Win Justice League Merchandise (CLOSED)

In order to celebrate the release of Justice League in cinemas on November 17th, Warner Bros. is giving three lucky readers the chance to win some awesome merchandise, which consists of a branded Hat, Wonder Woman Scarf, Fidget Spinner, Sticker Sheet, JL Tote, Justice League Hoodie, Mini Figurines (Aquaman, Batman, Superman, Cyborg, The Flash, Wonder Woman), Wristband set, Mobile Phone Ring and Justice League Symbol Pins (all worth R1250 each).

Win Justice League Merchandise
Fidget Spinner with JL Symbols
Win Justice League Merchandise

Win Justice League Merchandise

Win Justice League Merchandise
Silicone Wristband Set

Win Justice League Merchandise

Win Justice League Merchandise

Win Justice League Merchandise

Win Justice League Merchandise

Win Justice League Merchandise

Win Justice League Merchandise

Win Justice League Merchandise

Win Justice League Merchandise

Win Justice League Merchandise

Win Justice League Merchandise
Mens JL Hoodie – EX-LARGE

Win Justice League Merchandise

You can’t save the world alone.

Fueled by his restored faith in humanity and inspired by Superman’s selfless act, Bruce Wayne enlists the help of his newfound ally, Diana Prince, to face an even greater enemy. Together, Batman and Wonder Woman work quickly to find and recruit a team of metahumans to stand against this newly awakened threat. Despite the formation of this unprecedented league of heroes—Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg, and The Flash—it may already be too late to save the planet from an assault of catastrophic proportions.

Based on Justice League (DC Comics) by Gardner Fox.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Superhero
Cast: Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Jeremy Irons, J. K. Simmons, Willem Dafoe, Ezra Miller, Jason Momoa, Ray Fisher, Amy Adams, Jesse Eisenberg, Amber Heard, Oliver Gatz, Tom Metcalfe
Directed by: Zack Snyder

To stand a chance of winning the Justice League merchandise, all you need to do is tell who your favourite member of the League is (in the comments section below). Please use a working email address. #JusticeLeague

Competition closes Friday, 1st December 2017

The Giveaway is restricted to South African readers who have signed up for our newsletter only and cannot be exchanged for cash. Terms and conditions/Site Disclaimer rules apply. One entry per person. The winners will be contacted via email. The prize excludes travel, is non-transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash.


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Comments 476

  1. Naeemah says:

    Definitely Aquaman!

  2. Kelley Petersen says:

    Wonder Woman

  3. Anon says:

    The Flash! Even have a tattoo of him :D

  4. Razaan Khan says:


  5. Siyaxolisa Sindelo says:

    My favourite is Cyborg! A Black superhero battling with an unloving father, disability and new powers as well as a costume he can’t take off unlike his compatriots. #BORGLIFE

  6. JW Hurter says:

    Isn’t it rather evident that Wonder Woman is the Hillary Clinton of the Justice League?! Strong, independent, driven, and advocate for fairness and change. #WonderWoman. #JusticeLeague


  7. Justin willson says:

    Batfleck all the way

  8. Rushannah Job says:


  9. Morne Frans says:

    I most definitely love Batman.

  10. Andrew Cramer says:


  11. Albertus van Rensburg says:

    Don’t shoot me, but I like Batman… Affleck and all. lol. I dig Aquaman’s character but we haven’t seen much of him to really make an informed choice. :-)

  12. Michael Peyper says:

    Clark Kent by far! Superman stands for hope, he stands for freedom and that right there is inspiration. Always seeing the good in people, he keeps the League glued together. Supes is so much more bigger than we give him credit for.

  13. Ash says:

    Batman! :)

  14. Denise Simons says:

    Wonder Woman

  15. Rashima says:


  16. K Somers says:


  17. riaz says:

    the batman

  18. Farryl Meyer says:


  19. Rashima says:

    #justice League

  20. Tyler Ridderhof says:

    Batman, and I have the tattoo to prove it.

  21. Renier Swanepoel says:

    #JusticeLeague Wonder Woman

  22. Natasha Maggott says:

    Wonder Woman

  23. Ilden says:

    For the DCEU Justice League, I’d have to say my favourite is Aquaman. He’s so dreamy!

  24. zeyn says:


  25. Duran Barnett says:

    Wonder Woman

  26. Tracy Meyer says:


  27. Chris Stapleton says:


  28. Dominica Bergman says:

    Wonder Woman

  29. FM says:


  30. Nawaaz Essop says:


  31. sayuri says:

    wonder woman of course. to sassy and fierce

  32. Marlene says:

    Superman! Sigh…the ultimate gentleman hero . Wish I could insert hearts in eyes emoji here

  33. kavita says:

    Wonderwoman ! She is a strong and independent – something that young girls can look up to :)


    WONDER WOMAN of course!! #JusticeLeague

  35. Jarryd says:

    UHhhh who doesnt like a good batman…Caped crusadering around….amiright

  36. Elmarie Duvenage says:

    Wonder Women is my favourite. It is my birthday on the 4th of December and this is what I want for my birthday

  37. Charl Lingenfelder says:

    Most definitely Batman, ’cause Batman.

  38. Matthys van Eyssen says:

    Batman all the way!

  39. Marlene Leonard says:

    My fav of all time will be the BAT IN BLACK!!! BATMAN #JusticeLeague
    Cannot wait for this movie!!!! Super excited!!!!!

  40. Samashan Pillay says:

    BATMAN all the way! #JusticeLeague

  41. Matt Litkie says:

    Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na… BATMAN!

  42. Garth Stuurman (Gatman) says:

    Batman. It has always been Batman. Growing up watching the animated series, owning action figurines. Shit, I am 31 years old and I’m still Batshit crazy for Batman.

    What is the meaning of life? What is the answer to everything? I am Batman. I am Batman.


  43. Leon Kleinhans says:

    Wonder Woman

  44. Yolleen Naidoo says:

    Wonderwoman for sure. Her grace, her beauty and she kicks a§§

  45. Waseem says:

    Any answer that is not Batman is wrong. So my answer is Batman,

  46. Viresh says:

    Aquaman – what an underrated superhero. I’m glad we finally get to see him on the big screen !!

  47. Tim Ross says:

    Batman. I’m not afraid IM ANGRY

  48. cindy says:

    Na na na na na na na na… Batman!

  49. Domnique Zeiler says:

    Wonder Woman #justiceleague

  50. Jonathan Claude Ogden says:

    Wonder Woman

  51. ADNAAN BHAMJEE says:


  52. Mesh says:

    #JusticeLeague Wonderwoman

  53. Janis says:


  54. Matthew Levine says:

    I have to say Superman, if he’s not in the movie (PLEASE NO SPOILERS) then it’s the flash

  55. Carla M VD Westhuizen says:

    Absolutely Wonder Woman :)

  56. Anusha Naidoo says:

    Wonder Woman

    I strive to be like her strong, confident, fearless and independent.

  57. Alwynne Baatjies says:

    Batman for sure!

  58. Ruds says:

    The Batman, being the only member without powers and who’s still able to keep everyone in check.

  59. Yan Maw says:

    Batman! Batfleck.

  60. Lawrencia Fredericks says:

    Batman :)

  61. Riyaadh Sadek says:


  62. Danie says:

    Definitely Aquaman

  63. Thembi Ringani says:

    My favourite has to be Aquaman. He just doesn’t try too hard to look cool.

  64. wessley gombard says:

    In the movie – Cyborg
    In the comics – Martian Manhunter

  65. Patrick says:

    Wonder Woman, or Gal Gadot, or both, them!

  66. Katya says:

    The Flash

  67. Theuns says:

    Batman all the way! #JusticeLeague

  68. rio says:


  69. Megan Julies says:

    Wonder Woman! Because it’s high time that the girls get a Hero too!

  70. Bernadette gombard says:


  71. Mike says:

    The Flash

  72. Austin Gombard says:

    The Flash

  73. Rhys Brown says:

    BATMAN! This interpretation is definitely the best from the film medium. He’s got a rich history and I love how he pays homage to the Batmen that have come before him. The use of Danny Elfman’s theme is evidence of this. I can’t wait! #JusticeLeague

  74. Belinda Woolley says:

    I love Wonder Woman!

  75. Miriam says:

    Wonder Woman!!!!

  76. Swayam Maharaj says:

    Always Batman #JusticeLeague

  77. Tania Brewis says:

    Wonder Woman

  78. Kevin Rule says:

    Oh fuk I’m in

  79. riyaadh says:


  80. Lynn Botha says:

    Wonder Woman of course :-)

  81. Mandisa Mbundu says:

    Batman ❤
    ” Because he’s not our hero. He’s a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight. ” – Jim Gordon

    Counting down the days to Justice League while I binge read comics instead of studying for exams ? ?
    #WonderWoman #Cyborg #Superman #Aquaman #TheFlash #GreenLantern #Shazam #MartianManhunter

  82. Kevin rule says:



  83. Dere Langford says:

    If you are given a choice, you always choose BATMAN!!!

  84. Venanda Coetzee says:

    Wonder Woman

  85. Samantha Marais says:

    AQUAMAN!!!! He’s always been my favourite, especially when he has his hook :P But I’m also super excited to see Ezra Miller’s Flash and Ray Fisher’s Cyborg!!! WHOOHOO #JusticeLeague FTW!!!

  86. Don says:


  87. zabs says:

    Wonder Woman

  88. Gwyneth Webber says:


  89. Thabiso Moloi says:

    No doubt it’s Gotham’s own, Batman. Superheroes don’t get any cooler than freakin Bruce Wayne!

  90. tony johnson says:

    Gotta be the batman…no doubt no contest. #Justiceleague

  91. losh don kisten says:

    Wonderwoman for the win…#JusticeLeague

  92. Laura Lancaster says:

    Wonder woman

  93. Henry Quinn says:

    Batman… because I AM BATMAN!!! :)

  94. Tyrone Byrne says:

    Definitely The Flash

  95. Mika Stanvliet says:

    From the information available thus far I have to say Wonder Woman! But Aquaman is looking to be a pretty strong competitor hey.

  96. sharon says:

    Definitely Aquaman he is just to cool

  97. Jody Denny says:

    Batman of course!!!

  98. Fazielah Williams says:

    Wonder Woman!!!

  99. Aveshin Naidoo says:


  100. Kevin King says:


  101. Annalene Nell says:

    Aquaman… They’ve finally made him look cool :)

  102. Johan Stemmet says:

    I wish I could be faster to enter….like THE FLASH!!

  103. Angelique Venter says:

    The Flash

  104. Marius Nell says:


  105. Mellissa says:

    Wonder Woman

  106. Yaseen kajee says:


  107. Sean Izaakse says:

    Wonder Woman!!

    She’s the real hero of the DCEU. Dining whatever it takes to help people and be a symbol for compassion and strength and humanity. She’s awesome.

    Batman is a close second cos Affleck is the bomb!

  108. Geoff Murphy says:


  109. Razeen says:


  110. INGA JOHANNES says:

    Wonder Woman

  111. Triston Smook says:

    Wonder Woman

  112. Khulani Ndlovu says:

    Batman #JusticeLeague ?

  113. Phillip Gibb says:


  114. Matthew John Lane says:

    Superman !!


  115. Inez Valla says:

    Lee-Ann Lamb please enter this for me and give me the wonder woman scarf and figurine!!!!! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaasssssseeee?! I am totally desperate!!!!

  116. Lyle Arends says:


  117. JC says:

    #JusticeLeague Wonder Woman

  118. Rafiq Salie says:


  119. Steven Brooks says:

    Superman. Always.

  120. Darcell says:

    Wonder Woman!

  121. Scot Brimson says:

    Barry is a total bad ass!

  122. David Klaasen says:

    Batman; merely for the fact that he has no super powers and yet can still roll with the big dogs #justiceleague

  123. Ismail Ebrahim says:


  124. Lynnette says:

    Wonderwoman . Shes a hot badass . Need I say more

  125. Alex says:


  126. BigBear says:

    Cyborg definitely! I just love robots!

  127. Bernadine says:

    Wonder woman

  128. Jandre says:

    Definitely Wonder Woman, she is just all kinds of awesome #JusticeLeague

  129. Cobus van wyk says:

    Arthur Curry Aquaman

  130. Ben says:


  131. Jabulani says:

    Batman. He uses his darkness to fight the darkness in his city.

  132. Johannes van Niekerk says:


  133. Quin says:


  134. Carla says:

    Wonder woman is awesome.
    But Aquaman is so hot…
    But okay final answer is Batman.

  135. Davinap says:

    Batman :D #JusticeLeague

  136. Alistair says:

    The flash!

  137. Brendon Smith. says:


  138. Kerwyn Fourie says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing how they handle Aquaman! Such an underrated JL member, but he’s such a cool character. Let’s see what the Momoa does in this role. Super excited

  139. Edward doman says:

    The Flash

  140. Simon Haddon says:


  141. Taryn says:

    Wonder Women

  142. Luke Coller says:

    Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Batman!

  143. Mellisa Walker says:

    Wonder Woman
    ‘I will fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.’

  144. ernst swart says:

    Batman has always been my favorite character in the DC Universe, but there is just no competing with WONDER WOMAN! #JusticeLeague

  145. Evert van Staaden says:


  146. Jacques du Plooy says:

    Superman, the man of Steel!

  147. Devin says:

    I love Ben Affleck’s Batman

  148. Candice says:


  149. Riaan Louw says:

    The Dark Knight, Batman.

  150. Zaheera says:

    Most definitely Wonder Woman

  151. Martyn Becker says:

    Who else but the man of steel superman!

  152. nathan says:

    Current Justice league : Aquaman if they expand characters then we have just touched the oction

  153. Gabriel says:

    The Flash

  154. Jeeva says:

    #JusticeLeague Wonder woman

  155. Uvana says:

    #JusticeLeague Wonder woman

  156. Aruna says:

    #JusticeLeague Wonder woman

  157. thea lennox says:

    Wonder Woman for me

  158. travis says:

    flash, cool dude

  159. Kim says:

    Hands down SUPERMAN #JusticeLeague #Superman #fortressofsolitude

  160. Nadia says:

    Jason Mamoa as Aquaman

  161. Lebogang Molefo says:


  162. Terence says:


  163. ANDREA says:


  164. Mpendulo says:

    It’s obvious. The leader himself. BATMAN!!

  165. Zane Engelbrecht says:


  166. Rustum says:

    Cyborg! He’s the unsung hero of the group in my opinion

  167. Jacques Jacobs says:

    My favorite Justice League member is the Dark Knight himself… Batman

  168. Arno says:


  169. Desi says:


  170. Bianca says:

    My Name is Bianca Gobey and I am the Fastest…. Wait wrong intro!!! Barry Allen the fastest man alive!!!! The FLASH is by far my all time favourite! He is everything a hero should be in one package ❤️❤️❤️❤️⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡

  171. Carl van Niekerk says:

    Without a doubt The Man of Steel.

  172. Lulonwabo says:

    Jim Gordon?, I’m joking bat man, has no superpowers but can still take all of them down

  173. Bianca says:


    • Bianca says:

      Didn’t mean to post this one I lost connection and didn’t know if my previous one posted….. Please don’t penalize me?

  174. Roanne Naidoo says:


    A combination of beauty and strengh….as women we aspire to be like her.
    A fantastic giveaway

  175. Andre Kearney says:

    Superman always and forever

  176. Luke van Niekerk says:

    If it wasn’t for the fact that I am a Batman fan from early childhood I might have gone with the Flash (my no. 2) or the new bad-ass Aquaman (no. 3). Bruce Wayne all the way. ?

  177. Wesley Faber says:

    Batman, because he’s the man with a plan #justiceleague

  178. Jarred Scott Cramer says:

    BATMAN, It’ll always be BATMAN!

  179. Andre Postma says:

    Wonder Woman

  180. Gavin says:


  181. Mikhail says:

    It has to be Batman, not only is this my favourite version of the Dark Knight, alot of this version is pulled from my favourite Batman. Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns.
    Also I’m interested to see effect of the death of Superman has on Bruce, renewed hope and belief to what extent?
    I feel this is an unexplored character development idea for Batman, Zack Snyder certainly has a unique approach to him.
    I’ve been a DC all my life, and if it’s possible to win this, it would be amazing. What would make it absolutely memorable is if I won because of Batman.

  182. Whelan Fielding says:

    The Flash!

  183. Ryno Steyn says:

    Superman #JusticeLeague

  184. K Odendal says:

    Wonder Woman #JusticeLeague
    (Any character really, as long as it is Gal Gadot!

  185. Ormilan Pillay says:


  186. Ayush Hirachund says:

    The fastest man alive!The FLASH;)

  187. Caveshen says:

    It’s actually Green Lantern, but since the DCU is trying very hard to forget the GL movie happened, let’s instead go with Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, because that soundtrack omg.

  188. Delano says:


  189. Lourens Schoeman says:


  190. Hilde says:

    Wonder woman

  191. Trish Storbeck says:

    Wonder Woman for sure! She’s so pure of heart and badass at the same time 8) #JusticeLeague – can’t wait!

  192. Ayran says:

    The Flash, he is the clown of the group and looks like he will play a big role in the movie.

  193. Karen Visser says:

    Wonder Woman, forever

  194. Andries says:


  195. Gavin Howes says:


  196. patricia says:

    Aquaman #justiceleague

  197. Ashton van den Bergh says:

    Batman Batman Batman

  198. Wilie Erasmus says:


  199. NIkki Van wyk says:

    diana prince aka wonderwoman because she kicks butt on behalf of all the ladies and she is strong and fierce

  200. Necromancer Kitten says:

    Wonder Woman.

  201. Mark says:


  202. Allen James says:

    Wonder Woman

  203. Aneschka James says:


  204. Batman must die in this movie

  205. Nik says:

    Batman for the win!

  206. David Halevi says:

    Superman has and always will be my favorite Justice League member!

  207. Lizelle says:

    Wonder Woman!

  208. Janelle says:


  209. Yasier philander says:

    The flash

  210. Marelize Genade says:


  211. Brady Ruiters says:

    You know, I want to say Batman because I’m a fanboy, but Jason Momoa is making me believe in Aquaman. Dude is awesome!

  212. Marc says:

    My favourite member of the Justice League has to be Superman

  213. Devin says:

    I have always been an Aquaman fan since I started reading the Justice League of America comics as a kid. I am glad this movie is showing everbody how kick ass he really is.

  214. Hayley Mackay says:

    Definitely Wonder Woman!
    She’s got to represent for us girls in a group full of guys, and boy does she do a good job! And… judging by the success of her solo film… she might just steal the show!

  215. Yakeen Kowlas says:

    #Superman is the favourite always even tho he can be a tool sometimes, Superman opened the way for other aliens and his efforts for humanity have to be appreciated. #JusticeLegaue

  216. Taryn says:

    The first comic book I bought at 13 was Wonder Woman 100. But to be honest the person I’m looking forward to most is Arthur aka Aquaman. He’s gone on a crazy journey to finally be on the big screen. I’m grateful that the TV series didn’t get made. #ShowTheKingSomeRespect #justiceleague

  217. Ramona says:

    Wonder Woman served with the League, working on missions my favorite was when she assisted Aquaman in keeping control of Atlantis from his brother

  218. Aishvarya Singh says:

    Wonder Woman! I looked up to her as a little girl, and recently, when I watched the movie, I felt that sense of empowerment again. She’s everything I want to be. #JusticeLeague

  219. Jinx304 says:


  220. Lize Du Plooy says:

    Obviously Wonder Woman

    2 Words – Gal Gadot…

  221. Robin says:

    Definitely Batman.

  222. Lauren says:

    I want to say Aquaman but that would be biased now that I’ve seen Jason Momoa shirtless ;) My all time favourite is the same as many others, Batman. The shows, movies, games, comics and his overall story make him a very difficult character to hate.

  223. Shakira says:

    Wonder Woman obviously

  224. Kyle Nkosana Sibanda says:

    The dark knight.
    The Caped Crusader
    The Detective
    He is Vengeance he is night he is…. BATMAN

  225. Andrew Clark says:


  226. kerry says:

    Wonder women

  227. syed ahmed abbas abidi says:

    Aquaman #JusticeLeague

  228. Gina Niven says:

    Wonder Woman!
    She’s a feminist icon, a key part of the team, and she brings in Greek mythology!!

  229. Sherwin says:


  230. Lishon Bland says:


  231. Sash says:


  232. Mumina says:

    Batman ?

  233. Kevin November says:


  234. Roxanne says:

    Wonder Woman is by far my favourite. I have quite the obsession with her and would list all the WW stuff I have but none of us have that kind of time XD

  235. thea lennox says:

    Definitely Wonder Woman. Strong and independent.

  236. Arthur Bacchus says:

    You’ll believe a man can fly – Richard Donner (1978)
    I have believed ever since I watched that movie as a 6 year old kid on the big screen until this very day!

  237. Johan Steyn says:

    The flash

  238. Preshantha Naidoo says:


  239. Johan says:

    The flash #JusticeLeague

  240. z00bear says:

    The Batman

  241. Iain says:

    The Flash!

  242. Liam Baker says:

    My favourite is a tie between the Flash (because although he is most keen to be friends, he is the least prepared when it comes to actual combat) and Batman (because he was changed the most deeply by Superman’s death and sees most clearly the vision of what the Justice League is for).

  243. Sarin says:


  244. Robin says:

    The one and only Superman! Who will swoop in to save the day. #JusticeLeague

  245. Matthew Walsh says:

    The Batman

  246. Calvin Scholtz says:


  247. Shaun Willson says:

    Superman every time.

  248. Saifudin Nakhwa says:

    Wonder Woman!!

  249. Quentin Rood says:

    Batman. Always. A born leader, even as a loner, Batman embodies the true power of human determination.

  250. Qiyaam Ismail says:


  251. Markgavin SYLVESTER says:


  252. Mark Gavin says:

    Jemaine Nani Jacobs Matthew Sylvester Lesley Williams Jody Williams Jenene Sylvester Jacobs

  253. Talia Oneida Komal says:

    Wonder Woman

  254. Nazeem Meyers says:

    Batman because his freakin badass #JusticeLeague

  255. Jonker - Firefly says:

    I’ve always been a huge Batman fan from when I was reading comics as a kid. So definitely Batman. I also love Green Lantern and I really hope he’s one if the surprises in this movie.

  256. Elsabe Bester says:

    Wonder woman :D

  257. Mohammed Ameen Moosa says:


  258. Donovan Saffier says:


  259. Lethario Ganess says:


  260. Nicholas Smith says:

    Wonder Woman :)

  261. Tamryn Kirby says:


  262. dante de koker says:


  263. Denver says:

    I’ll have to go with the (surprisingly) unpopular choice – Superman. When I collected comics from about the mid-90s, the run of Superman comics then by DC influenced a lot of my thinking. But it was “The Death and Life of Superman” by Roger Stern that really sealed it. Supes for life. And yes, I even have a Superman tattoo…

  264. Con Cornelissen says:

    Man, that’s a tough one when it comes to die DCEU. But I’m gonna have to go with The Flash. We’ve seen little of him so far, but I’ve already fallen in love with Ezra Miller’s take.

  265. Dian says:

    Jason makes this version of aquaman so badass. Definitely my favorite

  266. Kevin Guy Palmer says:


  267. Chris Anderson says:

    All debate begins and ends with Batman. Batman. Batman. Batman.

  268. Jay says:

    Batman! #justiceleague

  269. Lyndsay says:


  270. Ricky Gareeb says:

    Superman. He is n always be my favourite.

  271. Grant Orth says:


  272. Glenn says:

    I haven’t seen enough of Aquaman, Cyborg or The Flash to say one of them are my favourite so I’m going with Batman.

  273. Michelle Hercules says:

    Batman, cause even though he has no super powers, he has smarts and money(lol).
    But the fact that he can keep up and even compete with those who have powers.

  274. Michelle Hercules says:

    Batman, cause even though he has no super powers, he has smarts and money(lol).
    But the fact that he can keep up and even compete with those who have powers. #JusticeLeague

  275. Candice Vincent says:

    Batman ❤

  276. Done ❣❣❣

  277. Dora says:

    Wonder Woman

  278. Minaz Dhanani says:


  279. Susara Lecoq says:

    Wonder Woman #JusticeLeague

  280. Kelly Langford says:

    Superman…Nuff Said

  281. Lauren Snyders says:

    Wonder Woman for sure

  282. Saarah says:

    Wonderwoman because she represents how strong women can be irrespective of the constant stereotypes.


  283. kelvin golden says:

    CyBorg #JusticeLeague

  284. Seshnie says:

    Wonder Woman. .. i choked on my lunch when i saw this competition.. gosh i want to win this so bad

  285. Deidre Lindemann says:

    I love Wonder Woman #JusticeLeague

  286. Ronan Govender says:

    The fastest man alive – The Flash #justiceleague

  287. Depashni Marie says:

    Wonder Woman

  288. Rush Harduth says:


  289. Jayran naidoo says:


  290. Carlo Hendricks says:

    Superman. Obviously.

  291. sharon venter says:

    Flash played by Ezra Miller is my favourite

  292. shashen says:


  293. Dhesh says:

    Wonder Woman #justiceleague

  294. Riaan Klip says:

    It’s got to be Aqua Man. Redesign was a masterstroke, and he looks like he’s going to have the most fun in the upcoming film.

  295. Terrance says:


  296. rehana seedat says:

    Wonder Woman

  297. ryan allen says:


  298. Lawrence says:


  299. Yolande says:

    #justiceleage #wonderwoman

  300. Desigan superman naidoo says:

    Justice league supreme hero is obviously Superman, he is coming back and will always be the moral center of the justice league.

  301. leona says:

    don’t tell my husband whose a big superman fan , but BATMAN is my favorite !!!!!!

  302. Joy-Lindsay Rossouw says:

    Aquaman #JusticeLeague

  303. Mahlatsi says:


  304. Mahlatsi says:

    Cyborg #JusticeLeague

  305. Terrance Marthinus says:

    The Dark Knight

  306. Giles Willis says:

    There is only one and that is Batman

  307. martins says:

    Batman (Bruce Wayne)#justiceleague

  308. Lalenthra Naidoo says:

    It is sinful to choose just one! I have a woman crush on Wonderwoman, I want to marry Superman, I want Batman’s toys and how epic does Aquaman look ? can not wait for this movie!

  309. Simonay Rix says:

    Definitely Wonder women, wait no .. Ahm Batman.. Wait no! Okay its Flash.. But Aquaman it pretty AWESOME.. And Syborg is so advanced.. Where SuperMan! Just love him.. Ok! My ultimate favourite Hero would be SUPERMAN #HISALEGEND! SUPERMAN

  310. Dee says:

    Wonder Woman.

  311. Kegan says:


  312. L10Yn says:


  313. Mari Badenhorst says:

    The one and only Wonder Women!

  314. STELLA ATKINSON says:


  315. Kira Wolf says:

    Wonder Woman!! All the way!

  316. Henry Phillips says:


  317. Marc McDonald says:

    #JusticeLeague Batman

  318. Marco says:

    The Flash #JusticeLeague

  319. Michelle says:

    #JusticeLeague Wonder woman

  320. Charmaine McDonald says:

    Wonder Woamn #JusticeLeague

  321. Michael Oosthuizen says:

    AQUA MAN!!!!!!!!!!!

  322. Theesan says:


  323. Lizelle Van Rooyen says:

    Wonder Woman

  324. Maria Domingues says:

    #JusticeLeague Batman!

  325. Anthea Williams says:

    #JusticeLeague My favourite is Wonder Woman.

  326. Franco Havenga says:

    Wonder Woman

  327. Gilbert says:

    Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na BATMAN! \:D/

  328. Matthew Burke says:

    Batman – badass-ery, no super powers, just lots of money and a good ol brain

  329. Yvonne Stanley says:

    Wonder Woman – Diana Prince #JusticeLeague

  330. Jonathan Barker says:


  331. Dominica Bergman says:

    Wonder Woman all the way!

  332. Venanda Coetzee says:

    Aquaman #JusticeLeague

  333. Haley says:


  334. Adam says:

    The Flash, Barry Allen

  335. Melvin says:


  336. Tristan Winslow says:


  337. daniel van zyl says:

    The flash,

  338. Chanell says:

    Superman❤️ #justicleague

  339. sarah Rossouw says:

    Wonder Woman

  340. Cameron George says:

    Superman, The Man of Steel

  341. Ayesha Hartley says:


  342. Deborah says:

    Wonder woman. Always. She’s always been a huge source of inspiration for me, ever since I was a little girl. She stands for truth and equality and seeing her on the big screen accurately portrayed is a dream come true. Now the world loves wonder woman as much as I do :)

  343. Philip Siziba says:

    Batman. Hard decision given my love for the flash but batman edges through because of his longevity

  344. Janine Ray says:

    Wonder woman!

  345. Russell says:

    The Flash

  346. Ajith says:


  347. Ajith says:

    BATMAN #JusticeLeague

  348. Abud Sihabudin says:

    Clark Kent a.k.a Superman. Cause Humanity is in His Soul and Have The Greatest Super Power of All Heroes.

  349. Shaun Willson says:


  350. Vimal Sardar says:


  351. Need this so much. That hoodie is amazing

  352. Zaid Motala says:

    Nanananananananananananana Batman!!!!!! #JusticeLeague

  353. Alain Matthew Thomas says:


  354. Lauren Kruger says:

    Aquaman #JusticeLeague

  355. Lee-Ann Moodley says:

    Wonder woman

  356. Nic says:

    Batman. Takes some serious balls to stand up to, and fight alongside, superhumans. ?

  357. Riaan Louw says:

    The Dark Knight, Batman.

  358. Samba Naidoo says:

    The Flash!!!! #JusticeLeague

  359. Shane Dale says:

    This is definitely tough between Batman, superman and flash. They are the absolute core (along with wonder woman) but I think flash is ahead of the pack in the race for my favourite (see what I did there). His speed and contribution to everything in the justice league, and the world of D.C. in general! Would love to win this, cannot wait to see this film!

  360. Kailash Maharaj says:


  361. Arno Nieuwoudt says:

    Cyborg! Part man part machine and in the animated movies he is a cool guy

  362. Riaz Azmuth says:


  363. Levi says:

    The Flash #JusticeLeague

  364. Naweed says:


  365. Max says:

    Wonder Woman

  366. Zainab says:

    The Flash #JusticeLeague

  367. Zainab says:

    Wonder Woman #JusticeLeague

  368. Faadhil Sadek says:

    The Flash

  369. Quentin Rood says:

    Batman. Forever?

  370. Krivasha Govender says:

    Aqua Man ??

  371. Jarryd Kensley says:

    Batman always! #justiceleague

  372. Carla says:

    Wonder Woman all the way

  373. Liezl Heyman says:


  374. Uzair Parker says:

    The Flash

  375. Chantal says:

    Wonder Woman

  376. Beverley says:


  377. Ronnie Davis says:

    Wonder Woman

  378. aruna says:

    Definitely Batman

  379. Gareth Pahliney says:

    Aquaman FTW !!!

  380. Justin Hoar says:

    Green Lantern, but for the sake of the movie, The Flash

  381. kero_the_hero says:

    Superman. Forever.

  382. Dani says:

    Wonder woman! She’s badass and makes me feel like i can kick ass too

  383. Theo Tolken says:

    Batman,defnitley. Ben Affleck just nailed that Character def my favourite Batman.

  384. Nicolette says:

    Wonder Woman

  385. Ricardo says:


  386. Tash Singh says:

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE WONDER WOMAN… She is such a beautiful, strong being and an inspiration.

  387. Ashvir Maharaj says:

    Just watched the movie this morning and as a DC fanboy I absolutely enjoyed the movie. Could have been an hour longer but I’m heading out to see it again tonight. My favourite character will always be Superman. He is the symbol of hope and his raw power is just so amazing. If I had to choose another runner up it would be Batman. Sure he has no powers like the rest but he has heart and a fighting spirit that cannot be matched.

  388. Redashni says:

    The flash! I love his awkwardness.

  389. Markgavin SYLVESTER says:


  390. Daniel Ehlers says:

    Wonder Woman

  391. Tendani says:


  392. Tristan Black says:

    Superman ? #BringBackSupes

  393. Ray Orrie says:


  394. Corrine says:

    I can’t decide between flash or wonder woman! They’re both awesome.

  395. Shamashen Chetty says:

    Batman #JusticeLeague

  396. Zawaad Bawa says:


  397. Jordan says:


  398. Damien Grosvenor

  399. Damien Grosvenor

  400. Mariam says:

    Wonder Woman for sure

  401. #boycotthollywood

  402. #boycotthollywood

  403. Shiraz Dawood says:

    Superman gotta be. The ultimate superhero

  404. Siyamukeliswa Jele says:

    Wonder Woman! ✊✊


    I’ve always been a Batman fan, but I have to say Aquaman!!! Because have u seen Jason Momoa ????

  406. Entered xXxX would love to win

  407. Bongiwe Mavimbela says:

    It has to be the man who can move at the speed of light The Flash

  408. thea lennox says:

    Batman Love him #Justiceleague

  409. Neil says:

    Batman! #JusticeLeague

  410. Seelendran Naidoo says:

    Superman – yes this is the obvious answer however in these trying times, this is what the world needs right now… #JusticeLeague

  411. Augusto says:


  412. Nadia says:


  413. Luke Nel says:


  414. Bianca Balutto says:

    Wonder Woman #JusticeLeague

  415. Natalie says:

    Wonder Woman

  416. Kriolin Chetty says:


  417. Nicola says:


  418. Shameer Kamal says:


  419. rehana seedat says:


  420. Tyron says:


  421. Tillin says:

    Wonder Woman

  422. Arno C says:


  423. Liezel Snyman says:

    Wonder Woman

  424. 1. rehana seedat says:


  425. Robin says:

    Batman all the way!

  426. Preshen Inderjeeth says:


  427. Nolene says:

    The Flash

  428. Tim says:


  429. Candice Rungen says:

    Green Lantern tbh but since he’s not in the movie, his rival for King of Banter in the League, The Flash.

  430. Qiyaam Ismail says:


  431. Theuns says:


  432. Sarah says:

    Wonder Woman

  433. Zoé says:

    Definitely the flash, he can travel at the speed of light, bend time and more.

  434. Lucinda says:

    Always Batman. The dark knight has no powers but can still kick major ass! and it is thanks to him the league was created. #JusticeLeague

  435. Craig – can still enter this – closes on 1 Dec!

  436. kyle rogers says:


  437. Brandon says:

    The Flash!⚡⚡⚡

  438. Gina Niven says:

    Definitely Wonder Woman!
    She carried the movie

  439. Jc says:

    Wonder Woman

  440. Denver Govender says:

    Wonder Woman

  441. Bernard Fo says:

    Wonder Woman

  442. Tracy Jacobs says:

    Wonder Woman

  443. Renier Swanepoel says:


  444. Eduan says:

    It’s a hard choice, but it will always be BATMAN!

  445. Leon Liebenberg says:

    It can only be Batman.

  446. Elsje says:


  447. Arno Stoltz says:

    The Flash

  448. Tejna Kowlessar says:

    Without a doubt, Superman. From the age of 6, being bullied, feeling like an outsider, I found courage to not only go back to school but to keep going day after day thanks to Superman. He gave me the strength to not strike my bully, but face them, and then, to forgive, and give them a second chance to change. Eventually to be friends.

  449. rio says:


  450. Daniela Cardoso says:

    BATMAN #JusticeLeague

  451. Cathy Badenhorst says:


  452. Aimee Baker says:

    Wonder Woman!

  453. Mark Naidoo says:

    Batman , no special powers but what he can achieve is immeasurable and incomprehensible by others with powers. A Man amongst Gods standing Tall and proud.

  454. Mark Naidoo says:

    Batman , no special powers but what he can achieve is immeasurable and incomprehensible by others with powers. A Man amongst Gods standing Tall and proud. #JusticeLeague

  455. Siven says:


  456. Sam says:

    Omw the Flash…my son watches it everyday and evening. I actually know the words of tge movie by heart. Lol. This would be the most amazing bday gift to him.

  457. Siven Pillay says:

    Wonder Woman

  458. Chane says:

    Flash ? #justiceleague