynard says:

      Matt Willenborg

    • Cody Maynard says:

      Thomas Alkærsig what Hypocrisy? and are you sure you are not a member of the right assuming my party based on my comments lol

    • holy shit liberals are pathetic. bitch and moan all day long cause they are too big of losers to compete with the rest of the world at anything besides bitching and moaning.

    • Knock off the libtard nonsense. I don’t think she should be bi either. She is who she’s been since the beginning and it’s fine as it is.

    • ^This fucking asshole…

    • Samantha Madden hey there little snowflake it will be ok. Go and find a safe place or a Starbucks haha. You’re making no sense whatsoever. Do your parents know you’re on social media?

    • Cody Maynard says:

      Michael Seifert to be honest it doesn’t hurt! ‘MERICA

    • Samantha Madden, just full of hatred aren’t you. Nothing you said made one bit of sense. Do you kiss you mother with that ugly mouth? You are everything that is wrong with young women these days. Look in the mirror when you talk like that and you will see just how ugly you really are.

    • Cody Maynard says:

      Samantha Madden by the way, I’m a HUGE TRUMP supporter

    • Cody Maynard says:

      Samantha Madden

    • Glen Cadoret says:

      Cody, try actually reading the Wonder Woman comics before you speak. The most recent iteration of her is lesbian.

    • Cody Maynard says:

      Glen Cadoret most recent ….. exactly and I am ok with it like I said, I would love to see her hook up with a chick. side note props on the use of iteration its supposed to be used to solve for a problem there isn’t one in this discussion. Unless you are implying that a straight wonder women is a problem?

    • I am glad I wasn’t alone on this lol

    • I guess you haven’t actually read the comics, because she is canonically bi in them 🤔

    • Roger Prows says:

      Ummm… She is bisexual in the comics so….

    • While the point you make about creating your own character is okay
      You’re a pillock
      Ps you’re wrong, she is in comics…

    • Go back and reread the comics. She is bi by canon!

    • She was bisexual in the comics… but yeah, of course you read them 😂😂😂

    • That awkward moment when you claim to love comics but you’re just full of shit…

    • James Zieff says:

      Amazons have always been bisexual; in the early days it just wasn’t stated so loudly; lots of innuendo, just like the BDSM portions of the stories. as years have gone by, it’s been more out in the open. what do you think an island of only women would do, for a couple THOUSAND years? please…

    • Troy Latta says:

      Hell, she flat-out said in the first movie that men were necessary for reproduction, but optional for sex.

  71. What?!?!?!?

    Okay no….I support the lgbtq community.
    I am not a racist, but stop changing characters this dramatically….I don’t want to see an Asian superman, I don’t want to see a white black panther. And I don’t want you fucking with the sexuality of characters that are already established, if you want to go ahead and petition the creation of any variant of new super hero to fight along side, or star in their own movie sure.

    I look forward to watching a biracial, transgender,pan sexual kryptonian survivor that escaped before krypton exploded.

    Or whatever you want to do….just stop fucking with established characters.
    (If something is in the comics that I’m unaware of that’s totally different, run with whatever has already been established)

  72. Jason Fett says:

    ??? Ummm… didn’t she practically SAY she was in the film??

  73. This will give young men an unrealistic idea on what bi chicks look like

  74. Bobby Blair says:

    Did you just assume Wonder WOMAN’S gender?????

  75. So completely sick of these ridiculous asshats. Go the fuck away already

  76. What!? If it isn’t part of the character THEN NO! WTF is wrong with these people!?

  77. Kyle Ellis says:

    please stop

  78. Um, didn’t they alude to this in the movie? “When it comes to procreation, men are essential, but for pleasure, not necessary.” See, issue taken care of.

  79. Moi Sori says:

    Wow!! So everytime a movie comes out, there has to be another movie to PLEASE!! Every fuckin sensitive human… FUCK OFF!!

  80. Bobby O'Neal says:

    Pretty sure all Amazon’s were lesbians who only slept with men to breed then killed them or kicked them out. Sjw idiots need labatomys

    • *lobotomy. Way to sabotage yourself.

    • Bobby O'Neal says:

      So a spelling error on a hard word is what you got? I wish all you damn trolls would just play chicken with trains.

    • A hard word? You weren’t even smart enough to blame it on a typo….

    • The fact that you misspelled lobotomy is hilarious.

    • Bobby O'Neal says:

      Im no lame ass. I admit my faults. Maybe you should do the same.

    • Bobby O’Neal technically I agree with you, but the themysciran amazons developed over the centuries a somewhat different society than the ancient greek amazons they descended from. Themyscirans are immortal and never needed to have sex for procreation. Diana is the first child ever born on the island, and wasn’t even created through sex but by blowing life in a molded piece of clay by a god (like it was done with Adam in the Bible). and what I learned about the other Themyscirans they’re all bisexual by nature, but leaning mostly to the lesbian side because of a simple lack of males. 8-)

    • Bobby O'Neal says:

      Frank Lindner probably the best point made by anyone on this page today. I do stand corrected on the lesbian idea.

  81. I think that’s what they want a WW porno on the big screen.

  82. Get your fanfic on like everyone else, jeez.

  83. Joshua Pate says:

    She’s from an island of women. It would astronomically unbelievable if she were straight.

  84. Adam Lilburn says:

    Or orrrrr create your own version and don’t bastardize currently exsisting characters

  85. Derrick Ames says:

    Wonder woman is made out of clay she doesn’t need a man or woman to make her happy

  86. Ryan Gowing says:

    Enough is enough!!

  87. Tony Montero says:

    “I met a devil woman
    She took my heart away
    She said, I’ve had it comin’ to me
    But I wanted it that way
    I think that any love is good lovin’
    So I took what I could get, mmh
    Oooh, oooh she looked at me with big brown eyes
    And said,
    You ain’t seen nothin’ yet
    B-b-b-baby, you just ain’t seen n-n-nothin’ yet
    Here’s something that you never gonna forget
    B-b-b-baby, you just ain’t seen n-n-nothin’ yet…”

  88. Um… they’re a little late to the party. She’s always been hella queer.

  89. Wes Buchanan says:

    How about just make a Batwoman movie.

  90. WHY bring ‘sex issues’ to movies that grow from super-heroism, villains, spaceships & monsters ?… Natural outcome: people WILL pull away from all of this (at least I’ll be one of them)… Grow up, Hollywood ! Stop paying attention to ‘tendencies & (political) movements’ that DON’T care about the stories being told… Movies are all about the stories being told, u know ?… IF the story being told is ‘jam packed’ with every ‘tendency’ that lies outhere, there will not be a story to tell.. Movies prone to (political) tendencies tend to jeopardize the stories being told…

    • Wolfe Lind says:

      Agreed, I watch SciFi, Fantasy and Horror to escape the real world. I don’t care about social messages, commentaries on society etc etc. I want to be entertained. Sadly he is now deceased but Romero did not get that with his last few movies as he decided to be more upfront about the theme of his movies.

    • Wolfe Lind I think there’s space for everything, as long it is dead on the story being told… This (slight?) ‘tendency’ nowadays towards ‘political correctness’ of ‘jamming’ issues that have nothing to do with the stories being told, makes me… NOT go to the movies & NOT buying the dvds/blurays later on… and grab a book that actually tells a story WITHOUT ‘pressure’ to be ‘political correct’ & ‘representative’ of… so many issues outhere…

    • Sexuality is 100% an adult issue, so I don’t understand why you’d say grow up to that. I do agree that making every little thing in movies PC nowadays is pandering and takes away from the story but let’s be real: sex is part of life and sex and sexuality don’t need to be excluded from entertainment.

    • Holly McCrory I understand what you’re saying… What I mean to “Grow up” is to have clear premises on stories being told and to not allow ‘pressure’ for ‘political gender fairness’… To be fair is to be natural in sex and on everyone’s options… it shouldn’t be brought as an ‘effort to be representative & fair’… Fair is to never allow that stories & pop culture to be ‘hijacked’ by this ‘effort to be representative’ and coming up with ways to have pop culture ‘icons’ to be ‘representative’… This is not fair… Respect works both ways… Everything has it’s place & there’s a place for everything…

    • So you have problem with all the movies that love interests in the movie for no reason other than to make sure people don’t think the character is gay like in Lost Boys. Hypocrites

  91. David Philp says:

    Why can’t these people just leave shit alone

  92. Jeff Kasper says:

    Why she already is on pornhub

  93. Kat Howard says:

    What. The. Fuck.

  94. Why though? It adds nothing to the character.

  95. I thought it was pretty much implied in the first film that Diana ‘swung both ways’? Maybe the SJW fruitcakes want an explicit ‘X’ rated movie as other than paranoia, they seem to have little imagination of their own

  96. Kristi Collier

  97. Marcelo Moreno

  98. David Murray says:

    Stupid people, she already is.

  99. Mark Walker says:

    Jesus you Fanboys are such fucking snowflakes.

  100. Paul Donald says:

    Are you shitting me. Why don’t they go ruin something that they actually know something about? Like long beards and vinyl albums.

  101. But she is bisexual

  102. Leave that for your fan fiction and just stop it.

  103. Really though, just bi? You sure you wouldn’t like her to be a non-binary gender fluid POC pansexual that identifies as a deep-fried Easter Bunny? Cos I’m sure if you riot hard enough they’ll sort that out for you too.

  104. Chuck Monroe says:

    Island of women that rarely sees men….i don’t really have to spell it out and I thought about that since the 70s

  105. I mean… come on… she comes from an island populated only by adult women. It’s kind of self-explanatory.

  106. John Cvejkus says:

    And if you don’t agree with SJW you will be labeled by them. You’ve been warned. Comply. One of us. One of us. One of us.

  107. Fred McCoy says:

    So? Where she puts her vagina should not be any concern. Just tell a good story and ignore the conservatives who hate everything that’s “different”.

  108. Alex B Axel says:

    Make that shit happen

  109. Not wonder woman is an Amazon feminist aka rogue feminist and is to masculine like to and agressive so unfit for even representing us females or feminists at all so if you sincerely must pic a female superhero to representing us females or feminists at all make it be supergirl to represent us females and feminists then because supergirl is way better of a fit to represent us females and feminists then wonder woman ever could be because wonder woman sucks compared next to supergirl as well and this pic proves my point that supergirl is way better fit to represent us females and feminists as well where as in wonder woman’s case she’s totally unfit to be representing us females and feminists at all

    • Do you have the mind and literacy of a 9 year old? You then pick supergirl because she appears to be more feminist? Haha

    • Daniel Pruett Do you have a mind of a putz

    • No trying to be mean ,but in the comics supergirl had a horse for a boyfriend once. If I remember right he was her first.

    • Umm Christy Bissell that’s comic book supergirl not tv show supergirl at all so don’t confuse kara zor el aka kara danvers aka supergirl with Kara Zor el aka linda danvers aka supergirl because the t.v. show version of supergirl is somewhat unrelated to the comic book supergirl anyways

    • Samantha Madden um, this issue here is about bisexuality, not about females (who can be represented by males too, like myself) or feminists (who can also be male, like myself), which are two similar but different issues altogether. valid, but different. this here is about annoying people who need everything spelled out for them. Diana is already bisexual, but her sexuality (the same as the sexuality of the other Superheros) is totally irrelevant for the plot/story DC is telling in it’s cinematic universe. therefore explicitly mentioning it at some point, even if it’s just in a half-sentence, doesn’t deepen her character in any way. … a gigantic and ever expanding comic universe or a multi-series tv universe is a much better place for mentioning and adressing such issues. (PS: I’m anxiously awaiting the introduction of Earth-1-Kara in the CW-niverse, they promised so long ago.)

    • Hello earth calling Frank Lindner come back down to earth and So what and we lesbians are in a round about way in the same category as bisexual women to btw and wonder woman sucks because she’s a misrepresentation of us feminists as well because she’s way to aggressively man like in her looks heck she even looks like the butch lesbians to as well but wonder woman is an Amazon type of feminist aka rogue feminist which we more modern day feminists Dispise wonder woman because she represents the old school more aggressive feminists that we more modern day feminists don’t want her representing us at all maybe we more modern day feminists should boycott the new wonder woman movie to as well

  110. I can’t even read this because it’s so dumb!

  111. Jana Kelsey says:

    I could see adding a lgbt character to the story but really.. or there are other gods and goddess that went both ways why not incorporate them

  112. She kinda is already

  113. Niea Adena says:

    i dont even care. i watched it last night, the movie was so forgettable

  114. Christopher, she’s all mine


  116. well they can go fuck themselves

  117. Justin Earl says:


    Themyscira Population

    # of women: a lot
    # of men: 0

    Let’s look at the statistics here for a moment since we are all nerds.
    Chances of this actually being a thing………. I leave that to the intellect of my fellow nerds

    • Justin Earl says:

      Science 🔬

    • Who fucking cares man…how does that further the character at all?
      Can’t we just have fun again without forcing all of our bullshit into everything we create?

    • Justin Earl says:

      Forcing is never a good thing for any topic.

    • the point and problem here is, even if Diana is bisexual it doesn’t changes anything. fact is, Diana IS bisexual, but she will still only date men and won’t start ogling women. … having any kind of sexuality doesn’t mean it must be shown or mentioned, neither in fiction nor in the real world. the sexuality of a person can be very important to that person but still totally unknown and unnecessary to know for everyone else.

  118. Ed Weiser says:

    When are they going to petition to make it porn and rate it X. That would be worth $18.00 a ticket……..$20 in 3D.

  119. She IS Bisexual XD

  120. yea, add a lesbian sex scene to Part 2.

  121. This is completely arbitrary and fucking moronic

  122. Wait, how is that SJW? She lived on an island of ONLY women. Of course she had a girlfriend at some point.

  123. T Lex Riley says:

    I was about to get mad cause I thought this was more sjw trash then I quickly started to think and images flashed through my head they might be on to something

  124. ….. Isn’t she though? Like without stating the obvious. She is a Amazon after all

  125. Sean Wight says:

    As long as it’s rated R and she has a sex scene.

  126. Mike Kinald says:

    The early Marston comics alluded to the Amazons being bisexual- and that was in the 1940’s.

  127. This is crap!

  128. im realy having an issue arguing with this one bwahahaha

  129. Needless to say, it was a success for everyone…except the bisexual community. This is what they’re after!!!!!!

  130. this is hypocritical.

  131. Why does a fake character need to be gay

  132. Jajajaja qué asco

  133. Personally nothing against the LGBQT community or the sub-groups but they really need to leave the comic book heros alone I’m sorry but I just do see that needing that to happen

  134. No she has never been interested in women that way if there were even hints she was they would of popped up long before now I mean Wonder Woman had been around quite awhile and she has never been Bi or gay. So SJWs can fuck off on that it’s bad enough they got Marvel to do their bidding. Don’t give in DC keep your character the way you created them

  135. This shit needs to stop!

  136. Owen Reese says:

    I think she is already in some continuities

  137. Laura Quiles says:

    What does this mean? She IS bi-sexual ( as much as that is established in her culture). That was made plain in the movie, and I think in the comics too.

  138. …because making WW confirmed bisexual somehow validates your orientation? If you need the approval of Hollywood, then you have bigger issues to deal with. This is stupid.

  139. Why isn’t Wonder Woman a gay man? So insensitive!!

  140. The real question here is… Does it fucking matter?

  141. David Wilson says:

    Umm…….how about HELL NO!!!

  142. Jody Camper says:

    I thought she already was…

  143. SJWs think they are saving the world by making a big fucking deal out of shit that doesnt matter. As if changing the sexuality of a fictional character is somehow going to change the world, let alone be an inspiration for all. And i say this because Wonder Woman is a symbol on her own right. she doesnt need to be bisexual to inspire others.

  144. Todd Mcgraw says:

    I think you could find a movie on Pornhub if you really wanted to see wonder woman bi problem solved :p

  145. If these folks want to mess around with the sexual preferences of characters why not just create new characters that are gay or bisexual so forth and so on down the list. Trying to force it on people by tinkering with what is already out there is not going to go over well with most people.

  146. Eddie Kump says:

    Lots and lost of respect for the LGBT community. But why the urge to label everybody about their sexual orientation?

  147. Is this important?

  148. Dave Clark says:

    It was this kind of senseless left-wing bulldozing that lead to the election of President Backlash. Apparently a lesson was not learned.

  149. Never let them destroy the hero I like Wonder Woman just the way she is. I love the way Wonder Woman the way she is.

  150. Oll Lee says:

    „This ain’t Wonder Woman – XXX“ ❓

  151. Jaime Horn says:

    I’m getting sick of people calling them “SJWs”. Malcolm X was a SJW, these kind of people are fringe lunatics

    If SJW means standing up for minority rights, count me a proud SJW, triggered snowflake. Feminazis and the like are NOT SJWs by definition of the term.

    • actually you and Malcolm X (and me too) are actually JWs (Justice Warriors) or as Science calls them “decent human beings”. the term “SJW” already was from the time it was coined on an euphemism.

  152. She already is bi in the comics.

  153. She was already bisexual, watch the movie and listen carefully

  154. Jacob Miller says:

    Nobody’s happy with anything.

  155. Neil Lollar says:

    Works for me.

  156. Art Monney says:

    These people need to just stop. Demanding that everyone be just like them is not diversity.

  157. Nice fantasy, but leave it alone.

  158. Zairo Marin says:

    enough with this bs.

  159. Freage Mac says:

    What kind of bs

  160. Freage Mac says:

    Stop trying to push the gay agenda on everything

  161. Nope nope nope

  162. Dumbassy shit..

  163. Aaron Hughes says:

    Do they understand that she already is?

  164. David Esch says:

    If there is something good, honest and wholesome, The Left will do eveything in their power to destroy it, according to the rules for radicals and the steps to destroy America.

  165. Never enough for SJW’s

  166. Scott Poole says:

    so hard I gave myself a kink in my neck.

  167. Eh. Wonder Woman was created by a man whose wife was bisexual, they shared a girlfriend, and were into all sorts of kinky BDSM roleplay stuff… in the 40s. Bisexuality is probably one of the least exciting things they could write into WW. I even seem to recall a recent comic where it was revealed that WW was biologically male, and was angsting to her mom that man’s world says that penis-havers can only be men, and she was willing to castrate herself to prove it.

  168. Lauren Hynde says:

    Ugh. Stop already.

  169. Marco Mast says:

    They’ll never show the sex scene so ho cares. If the movie is good she can have a orgy with 3 white/black men, 10 black/white women, 10 dogs, a whale, a elephant, 20 snails and a pirate crew…ho the fuck cares.

  170. I wouldn’t mind, will she make out with her GF in the next film?

  171. Did they watch the movie? LMFAO?

  172. Rob Whelan says:

    of all the dumb lame ass ideas / what are ya gonna call this person? Wonder Whatchmacallit? / Wonder Who?

  173. Leave the character ALONE!

  174. How do I view Lesbians?.

    In Hi Definition baby!

  175. Anthony Cox says:

    I hate this world. Everyone has to be bi , and or gay now???!!! Fuck. That. Shit.

  176. How. Bout no

  177. Cindy Diaz says:

    Cut da bullshit

  178. Would it be with a butch woman?

  179. Chris Ogle says:

    Liberals want to ruin everything because they can’t create anything of their own.

  180. Why does sex have to be involved at all

  181. Some insight into Themysciran culture. Wonder Woman, volume 2 #38, 1990.

  182. Got my vote as long as they include it in the next movie… ⬆️ How many other dorks said the same thing?

  183. Can they stop making asínine petitions?

  184. Oh, it would make morons feel better about themselves!

  185. Oh they totally won’t keep on bitching once they have a protagonist with a uterus… They’re so easy to satisfy and reasonable…. Mostly reasonable

  186. Muh sex pol der de der totes should call this cultral appropriation. Because it is.

  187. No no no nO no no…..not this time.

  188. Josh Marsh says:

    Sigh,the movie idiocracy is becoming reality

  189. Why does this have to be?

  190. Omg who fucking cares! It’s not, I repeat NOT fucking real! The stupid nonsensical shit people waste energy arguing over is amazing.

  191. Rin Bailey says:

    But she’s not Bisexual.

  192. Solo Flazh says:

    Maybe that will help sales.

  193. Really come on leave things alone. Why do we always have to go there!

  194. Uh no, you don’t just suddenly change a heroes sexual orientation until at least the third stand alone movie.

  195. Tim Downey says:

    …there’s a petition to make Wonder Woman Wonder Woman?

  196. Roger Price says:

    WHY, WHY do they have do keep doing this bull$#!t to these beloved characters!!!?? She loves men! This agenda crap’s got to stop!!!

  197. Travis Wigal says:

    Sorry but she’s not genetic trash and is quite a normal hetero woman. SJW need to FUCK OFF

  198. This is why conservatives have no respect for you.

  199. Why? Why and how would that make any of her stories better. SJWs already ruined Marvel Comics, stay away from our stuff! You morons only care about comics to ruin them. America Chavez is a great example of that.

  200. Who cares what they bang love or friend zone, be a super hero and go punch a a super villain.

  201. Paul Wilkins says:

    This doesn’t seem like a stretch.

  202. Terry Farr says:

    Um…not to display utter ignorance, but just what is “SJWS”? It never said in the article.

  203. No. Don’t change the canon for libtards. It’s bad enough that they had to segregate viewings.

  204. Dianne King says:

    Um seriously, watch a porn if you wanna see girl on girl action, Wonder Woman is supposed to be a superhero kicking ass, not taking it in or giving up ass for everything with a pulse.

  205. According to the comics creators, she is absolutely queer. So she should be seen as such in the movies as well. Or is accuracy not important? In which case who cares either way? This is a non-issue.

    • She never saw a man before the movie and decided to give it a try. Why does she need a pronoun at all? It’s a fucking comic book movie

    • what about bisexual people who only visible show affection to the opposite sex, but never talk or mention or show their sexual affection to the same sex? same as hetero- and homosexual people don’t mention or show their hetero- or homosexuality at every possible opportunity. … I just try to imagine how that topic even can come up in a movie so that it makes sense and fits into the plot and is not just some “token dialogue” … aside from any small-talk scene.

  206. I really don’t care, if it’s a good story then it’s a good story. But for the love of all that is good and fun Let it Be Because of The Story…
    I capitalized excessively there for emphasis, and I wrote this sentence to make an empty point. Sort of like showcasing a character’s sexuality to affirm that you support a particular lifestyle: whilst self indulgent it does nothing to further the actual point.

  207. So now she’s going to be from Lesbos? idiots are killing the left.

  208. She’s already confirmed bisexual in the comics. They’re kinda late with this petion.

  209. Um.. pretty sure she’s always been canon bi, people just want them to admit it.. also, nice headline, really makes you look like trailer trash…

  210. Eric Ciddio says:

    Further proof that a woman’s greatest enemy is other women.

  211. Cannonically she IS bisexual. Like, I don’t understand the stupidity of the people complaining that she be given her full range of identity.

  212. SJ wankers can suck my cock.Just make a new character.stop meddling with iconic characters.who knows these SJ idiots will start asking for gay batman and superman.

  213. Tamara Gayle says:

    Why the fuck does it matter? Most women are bi anyway, even if they don’t admit it.

  214. Didn’t this ALREADY HAPPEN?

    Seriously, I swear I remember there being a line about men not being necessary for pleasure, that other women would do…

  215. If you’ve watched the movie She has already admitted that all Amazons are Bi-Sexual. Remember the conversation on the boat?

  216. Ridiculous!!

  217. Come on really, butt hurt over fictional characters? Why not put that energy into finding missing children? Seriously need to get their priorities straight.

  218. Eric Woodrum says:

    Seen that already! Aaaahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

  219. Kevin Brewer says:

    But do they know she went black too?

  220. She already is

  221. Sounds like some loser wants more fapping material.

  222. Daniele Moretti. Loooooool

  223. ……..I thought she already was?

  224. She is dumbasses

  225. Seriously? I loved the fact that she loved only Steve even after decades. True and tragic love. I wouldn’t have cared if Steve was Stephanie or whatever, it is the true love aspect (romance, I know and argue as much as you like that it doesn’t exist but…neither does Wonder Woman)

  226. Wendy Close says:

    Oh fuck off

  227. Gonna sign it? Valerie

  228. Ok,this is just silly. Wonder Woman is an amazon. Amazons were known to only be with men to breed and then only keep the female children. So of course they more than likely were sexual with each other. It’s friggin obvious she’s bi.

  229. transgender wonder woman next!

  230. Looks like the people behind Avatar Kiyoshi’s new bisexual characteristic have inspired other writers to completely make shit up for no reason. Great.

  231. How about not shoving sexual orientation into everything! It’s a movie for entertainment. Stop trying to make everything into a social commentary or some sort.

  232. Here is an idea. Anything stupid can it please not be reported by the media and made into a story. Then we would have less click bait crap in our facebook feed.

  233. Fuck no who gives a fuck that’s not true to the charatcer

  234. I’m an open minded person, but just STOP with all this already.

  235. Ross Bauer says:

    Why does it always have to be about sex with some people? Does she have to be blatantly into women in order for her to be considered bisexual? Whatever happened to subtlety, your own interpretation, and leaving it to the audience’s imagination?

  236. wtf shut upppp

  237. there are many things that comics do that would polarize a movie going audience: the greeks were known for their bisexuality too and that would give 300 the possibility for an orgy scene of epic proportions. Deadpool is pansexual and if portrayed on the screen as having a “bone” for death :awkward. Then there is the scenes with samwise and frodo in return of the king where again if you want to find it, it’s definitely there. There are many sexual themes in comics that get left in the books because the superhero genre is family friendly making monies…..if accurate rating would put these films into R territory and that limits audience

  238. Lynn Green says:

    I just watched Wonder Woman and I had no inkling to want to switch to the other side. No offense. I just felt empowered and wondering why I can’t have some arm bands like hers!! ‍♀️

  239. Raja Raman says:

    She is bisexual, you dumbasses

  240. To make her? She already is. Hence the “we know the pleasures if the flesh” on the boat with trevor.. Come on.. thousands of years on a island, with only women raised with grec antiquity culture..

  241. Saige Joseph Harrell I feel like people are finally starting to wake up and are becoming fucking sick of SJW’s and their bullshit. This comment thread makes me happy

    • All of them are this way lol. People don’t agree with this garbage man, SJWs are actually a small minority. But alot of people in power get the misconception they’re a large part of every audience. But that’s not the case

  242. What an odd generation and era. It’s like one never ending episode of the Twilight Zone.

  243. She is now in rebirth I don’t like it but ya know all these liberal agendas are taking over fandoms now as long as it don’t mess up the over arching story I look over it

  244. Scott Zunker says:

    She lived on an island with only women and discovered men later. Pretty sure she’s already bi. So this argument is kind of pointless

  245. I’m gay, and I disagree with this idea, if it’s true. I have no problem with LBQT characters, but I do have a problem with changing who they already are just to fit some kind of agenda. If they want a gay superhero, either create a new one, or make a movie about an already gay character, like Northstar.

  246. Carl Roberts says:

    Fuck off SJWs

  247. ‍♂️‍♂️‍♂️…that is all.

  248. Kyle Melo says:

    Uh….she already is nuckfuts..

  249. David Oswald says:

    A fictional character hmm ok smh

  250. Paula Hudson says:

    This is bullshit!! Leave Wonder woman alone!! She was NEVER GAY!!! THIS IS JUST UTTER BULL!!

  251. Jacob Screen James Cantle Let’s make Wonder Woman transgender ;)

  252. Barry Nannis says:

    I’m on the left. Fuck SJW. Just fuck off.

  253. Thought she already was.

  254. Like man I hope she bangs both sides,, never mind the real battle to save earth lol

  255. Chase Moore says:

    Why does something that is MADE FOR CHILDREN need gay’s and bi sexuals? It doesn’t. Hell it doesn’t need a romantic aspect at all. SJWs are degenerates.

  256. Wasnt she already bisexual in the comics?

  257. Dan Escobar says:

    Bruh wasn’t that already implied? I love people how people that hate labels have the most labels.

  258. Aleah Hannah says:

    She already is bisexual.

  259. already saw plenty of movies where wonder woman make out with another woman … wait …

  260. Angelo Rosa says:

    Why is the SJW trying turn this awesome icon for women into a personal agenda! I always hear women experimenting with other girls… if you do now, is the new thing going to be that you have to be classified in a particular category! Leave the comic world alone! This is where most people go to get away from groups like these! It’s Sacrilegious to the comic world!

  261. Wonder Person
    ~the gender neutral superhero~

  262. Terry Jones says:

    Oh boy , ( drinks whiskey from skull of fallen enemy )

  263. If it has something to do with the story line great. But if it’s just a bun of sjw b.s. it’ll be a real stupid..

  264. Marius Dixon says:

    I mean… It makes sense. She was already around all women before finding a male. Honestly all you guy screaming fuck sjws are just as fucking dumb. Think before you speak dumbasses. Or hell, pay attention to what you saw. Also, no one is gonna create a new character just to make them bi.

  265. Who cares if WW is or is not bisexual? And who cares if people want her to be or not be bisexual?

    Stop manufacturing outrage where none need exist if you took a second to remember that nothing revolves around YOU.

  266. She’s bisexual in the comics, dumbasses. It’s canon. Sooooo many people claiming to have read comics all their life and plainly talking shit…

  267. This is stupid. If the writers in the movie write her as bisexual then cool but petitioning for it? Seriously? Dumb as hell!

  268. Jacqui Cain says:

    She doesn’t need anyone’s permission to be bisexual!!!

  269. did people just doze off during the first act?

  270. Who the hell cares?

  271. Marie says:

    Weird.. Just because she was on an Island of all women wouldn’t make her automatically bi…That’s like saying sexual preference doesn’t matter and you just do whoever is convenient and it doesn’t matter who it is. People are indeed attracted to a certain gender…just ask gay people. Same for straights.
    I have no problem with gay, bi or any other sexual preference but since I’m a straight female my preference is in seeing heterosexual relationships.
    I’d prefer Wonder Woman to be most attracted to men..That appeals most to me.
    Not sure why that is so hard to accept ..It’s still a majority and there’s nothing wrong with it.

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